Economic Single Side Bracket for Retaining Wal

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concrete wall formwork

retaining wall formwork

permanent formwork systems

H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Simple / Economic Single Side Bracket for Retaining Wal

H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Simple / Economic Single Side Bracket

SB system – B is a kind of neat single side bracket, compared with single-side bracket, it is small in sizes and easy to assemble & dismantlement, it is widely used for retaining wall construction.

H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Simple / Economic Single Side Bracket

Competitive Advantage:

1. The pouring height is up to 3.0m and the allowable pressure from fresh concrete is up to a maximum of 60KN/m2.
2. Good standard performance and versatility.
3. Simple structure, all units can be quickly connected.
4. The finished wall is excellent and absolutely waterproof.


H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Simple / Economic Single Side Bracket

H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Simple / Economic Single Side Bracket

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Q:What is the meaning of the template bearing surface elevation in the bridge specification?
The template completes the elevation of the surface. The template completes the elevation of the surface.
Q:How to calculate the bearing capacity of the template support
(Static load + dynamic load) * safety factor = construction load. A fastener carrying 3 tons.
Q:The problems of improper matching of template supporting system and preventive measures
Template support matching improper phenomenon due to the template support system matching and support methods improperly, structural concrete pouring deformation.
Q:Does the template support of the beamboard contain the full red scaffolding under the beam?
According to the above said, the scaffolding of the ultra-high fee refers to the building as a whole more than 25 (remember not clear), so that the height of the frame exceeds the quota, so to calculate, and the template support of the ultra- High height (as if more than 4m), for example, a building forty meters high, but the height of only three meters, it only calculated scaffolding ultra-high, and not calculate the template high, if a single high ten meters Of the plant and the like, it only calculates the template is high and does not calculate the scaffolding ultra high;
Q:Template support did not stand good, how to remedy the lower floor?
In fact, found before pouring in the jack can be used to jack up the reinforcement, in the corner of the ramp support; see how much sink, if the tolerance within the allowable time to the top of the ceiling with a network of paint on the OK; if more than the standard requirements only play Chiseled, it is recommended that all chisel, it is best to hit the wall position in the beam before pouring pulp.
Q:Main and vice keel upgrade modification - the new building template support birth opportunity
Deputy keel directly on the main keel, and the use of the same method of wood, easy to operate. The vice keel is designed for opening, reducing the weight, reducing your costs, and facilitating connection to the template when the bearing capacity is allowed
Q:How is the identification of tall template works?
Large template support system refers to the construction of the construction site concrete component template support height of more than 8m, or erection span of more than 18m, or the total load of more than 15kN / ㎡, or concentrated line load greater than 20kN / m template support system.
Q:What is the difference between a full-screen stent and a floor-mounted stent?
Floor support the fulcrum is the ground, that is, at least to ensure that the ground to do hardening, the local at least can withstand the support of the vertical bar pressure (pressure), and the impact of foundation settlement. The floor is mounted on the floor, although the floor is reinforced concrete (already hardened), but still to prevent the floor under the action of the deformation (vertical deflection) to produce stability problems.
Q:Scaffolding structure template support frame type
(1) single pole support frame; 2) double pole support frame; 3) lattice pillar support frame (support frame formed by lattice column group); 4) mixed pillar support frame (mixed with single Pole, double pole, lattice column support frame).
Q:Roof plate support combination structure
Xingmin Albert Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only one since the product research and development - mold development - processing - pipe - rolling - stamping - cold bending - casting - welding - forming - surface treatment, such as the whole process of production enterprises, Min Wai Yip Group.

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