General Rubber Flexible Cable Heat-resisting silicon rubber insulated cable

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Product Description:

1、For the type of 60245IEC03(YG),implement GB5013.3《Heat-resistant,silicon rubber insulated cable》

2、For the type of 60245IEC53(YZ),60245IEC57(YZW),and 60245IEC66(YCW) implement GB5013.4

3、For the type of 60245IEC70(YTB),60245IEC74(YT),60245IEC75(YTF) implement GB5013.5《Elevator cable》

4、For the type of 60245IEC81(YH),60245IEC82(YHF) implement GB5013.6《cable for welding machine》

5、For the type of YQ,YQW,YZ,YZW,YZB,YZWB,YC,YCW implement JB8735.2,《General rubber flexible cable》.


Brief type


Type and voltage



Test voltage (5min)


Heat-resisting silicon rubber insulated cable

Used for high-temperature site



Rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equipment and tools


CR-jacketed flexible cable


Heavy-duty rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equipment and can withstand larger mechanical forces






Braided lift cable

High-strength rubber lift cable


PCP rubber lift cable

Used for elec



Common rubber sheathed cable for electric welding machine

Used for electric welding machine



PCP sheathed cable for electric welding machine


Light-duty rubber flecible cable

Used light duty movable electrical equipment and tools



Medium-duty rubber flexible cable

YZB、YZWB 300/500V

Medium-duty rubber flat flexible cable


Heavy-duty rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equiment and can withstand larger mechanical forces


YHD 300/500V

Open country rubber insulated power cable

Uesed for various movable electrical equipment and tools in the open country


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Q:Can a kink in the power or rca cables make my subwoofer not work?
i would also check ur ground power means 2 things power wire not secure or the ground is not connected right
Q:My computer is displaying a red message saying Power cable not connected plug into video card, why?
you have to open up your computer and plug in the power connector to the card, its easy.
The wire is the same, just different color so you dont confuse yourself when installing. You'll actually have to upgrade BOTH wires to properly do the big 3. 1. + Batt to + Alternator output post 2. - Batt to frame/chassis 3. frame/chassis to engine block 4. (For extra) engine block to - Batt All in at least 0 awg gauge wire. I've done my in 0/2 awg gauge welding cables.
Q:Is there a compatable power cable for Advent AW10 printer?
If there is extremely some complicated pics and colorations then definite it is achieveable. The shopkeeper from Curry's had pronounced it prints as much as 250 pages consistent with cartridge notice what he pronounced *as much as* 250 pages.
Q:When i want to connect two SATA hard drives do I need some power cable on slave or just to connect it with sat?
first, your HDD needs power in order for it to work, that's a fact,after you have connected all necessary cables(cables and powersupply of HDD), next go to bios setup(press delete button at start up) and configure your HDD in STANDARD CMOS FEATURES, put your primary HDD in IDE CHANNEL 0 MASTER and your 2nd HDD in IDE CHANNEL 1 MASTER, save and exit set up, then your good to go :D
Q:What to do if a power cable fell in my driveway?
IF your sure it's power cable inform the police, they'll handle it from there. Otherwise call the power company.
Q:my laptop restarts when i connect my power cable?
go in control panel and set ur laptop settings to not to start while swith in
Q:is using an extention cord for car amplifer power cable safe?
Listen to ohm!!! Do not try this in your car!!! The difference between home (AC) vs. a car (DC) is not just the voltage. A car will have much more current flowing through the wire then a home. This means that if you were to use a extension cord in a car you could melt it, like ohm said. Just go to a car audio shop and get the correct wire. An extension cord may save you a couple of bucks but if you are risking a fire and possibly hurting yourself I think it is a couple of extra bucks you can spend.
Q:Does Boss blues driver need a battery and power cable?
Have one,Hate it, Blue,s tone my ***,It was a waste of money.Answer Yes,battery has to be installed. will work on battery,or nine volt adapter. Battery has to be in it at all time,s for it to work.
Q:Power cable compatibility concern?
most computers use an IEC 3 blade connector. if you have one of these standard connectors that fits the computer on one end and your power outlet on the other, then you are good to go. these are generic and used on many different electronic devices not just computers.

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