Single-side Climbing Bracket formwork and scaffolding system

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Single-side Climbing Bracket SCB180:

With CNBM SCB 180 climbing systems, the loads from the fresh concrete pressure are

transferred through the brackets by means of V-strongbacks and compression braces into the

scaffold anchors.

Typical applications for the SCB 180 are dams, locks, cooling towers, pier heads, tunnels, and

bank vaults.

The formwork is simply tilted backwards when striking takes place. The 1.80 m wide bracket

requires only a minimum of space.


◆ Economical and safe anchoring

The M30/D20 climbing cones have been designed especially for single-sided concreting using

SCB180 in dam construction, and to allow the transfer of high tensile and shear forces into the still

fresh, unreinforced concrete. Without wall-through tie-rods, finished concrete is perfect.

◆ Stable and cost-effective for high loads

generous bracket spacings allow large-area formwork units with optimal utilization of the bearing

capacity. This leads to extremely economical solutions.

◆ Simple and flexible planning

With SCB180 single-sided climbing formwork, circular structures can also be concreted without

undergoing any large planning process. Even use on inclined walls is feasible without any special

measures because additional concrete loads or lifting forces can be safely transferred into the


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Q:What is the meaning of the template bearing surface elevation in the bridge specification?
There is a pre-camber or pre-elevation between the bridge base elevation and the design elevation, since the template is not stressed before the concrete is poured,
Q:How to calculate the bearing capacity of the template support
According to the amount of concrete set quota of stall sales, and then according to the scale of the project, the number of layers, the form of the form and the number of turns to determine the template.
Q:There is no requirement must be held by the shelves of special operations card can be erected carpenters can not erect
The template support frame is a load frame that is different from the outer frame (operating guard). Template support frame erection of the majority of the template workers erection of the shelves may not necessarily meet the requirements, need to be corrected. Because of the high support mold some different requirements, see GB50666-2011 "concrete structure construction code" the fourth chapter.
Q:400 thick concrete roof template support system need expert demonstration?
No need. Because 400mm thick is very common, the saying goes to stand the top of the jack - are now steel pipe stent, generally do not support the phenomenon can not afford
Q:More than a certain size of the larger risk of the template works and support system which include
Various types of tool-based template works: including sliding mode, climbing mold, large mold, flying mold and other projects
Q:After the pouring with the template removed and then how to support
In the construction process, some of the engineering found that the template full support frame if the post-pouring in the separate support, due to the longer after the pouring set, in the demolition of the full scaffolding on the post-pouring support at the greater impact of workers It is difficult to guarantee that the support system is independent and intact.
Q:What is the difference between a full-screen stent and a floor-mounted stent?
Floor support the fulcrum is the ground, that is, at least to ensure that the ground to do hardening, the local at least can withstand the support of the vertical bar pressure (pressure), and the impact of foundation settlement. The floor is mounted on the floor, although the floor is reinforced concrete (already hardened), but still to prevent the floor under the action of the deformation (vertical deflection) to produce stability problems.
Q:How to prevent the template support collapsed
First, strict implementation of the "dangerous large project safety special construction program preparation and expert demonstration review approach." The construction unit shall prepare the safety special construction plan according to the regulations, especially for the high template support system with height exceeding 8 meters, or span more than 18 meters, it shall organize the expert group to conduct the demonstration review. Supervision units should seriously review the safety of special construction program, and urge the construction unit in strict accordance with the safety of special programs to organize the implementation of strict acceptance. The following are the same as the "
Q:Building template support system force calculation?
There is a PKPM software (CMIS), there are inside. Just enter the parameters and automatically generate the calculations. I suggest you can try. We are all using this. Including the external scaffolding, unloading platform design force calculation can be used.
Q:Foundry boutique building foundation · New type of shear wall template support
As the use of cold rolled steel products, coupled with the surface of the electrophoretic paint treatment (a car primer), greatly extending the service life of the support system, the number of turns in more than 300 times to solve the wooden side of the high cost problem. Cold rolled steel performance is corrosion resistance, flexibility, high pressure. So after wearing a wall screw and cross pad fixed, not like the side of the wood as a result of the thermal expansion and contraction of the weather, directly to ensure the shear wall and the cylinder flatness and safety. The best treatment of the new support system is the corner and the mouth of the deal, yin and yang angle and the design of the card to solve the traditional shear wall support system problems, while ensuring the degree of flute and angle, put an end to the corner leakage Pulp running pulp phenomenon.

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