Front Wheel Loader YN 918 1Ton 0.7cbm bucket capacity

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Product Description:

Quick Details

·         Condition: New

·         Model Number: YN 918

·         Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

·         Type: Front Loader

·         Moving Type: Wheel Loader

·         Dimension(Long * Breadth * High): 5520*1800*2650 mm

·         Rated Load: 1500kg

·         Certification: CE;ISO9001:2008

·         Warranty: 6 months

·         After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

·         Bucket Capacity: 0.7 cbm


*Hydrodynamic transmission technology and separated structure make high reliability and easy maintenance.

* Controlled by flexible shaft, hydraulic power shift gearbox with 2 forward and 2 reverse gears makes operate easy.

* Single pump, split flow working hydraulic system makes lower consumption and excellent performance.

* Double sealed hydraulic pipeline joints with 24°awl and O ring of international standard, avoiding oil leakage;

* Load sensing fully hydraulic steering system makes operation easy.

* Air over hydraulic brake system; Caliper disc brakes.

* Working device with automatically leveling ability at high position.

* Bucket articulated points take sealed, lubricated, dust-proof layers, which owns good durability.

* Integral, luxury instrument board.

* New, luxury cabin.

Main Specifications:





Bucket capacity

0.7 m3

Min. turning radius

(outside of rear wheel)

4200 mm

Rated load

1500 kg

Steering angle

35º (L/R)

Dumping height

2700 mm

Min. ground clearance

250 mm

Dumping reach

860 mm

Wheel base

2150 mm

Boom lifting time

4.5 S


1400 mm

Total cycling time

9 S

Engine model


Max. speed

19 km/h

Rated power

38 kW/2400 rpm

Max. breakout force

46 kN



Max. drawing force

33 kN

Overall dimensions

5520*1800*2650 mm

Max. Grade ability


Operating weight




CE Approved.

Obtained the certificate of ISO9001:2008.

Manufacturing license number: TS2510025-2009.


Packaging Details:

1 unit naked within 1 x 20GP container; 2 units naked within 1 x 40HQ container

Delivery Detail:

30 days


 Front Wheel Loader YN 918  1Ton 0.7cbm bucket capacity

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Q:Do I need a driver's license for the loader?
The loader's certificate does not call the driver's license, but is called the operation permit. Should be issued to the labor department or the agricultural machinery department, you should go to the issuing agency of the examination last year. [loader] operation permit is a special vehicle driver's license, can not drive the car.By the Ministry of labor or Safety Supervision Bureau approved the formal operation of the card (also known as the job card, also known as IC card), type of technical certificate and a variety of certification.I. training programs1 innings, IC card operation certificate: Electrician operation: installation, maintenance, on duty; metal welding: welding and cutting operation; the crane truck crane, gantry crane, elevator installation and maintenance; the enterprises in motor vehicle driving forklift trucks, forklifts, rollers, bulldozers, excavators the loader, etc.; the high erection operation: building construction, erection, maintenance, installation and other high altitude; the metal processing industry, milling, punching, pressing, sawing, lathe, planer driller2, the Ministry of labor professional qualification certificate: electrician, welder, mechanic, fitter, lathe worker, automobile maintenance workerTwo, registration requirementsOne inch photo ID and close scanningThree, charging standards1, the Safety Supervision Bureau issued the project: 400 yuan / Ben2, the Ministry of labor awarded the project: intermediate 600 yuanThe above fee includes medical examination fee and free training fee. Remark: the operation certificate of special industry (also called certificate of work is IC card)
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Steering line: fuel tank, steering pump, steady flow valve (or priority valve), steering gear, steering cylinderThe gearbox has an integral (planetary) and a split (fixed shaft) twoIs it a mess? Plus 695081096, there is time to tell you slowly, professional maintenance loaders
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