GFRP rebar GFRP rebar Glass fiber reinforced

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With high strength glass fiber as the reinforced material, synthetic resin as matrix material, and adding proper amount of auxiliary agent composite and composite material, known as the glass fiber reinforced plastic (abbreviations: FRP) commonly known as FRP reinforcement. Mainly include "glass fiber reinforced" and "basalt fiber reinforced. (Φ 3 mm ~ Φ 32 mm)

Range of application

1, can be widely used in roads, Bridges, airports, docks, stations, water conservancy engineering, underground engineering, and other fields

2, suitable for application in the wastewater treatment plant, chemical plant, electrolytic cell, CMC, corrosion environment of coastal engineering

3, suitable for application in the military engineering, security engineering, special engineering need insulation magnetic environment

Successful cases

My company's products have been successfully applied to highway, seismic stations, subway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, municipal engineering, etc., but also exported to the United States, Europe, Middle East and northeast Asia and other international markets.

GFRP rebar  GFRP rebar  Glass fiber reinforced

Product features

High tensile strength, tensile strength is superior to the ordinary steel, higher than 20% of the steel bar, the same specification and good fatigue resistance;

Weight: a mere with 1/4 volume reinforcement; Density between 1.5 1.9 (g/cm3).

Strong corrosion resistance: resistance to corrosion of acid and alkali and other chemicals can resist erosion of chloride ions and low PH solution, especially the resistance to corrosion of carbon compounds and chlorine compounds is stronger;

Compared with steel material binding force strong, thermal expansion coefficient is closer to the cement, therefore the FRP reinforcement material combined with concrete grip of stronger;

Can design strong sex: elastic modulus stability. Dimension stability under heat stress, and bending shape can be arbitrary hot forming; Good safety performance, thermal conductivity, conductive, flame retardant, antistatic, collision won't produce sparks through formula change and metal;

Through strong magnetic wave performance: FRP reinforcement material is a kind of magnetic material, in non magnetic or electric magnetic concrete members don't have to do to take off the magnetic processing;

Construction is convenient, can produce all kinds of different cross section according to the requirements of customers and the length of the standard and non-standard, the binding non-metallic can tighten belt, simple operation of Glass fiber reinforced by alkali content is less than 1% of non-alkali fiberglass roving (E - Glass) or high strength Glass fiber roving (S) and resin (epoxy resin, vinyl resin, etc.), curing agent, such as material, through forming the curing process of composite reinforcement material, GFRP reinforcement for short.


The appropriate shape for the thread form of glass fiber reinforced, the threaded rod body surface texture should be uniform, no bubble, crack, and the thread profile, tooth should be neat, there should be no damage.

The density of

Glass fiber reinforced materials should be in 1.9 g/cm3 density of ~ 2.2 g/cm3.

GFRP rebar  GFRP rebar  Glass fiber reinforcedGFRP rebar  GFRP rebar  Glass fiber reinforced


The appropriate scope of nominal diameter 10 mm ~ 36 mm, recommend commonly used glass fiber reinforced the nominal diameter specifications for 20 mm and 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and 32 mm.

Matters needing attention

Attention please wear gloves when cutting FRP reinforcement to prevent fiber Pierce the skin;

Due to the quality of FRP reinforcement is only 25% of the steel bar, concrete casting structure, the FRP reinforcement may be due to the effect of vibrating suspension on the concrete, so should use wire or nylon rope to tie it stronger;

Please put it in when you save a cool and dry place, prevent ultraviolet erosion;

GFRP rebar  GFRP rebar  Glass fiber reinforced

GFRP rebar  GFRP rebar  Glass fiber reinforced

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