General Rubber Flexible Cable Heat-resisting silicon rubber insulated cable

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Product Description:

1、For the type of 60245IEC03(YG),implement GB5013.3《Heat-resistant,silicon rubber insulated cable》

2、For the type of 60245IEC53(YZ),60245IEC57(YZW),and 60245IEC66(YCW) implement GB5013.4

3、For the type of 60245IEC70(YTB),60245IEC74(YT),60245IEC75(YTF) implement GB5013.5《Elevator cable》

4、For the type of 60245IEC81(YH),60245IEC82(YHF) implement GB5013.6《cable for welding machine》

5、For the type of YQ,YQW,YZ,YZW,YZB,YZWB,YC,YCW implement JB8735.2,《General rubber flexible cable》.


Brief type


Type and voltage



Test voltage (5min)


Heat-resisting silicon rubber insulated cable

Used for high-temperature site



Rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equipment and tools


CR-jacketed flexible cable


Heavy-duty rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equipment and can withstand larger mechanical forces






Braided lift cable

High-strength rubber lift cable


PCP rubber lift cable

Used for elec



Common rubber sheathed cable for electric welding machine

Used for electric welding machine



PCP sheathed cable for electric welding machine


Light-duty rubber flecible cable

Used light duty movable electrical equipment and tools



Medium-duty rubber flexible cable

YZB、YZWB 300/500V

Medium-duty rubber flat flexible cable


Heavy-duty rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equiment and can withstand larger mechanical forces


YHD 300/500V

Open country rubber insulated power cable

Uesed for various movable electrical equipment and tools in the open country


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Q:Where does this cable go?
Everyone, though.
Q:Will a psp go /slim usb data and power cable work on a dead psp go?
#a million. by no ability purchase memory enjoying cards from OKorder. ninety 8% of them are pretend. #2. it relies upon on what sort of telephone you have. yet sure, ive considered a minimum of two distinctive music telephones that use a similar card #3. sure, the usb cable is only a usb cable. the psp edge is a 'b', the pc edge is an 'a'
Q:evidence of why 'power cables' are bad?
There is none. It's a fraud concocted by Green Party extremists to demonize electricity.
Q:What power cable can I use with a server?
Actually, There is no Different. The Point is make sure that the Cable to use for server is the Proper Cable to use for long term usage, and can plug properly to the Server.
Q:Can i use an AC power cable in place of an ordinary 2-wire telephone cable?
telephone wire is twisted pair.. which reduces interference, and induction problems... using electrical cable in place of phone cable would work but not without acting like an antenna and picking up all kinds of back ground interference... as well as potentially degrading the signal for your DSL...
Q:is using an extention cord for car amplifer power cable safe?
Listen to ohm!!! Do not try this in your car!!! The difference between home (AC) vs. a car (DC) is not just the voltage. A car will have much more current flowing through the wire then a home. This means that if you were to use a extension cord in a car you could melt it, like ohm said. Just go to a car audio shop and get the correct wire. An extension cord may save you a couple of bucks but if you are risking a fire and possibly hurting yourself I think it is a couple of extra bucks you can spend.
Q:Yjv22 cable laying pipe when the casing with plastic or steel pipe
Second, the laying of the bracket, the power cable should be placed in the upper control cable, but 1000 volts below the power cable and control cable can be laid side by side
Q:power supply cable question?
A computer power supply is really several supplies in the same box. The specs will tell you if those 4-pin connectors all go to the same place. The outputs for the graphics card come from a different source than those 4-pin Molex connectors so those aren't going to affect performance. You would have to add up the current draw for all of the fans and the drives to know if the power supply is being overloaded. The fans have the current draw printed on them so write them down and add them up. But if you are paranoid, open the case and disconnect the case fans. Also disconnect the drives you aren't using. SSD's don't draw nearly as much power as a HDD so try to disconnect the hard drive if you can. Then run the test again and it should be exactly the same.
Q:New power cable for this GPU!?
That gpu takes 2 6 pin connectors, the last photo in the PSU pictures shows this second from the left wire with red plugs. You have what you need. Good luck
Q:How much amp does an ordinary power amplifier cable might have?
Yes many people use welding cable as long as its sufficient size, its usually the exact same thing as car audio power wire. 200 amps for how long? The longer the run of wire, the thicker you need. What gauge is it?

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