Gate Valve with Ductile Iron for Water System

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Gate Valve Description

1. Selected materials, in line with domestic and international standards, high overall quality of the material.
2. In line with the requirements of domestic and foreign advanced standards, reliable sealing, excellent performance, attractive appearance.
3. Sealing pair advanced and reasonable, gate and seat sealing surface with different hardness Stellite (Stellite) cobalt-based alloy cladding made, reliable sealing, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion good anti-abrasion performance, long life.
4. Stem quenched and nitride surface treatment, has good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.

2. Main Features of the Gate Valve:

stainless steel flanged gate valve Z45T-10 valve uses wedge-type elastic single gate structure, apply to the temperature less than or equal 135 degrees of water, steam, oil in pipeline and other media to open and close. Main features: body is made from precision casting, sleek style seat closed plate tightly ,reaching no leakage, no sediment, circulation, smooth, open and close flexibly.
1)Full port design
2)OS&Y Outside screw and yoke .
3)BB. Bolted Bonnet .
4)Flexible wedge, Fully guided
5)Choice of solid or split wedge .
6)Renewable seat rings
7)Forged T-head stem
8)Rising stem and non-rising handwheel

3. Images of the Gate Valve:


4. Specification of the Gate Valve: 



3.Pressure: Class150~2500

4.Design and Manufacture:API602,BS5352,ANSI B16.34

5.Connection Ends:

  1)Socket Welded Dimension:ANSI B16.11,JB/T1751

  2)Screw Ends Dimension:ANSI B1.20,JB/T7306

  3)Butt Welded:ANSI B16.25

  4)Flanged Ends:ANSI B16.5,JB79

Design according to DIN3352-F5

Flange drilled according to DIN2501

Body: Ductile iron

Wedge: Ductile iron with NBR/EPDM

Stem: Stainless steel 2Cr13

Stem Nut: Brass

O-ring: NBR/EPDM

Bolt & Nut: Carbon steel or Stainless steel

Bonnet: Ductile iron


1. Can I get free samples?

A: Yes,we can provide you the free sample, but you need to bear their own delivery costs.

2. Can I request to change the form of packaging and transportation?

A:Yes, We can change the form of the packaging and transportation according to your request, but you have to bear their own costs incurred during this period and the spreads.

3. Can I request to advance the shipment?

A: It should be depends on whether there is sufficient inventory in our warehouse.

4. Can I have my own Logo on the product?

A: Yes, you can send us your drawing and we can make your logo, but you have to bear

their own the cost.

5. Can you produce the products according to my own drawings?

A:Yes,we can produce the products according to your drawings that will be most satisfy you.

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