Front Wheel Loader YN966 3.5cbm Bucket Capacity

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Condition: New

Model Number: YN 966

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Type: Front Loader

Moving Type: Wheel Loader

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High): 8160*3070*3400mm

Rated Load: 6000kg

Certification: CE;ISO

Warranty: 1 year

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available










Rated load



Overall weight



Rated capacity



Max. Tractive force



Max. Breakout force



Max. Grade ability



Max. Dumping height



Max. Dumping reach



Overall dimension L x W x H



Min. Turning radius




Inline/Turbocharged/water colling








Shangchai CAT SC11CB240.1G2B1



Inline/Turbocharged/water colling


No. Of cylinder-bore/stoke



Rated power



Max. torque



Min. Fuel-consume ratio






WG200 Gearbox


Gear shift

4 forward, 3 reverse.

Electronic control gear shift


Max. speed




Drive axle


Main reducing spiral

Bevel gear grade 1 reduction


Decelerating mode

Planetary reduction, grade 1.


Wheel base



Wheel tread



Min. ground clearance



Hydraulic system


System working pressure



Boom lifting time



Total time



Fuel tank capacity



Leveling automatically



Break system


Service brake

Air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels


Parking brake

expand hoof type







Front tyre pressure



Rear tyre pressure



Remark: Joystick control, electronic control, ZF TECH WG200 gearbox, heavy chassis for standard


FAQ & Quality certificate:

CE Approved.

Obtained the certificate of ISO9001:2008.

Manufacturing license number: TS2510025-2009.


Front Wheel Loader YN966 3.5cbm Bucket Capacity




Q:Given that the truck is $130,000 and has an average use of 1500 hrs per year. The tires cost $6000 to replace and will need to be replace every 4500 hr used. The major repairs will be needed every 6000 hr at a cost of $5000. Salvage value is $10,000 after 15000 used. The fuel and minor repair cost about 19.75 for each hour the loader is used. Interest is 16%. How much should the person charge per hour for use of the truck to recover his costs?I got the site of P= $130,000F= $10,000A=?N=15000 hrI= 16% Where do I start to find the charge per hour for use of the truck?
Start by finding all the puzzle pieces, then ..... All charges / all hours = charge per hour. The first clue is that the machine will last at least 10 years, when it hits is salvage value. so, machine cost is 130-10 = $120,000 dividing tire and major repair costs by 1,500 hrs of use per year gives the intervals for those expenses, which you add in however, the trick is that the last set of tires and last major repair will allow the man to operate his truck 12 years (x hrs per year [ = all hours] x cost per hr) = those costs. List it out and add it up then divide; but see note below. I do not know what you mean by 16% interest. You did not mention he financed the truck, so are you trying to determine his opportunity cost lost (of leaving the money in the bank) or are you saying inflation is running at 16% per year, so your tire and repair estimates have to be increased to the price level of the year he pays for them? And then of course he must charge for his time (or collect more from the leasee-operator of the rig. Is that what you mean by 16%? His mark-up?) P S Why did you change from truck to loader?
Q:I'm just wondering if it makes the loader any more smooth and if you'd recommend getting it. Would I need to buy to of the thingies for it to work in my loader with my axe? Best answer gets 10 points!
Doesn't need it. You can use the Z2 without it. I will admit that it's cool, though - getting an instant response from the motor's loader via a wireless connection whenever you pull the gun's trigger. But no one's really had a problem with the Z2's standard method of shot detection. Its sound activation operation is very reliable.
Q:I was just and my friend use the same fabric softener and laundry detergent but hers always smell ALOT stronger than mine..she has a front loader and i have a top loader.
Your friend is probably using more detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets than you. My clothes always smell stronger than my friends even though I use less sometimes.. or hers will smell stronger because she adds so many dryer sheets in the dryer. I have a top loader and my friend has a front loader lol. Her front loader kind of smells like mildew though for some reason.
Q:How to do a good job in sales (loaders, sales)?
11., unprofitable transactions are necessarily harmful to sales representatives. This is the most important business ethics. 12. when visiting a customer, a sales representative should always believe that even if he falls, he must take a handful of sand". This means that the sales representative can not be left empty handed, even if the sale is not completed, but also to allow customers to introduce you to a new customer. 13. select customers. Measure your customers' willingness and ability to buy, and don't waste time in indecision. 14. the important rule of a strong first impression is to help people feel important. 15. punctual appointments - late means: "I don't respect your time."". There's no excuse for being late. If you can't avoid being late, you have to make a phone call before the appointed time, apologize, and continue with unfinished sales. 16. sell to the right to make a purchase decision, sir. If your sales partner has no right to say "buy", you can't sell anything. 17. every sales representative should realize that sales are successful only if you keep an eye on your customers. 18. plan and naturally close to the customer and the customer feel good, and can be carried out smoothly to negotiate, is the sales representative must advance efforts to prepare work and strategy. 19. it is impossible for the sales representative to conclude a deal with every customer he visits. He should try to visit more customers to increase the percentage of the transaction. 20. know your customers because they determine your performance.
Q:the priming chamber/bullet seater is stuck in the body i cant get it outalso if i do get it out i've never re-loaded i cant figure out how to measure the powder its just one size measure how do i do all the different powder charges?i pretty much know nothing about it i did read the instructions though
Been there done that. Ok i have had the primer seater rod get stuck too. You need to take a small hack saw cut the top of the shell casing at an angle then use a pair of pliers and un peel the shell from the rod. NO biggie it happens. Ok your using the lee loader so it comes with the dipper however your limited to what the load chart is for your specific bullet. You can not change the load at all unless you go out and get a full set of dippers and or a powder scale. Sounds like your just getting into reloading. the lee loader is a great little tool that works very well. something that can help. When you go to put in another primer put a light coat of baby powder on the rod. you might even want to go over the rod with a piece of emery cloth any nick in it can cause a case to get stuck on it. Now the two biggest things i would recommend you purchase is. Lee's modern reloading second edition book. There is a lot more data that can help you out. Good part is they show specific loads for using dippers. Also lee sells a full set of dippers with a chart that will show you how many grains each dipper can hold per different types of powders
Q:What does loader model ZL60 represent?
The Z: indicates that the loading L represents the wheel type, and the 60 indicates the capacity to load up to 6 tons.
Q:I have a muzzle loader with name of Joseph Golcher on lock mechanism. Can you give me an approximate date as to when this muzzle loader could have been built.
There okorder /... A couple of answers from there listed below: Joseph Golcher was a lockmaker who was located in Philadelphia PA circa the mid 19th century. His locks were sold to gunsmiths all over the country, particularly in the East. Golcher made percussion and flint gun locks circa 1825 - 1860. Joseph Golcher and Josh Golcher are one and the same.
Q:What is a Dozer Loader? I need a quick summary on what a Dozer Loader is, what it does, where it is used, etc.Thank you so much! Full Points for suree :)
I think you're referring to something called a front loader which is the big scoop attachment on the front of a bulldozer, hence the name dozer loader? Good luck, and the link below is to a webpage about Front Loaders...
Q:I have a top loader washing machine and a friend has just used it . Unfortunately they filled it with clothes, forgot to close the flaps on the drum, closed the lid and set it running. The drum has spun around and got wedged half way round but is now completely stuck. Does anyone know of any way to release the drum (full of clothes) and fix it?It is a French brand called Brandt.
Very tricky. Is your machine still under warranty? It's best to get a technician down as they may have to dismantle the drum in order to remove the clothes. -
Well, okorder /... (You'll never go back!)

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