Flame retardant PVC insulated control cable (soft structure)

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2.Operating characteristic
Type and specification of cable and its descriptive method
Specification of cable
Nom.cross-area of conductor (mm2)
No.of core
Uo/U 0.6/1kV
Uo/U 0.6/1kV
The cables are designed f o r fixed monitoring and
protecting circuits for fixed installed power distribution and
transmission equipments and power equipments with
rated AC voltage up to and inxluding 0.6/1kV where fire
retardation is requested.

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Q:New power cable for this GPU!?
That gpu takes 2 6 pin connectors, the last photo in the PSU pictures shows this second from the left wire with red plugs. You have what you need. Good luck
Q:Guitar Amp Power Cable Snaped..?
Just splice the cable - no need to open the amp. Cut the damaged cable just above where it is damaged. Cut and strip the 3 wires. Cut off the damaged section. Cut and strip the wires that are connected to the power plug. Re-connect the two sections using in-line splices and electrical tape (you can buy these at any hardware store). Match up the wire colors. Splices look like this: mahathon.co.th/products_detail.ht... If you do a good job, that should last a long time.
Q:Double sided AC power cable pins?
If the equipment is under warranty, I might consider taking it back and complaining. If not, the hardware store is your recourse here. Good luck!
Q:Am I missing any cables for the Dell 924 AIO Printer?
yes it is the little round hole in the back of it look at lable on bottom for volts / amps then head to your local flea market
Q:Is the white stuff on my power cable dangerous?
Corrosion! caused by oxidation, not dangerous Buy new wires, cables ect. Before it's to late
Q:Which has, know the power of the electrical, choose the cable formulas. And explain it
Is the interference signal line can not go with the wire,
Q:harddrive power cable stuck.... HELP PLZ?
Thats nothing new..Molex connectors often stick do not try to pull it out by the wires! grab it by the sides of the connector and wiggle it back and forth (side to side) it will come out eventually!
Q:Where is the firewall on the honda fit 2008? Setting up subwoofer?
The firewall is the bulkhead between the Passenger compartment and the engine bay. Look for a rubber grommet in the firewall/bulkhead that has existing wires going through it and use this. Some firewalls have grommets that you can use to pass your power cable through from the battery. Remember to put an in line fuse on th live cable of the correct rating.
Q:Which is better: continuously plug the power cable to my laptop or pull the plug out when it is full?seedetail?
Use your laptop as you would a mobile phone. Have it fully charged, then run it until it's almost flat. Once again, the battery does have a memory, as said by another person. and also if it's continuously left in power it can also cook the battery cells so when you unplug from power you may have 5 mins of battery life if that. Ammil makes a good point, however if you asking maintenance wise, his response isn't relevant as he refers to Performance more than anything.
Q:What do car amp cables look like?
the power cable is red the remote cable is blue and the ground is a short cable ..black color the rca's are two inputs..hahaa i hope that helps you

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