Favorites Compare A GRADE 300w Solar Panel

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Packaging Detail:standard export package for solar panel
Delivery Detail:7-15 days for solar panel


solar panel
High Efficiency
25 years Warranty
High-transmissivity low-iron tempered glass

Solar Panel



1,High and stable conversion efficienly based on over 4 years professional experience

2 ,High reliability with guaranteed +/-10% output power tolerance

3,Proven materials,tempered front glass,and a sturdy anodized aluminum frame allow modules to operate reliably in multiple mountily configurations

4,Combination of high efficicncy and attractive appearance

Quality and Safety

1,25 year 80%,10 year 90% power warranty 3 year power warranty

2,ISO9001:2000 (Quality Management system) certified factory

3,Product Quality warranty & products Liability Insurance to guarantee and user' benefits

4,Certifications TUV Intercert, CE Temperature Coefficients



Favorites Compare A GRADE 300w Solar Panel


1.CNBM is a state-owned company under jurisdiction of central goverment , one of  Fortune 500 .Just because of this ,we can get more support and resources from our government.So ,it is realiable .

2.CNBM's solar  products are high-qualified with TUV,UL,VDE,CE,ISO certificates. Our products ranges top in China.

3.Just as I mentioned in attahment ,we signed 500MW project with Urkan under the witness of our chairman Xi Jinping ,CNBM has ability to meet your large quantity needs,Our annual capacity is 1GW.

4.We can offer you a competitive price .Because you are our potential and valued customer .

Yes, solar panels can be used in areas with high levels of wildlife activity. While it is important to consider the impact on local wildlife, there are measures that can be taken to mitigate any potential negative effects. Proper installation, such as elevation and orientation, can reduce the likelihood of wildlife interference. Additionally, using appropriate barriers or deterrents can help protect the solar panels and prevent damage from animals. Overall, with proper planning and precautions, solar panels can be successfully utilized in areas with high levels of wildlife activity.
Yes, solar panels can be installed on a historic building. However, it is important to carefully consider the impact on the building's aesthetics and historical integrity. Specialized techniques and materials may be required to ensure that the installation is done in a way that preserves the building's unique architectural features. Additionally, it may be necessary to obtain permission or meet certain requirements from local historic preservation authorities before proceeding with the installation.
Q:I need to use solar panels to charge lead acid batteries in an off-grid application. I understand that solar panels have a open circuit maximum voltage and an maximum amperage under no resistance, and that one can optimize the power output by regulating the load (resistance). If so, is just connecting 2 -volt solar panels to a lead-acid battery inefficient? Are there devices that will maximize 2 volt output power (by varying the resistance)? Am I on the right track here? Thanks for any help.
The answer is actually quite complicated, but if you're planning on building just a very small system, most likely, the panel will be small and weak. In this case, connecting a panel that is 8 volts open circuit directly to a lead-acid battery is probably the most efficient way to charge. There are charge controllers that you can buy, some of which actively track the maximum power point for charging your battery. Unfortunately, those controllers might eat 5 or 0 watts, just to get you another few percent of charging efficiency. If your panel is only 50 watts in the first place, you can see that this is not a good deal. If you're getting serious panels (clue: price $500 each), then you may very well benefit from a charge controller with MPPT (max power point tracking). Lead-acid, either a flooded cell like your car battery, or AGM, are the standard for solar energy storage. Lithium ion is better in many ways, being less sensitive to temperature, state of discharge, and they are also lighter. Charging them is also more straightforward with the right circuitry. The problem is, they cost like $500 per kWh, compared with less than a tenth that price for lead-acid.
The warranty period for solar panels typically ranges from 10 to 25 years, depending on the manufacturer and the specific product.
Q:Can someone explain to me how solar panels can be used as modern architectural attributes? please help
They aren't considered attributes - electrical solar panels are expanses of gray and aluminum covered with glass and water heating panels are expanses of black covered with glass. To cover the cost of investment they must be mounted at the best angle for the location and climate throughout the year and therefore may dictate the form of the roof (if sloped as on residences) or may not be visible in an architectural sense (if positioned on a flat roof of a commercial building.) No matter where placed, provision has to be made for safely accessing them for repair and maintenance.
Q:Home depot has solar panels but they are so expensive? were is the best place to get them?
Best okorder /... Of course sometimes you can get very cheap solar panels if you are in the right place at the right time... A friend of mine got the solar array from one of the road service companies... it had some minor defect so they were replacing it and throwing away the defective one... it still put out a good bit of power and it was free for him... but that is all luck.
Q:China is building solar panels and have been for years. That is the most abundant energy in the world. My nieghbor has two panels on his roof and he actually sells energy back to the electric company. These panels cost about $30,000. each, because we don't produce them here on that level.If we did, that price would drop drastically. Other alternatives are also available. Drilling for oil will no change anything. Once you give the oil companie the go ahead, the will focus on that and the alternatives won't be developed any farther. We will be right back here in about 0 years. The price will not go down anyway. So why not switch half of our fuel to alternatives?
I visit hundreds of houses a week in my line of work and there are houses in neighborhoods that aren't the wealthiest that have solar. It might be cheaper than you think.
Q:I want to install a solar panel on my car. I want to know that how much energy can be generated by a panel of size 4 foot by 6 foot. and the cost of installation.
A little more than 0 watts per square foot, so that size panel would generate 250 watts under ideal conditions, which is noon on a sunny but not too hot day, near the equator. That's about /3 horsepower, or the same power as a man working hard. That is larger than needed to keep the battery of the car charged, unless you plan to run a laptop or something off it at night. The power is also too small to power the car for driving. If it's an electric car, you could get maybe another 2 miles per day out of the car, again, under ideal conditions. An RV store might have an idea of how much installation would cost. They would be accustomed to solar panels for RV's, but probably not small cars. A panel of that size would cost perhaps $500-800 just for the panel.
Q:I was trying to look online for solar panels for my home to take some of the strain off of using oil and electricity but I find it very hard to understand exactly how they are used.Like one that I looked up is 00 watts.....is that like a light bulb watt? How many things can that power? Is it really cheaper in the long run because the panels are very expensive?If anyone has web sites that can explain this to me I would appreciate a link, or anyone to answer part of my question.
I okorder Hope this helps.
Q:The voltage and power problems of solar panels
From morning to night (with sunshine) solar panel voltage is generally relatively stable, that is basically about 30V; but the output power is always changing, sooner or later, noon; if it is good quality solar energy,

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