General Rubber Sheet -conveyor belt series

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Product Description:

product description:

Description: With middle pressure, this product has good performance of water-proof, anti-impact and                                    


Application: apply to the manufacture of kinds of sealing buffer washer, rubber mat, seals and the decoration

and pavement of ground, etc.


1.with proper rigidity, it is able to keep stable circle

2. band edge and good sealing at connection point

3. anti-fatigue, anti-abrasion and with good carrying capacity

Note: According to the different requirements of our clients, we also can design and manufacture Styrene-butadiene rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber sheet, anti-abrasion rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, and rubber sheet with no-woven cloth.

product feature:

apply to the manufacture of kinds of sealing buffer washer, rubber mat, seals and the decoration

and pavement of ground, etc.

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