Fixed Fire Fighting Water Supply Equipment

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Operation: 1 Duty(electric) + 1 standby(diesel) + 1 Jockey

Capacity:  350 GPM with 4, 5, 6, 10, 15... Bar

1. Electric pump, closed coupled centrifugal horizontal pumps its casing from cast iron and the impeller is brass, shaft from stainless steel, mechanical seal is carbon/ceramic.

2. Diesel engine pump, with capacity equal to electric pump capacity, fuel tank.

3. Jockey pump, horizontal or vertical, 10, 15, 20, 30GPM

4. Pressure vessel, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150...liters with 4,5,6,10,15...Bar

5. Control panel, MCB for each pump, DOL starter with thermal over load protection for main electric pump, hand off auto selector switch for each pump, indication lamps for pump run and pump trip, pressure switch for the automatic operation, battery charger, 12 volt battery to start the engine.

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Q:Which water pump set has more vertical suction / lift.?
Q:What does water pump mean?
According to use: - water pump, pump, slurry pump, sewage pump, sewage pump, well pump, submersible pump, pump, pump, fire pump and other household. It's a device for pumping liquid.
Q:how to remove rear bolt from water pump?
Sometimes there are holes in the pulley and you can rotate it until the hole gives you access to the bolt. If there are no such holes, then you will probably have to remove the pulley. The pulley may be fastened with one, four, or zero bolts. If there are bolts for the pulley, remove them and proceed with common sense and use a puller if necessary. If there are zero bolts holding the pulley to the water pump, then it is pressed on and you will need to remove it with a specialty tool called a pulley puller which you can get as a loaner or cheap rental at many auto parts stores. The pulley must also be reinstalled with a pulley installer, also available as a loaner or cheap rental. Are you replacing the water pump or just removing it to do other work? If you look at a new one and it doesn't come with a pulley on it, then you know that the pulley must be removed to go on the new pump no matter what.
Q:1995 Ford Contour: Have you experienced repeated failures of your water pump? I have...?
196,000 miles three water pumps is not that bad. Depends where you purchased them. If you opted for cheapies like auto zone then you get what you pay for. Since you are having this problem over and over again, I would agree with the ford technician, purchase one from Ford and see how that does.
Q:Is a perpetual energy water pump possible?
Perpetual Water Pump
Q:2000 Ford Focus - water pump?
There are airpockets in the cooling system. You hear gurgling in the heater core as water, steam and air bubble through it. What a mess and it's only a 2000. If you have the water pump checked for leaking, that could be where the coolant is escaping. If the car overheated, this situation could be more serious than just having to replace coolant. Some damage may have come from when you had to replace the radiator.You might have a warped or cracked cylinder head. There are several things to do to try and dfiagnose how bad this problem is. One it to bleed the cooling system of air and watch to make sure coolant loss has ceased. Another is to use an emission probe at the opening of the radiator to see if combustion products are getting into the cooling system. The water pump shouldn't be leaking already, but the quality of the part could be questionable and it might indeed be leaking and need replacing. A good shop can do all this, but it takes time and the cost can build up with the seriousness of the situation. Budget for up to $2000, but repairs might only cost a few hundred, depending on what's wrong.
Q:how do i restart a shorted out water pump?
What kind of pump (ie sump,submersible,shallow well).If it just hums and the shaft doesn't turn its probably the capacitor($25 at johnson controls) or it could be one leg of your 240v breaker tripped(check voltage at breaker and wiring)
Q:What does the temperature range of the pump mean?
The range of temperature is less than 135 degrees Celsius, which means that the range of use shall not exceed 135 degrees celsius. Refers to the temperature of hot water, high pressure steam boiler inside the water temperature is more than 100 degrees Celsius, your pump is a high-pressure high temperature water pump, generally used for steam boiler or high temperature waterway system. For reference only.
Q:How do I know the timing belt/water pump needs to be replaced?
can't tell you the price, don't know where you live and where you get yoiur work done, call around.. belts need to be replaced when they're worn. look for cracks, frays and listen for squealing. (sometimes the water pump will squeal when it's bad...) otherwise, take the car in to someone you trust and have them look at it..ESTIMATE only..
Q:1989 BMW 535i water pump removal?
can usually get 32mm wrench and hit it with hammer in opposite direction Has backwards threads If not get thick rag and real long big screwdriver and carefully pry against pully so it doesnt turn and hit wrench with hammer too loosen Or buy special bmw tools

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