Factory direct meium or low voltage armoured xlpe power cable

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Product Description:


Xlpe insulated power cable 
1.Best quality material 
2.Armour avaliabe according to your requirement 
3.xlpe cable various types

                   Factory direct meium or low voltage armoured xlpe power cable 


                                                                                            PE or PVC for Sheath

                                                                                              Armour for option

Description of XLPE insulated power cable:

XLPE insulated power cable performs better than  paper or PVC insulated cable. XLPE power cable has high electric strength, mechanical strength, high-ageing resisting, environmental stress resisting anti-chemical corrosion, and it is simple construction, using convenient and higher operating of long term temperature. It can be laid with no drop restriction.

The flame-retardant and non-flame retardant XLPE cable can be manufactured with three technologies (peroxide, silane and irradiation cross-linking). The flame-retardant cable covers all kinds of low-smoke low-halogen low-smoke halogen free, and non-smoke non-halogenated and three classes of A,B,C.


Features of xlpe insulated power cable:


1. Conductors: copper or aluminum.


2. Both armored and non-armored type power cables are available.


3. Voltage rating: 0.6/1kv 3.6/6kv 6/10kV 8.7/15kV 26/35kV all avaliable


4. PVC or PE for sheath.


5. Number of cable cores: one core(Single core),two cores(Double cores),three cores,


Four cores (Four Equal-section-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and one smaller section area neutral core),


Five cores (Five equal-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and two smaller section area neutral cores).


6. Standards: IEC 60502. IEC, BS, DIN, ASTM, CSA, NFC, AS, GOST etc. Or other special characteristics as customers request.

  High quality and best price 35Kv or lower armoured xlpe power cable


Executive Standard



Working conditions

1.For long-term running,the highest environment tempreture should not beyond 90 degree centigrade .

2.The tempreture reaches 250 degree, shot circuit occour(less than 5 seconds).

3.Tempreture for dixing cable should be more than 0 centigrade.

4.Min bending radium of cable:15 times of outer diameter(3 cores); 20 times for cable of single core .

5.A.C rated voltage U0/U 0.6/1kv~26/35kv.

CoreT(always not indicated)Copper
InsulationYJXLPE insulation
VPVC insulation
SheathVPVC jacket
YPE or polylefin jacket
Armour2Steel tape
3Thin round steel wire
4Thick round steel wire
Jacket2PVC Jacket
3PE Polyolefin Jacket


For example: YJY23 means:copper core,xlpe insulated,steel type armoured and PE jacket Power cable.


Type  Application
TypeItem DescriptionApplication
YJVYJLVXLPE-insulated cable with PVC sheathTo be laid indoors,in the tunnel,cable furrow,pipe or under soft soil.This type can not bear mechanical force or water.Single core cable is not allowed to be placed on magntic enviroment.
YJYYJLYXLPE-insulated cable with PE sheath
YJV22YJLV22XLPE-insulated cable with steel tape armor and PVC sheathTo be laid underground( deeper than 0.7m);Certain mechanical force avaliable,but no great pulling force allowed.
YJV23YJLV23XLPE-insulated cable with steel tape armor and PE sheath
TJV32YJLV32XLPE-insulated cable with steel tape armor and PVC sheathTo be laid underground( deeper than 0.7m);Bearable of mechanical force and pulling power.

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Q:Is this the correct SATA cable?
Yes. You will also need to power the SATA drive, so if your power supply doesn/t have the right connectors it, you will need an adapter.
Q:Do I need to buy any cables for my HDD?
as long as the hard drive is compatible and you have the data and power cable for the two you should be fine
Q:PC turns on immediately after connecting power cable?
Hmm that sounds like you have missplaced the cables to the motherboard from the front pannel (on switch, HDD led etc.) Kenny
Q:What are the varieties of wire and cable (detailed point)
Fiber engineering to see what you are doing, first of all is the cable selection model need to use the number of cable cable. There is a light converter, ODF frame. Open signal will use passive splitter, pigtail, fiber jumpers, optical modules. Brand you have a lot, and you want to domestic or foreign.
Q:How do I repair the power cable on my vintage sewing machine?
If it's near the plug end, the one that goes into the wall, it's easy. You can buy a replacement plug, cut off the old one and wire on the new one. Wire strippers would be handy but you could strip the wires with a carefully used sharp utility knife, and you will need a screwdriver to deal with the plug itself. If it's very close to the foot pedal end or the machine plug side, that might be a bit harder, depending how much wire there is between the damaged cable and the pedal or plug. You could cut away the damaged portion, splice the wires with wire nuts, cover firmly with electrical tape and be done. If there isn't room to do that, you might have to take the foot pedal apart and re-attach the wires from the rest of the cable. Shouldn't be that hard to do. Just note where the wires went inside the foot pedal.
Q:With the patch panel how to deal with the line corresponding to the crystal line of the line order is what
Although there is a relatively thick cable inside the cable to prevent a very thin cable was broken, but the insulation is not iron, after all, is generally a VB tube is also a corrugated pipe PVC pipe is also too iron
Q:Amp power cable wont fit on battery?
i could verify the alternator score. many situations whilst aftermarket amplifiers are further it reasons a extensive burden on the charging equipment. The inventory alternator is in many situations sized in basic terms sufficiently vast to furnish present day for usual upload-ons. The rated present day of the alternator is in many situations stamped someplace on the physique of the alternator. is that this spectacular: height = 1800w + 1200w = 4000w? if so, then applying potential = Volts x present day, or P = VI the mandatory further output present day is i = P/V = 4000w/12V = 333 Amps That looks slightly extreme however! check out the amplifier and notice what the peak present day score is (if presented), then upload that to the score of your inventory alternator to be certain the mandatory score for a clean alternator. sturdy success!
Q:What is the length of the wire that affects voltage and electricity
Because the AC operation will produce eddy current, will make the steel pipe and cable heat burned
Q:what happens when A power cable of copper is stretched straight between two fixed towers.?
Change in length=(coefficient of expansion)(original length)(change T)= (.0017)(chose your favoret length, I chose 100)( -128 because T is decreeing)=-21.76 Strain = (change in length)/(original length)= 21.76/100= .2176Pa (for simplicity's sake I dropped the negative, rember the wire is in tension) Stress = (youngs modulus)(strain)= (11•10^10)(.2176)= 2.3936•10^10 Pa The UTS (2.4•10^8)<(2.39•10^10) so there is definitely necking and because of the difference most likely there was failure long ago.
Q:Can i run welding cable together with power cable?
The welding cable has lower voltage (<40Volt) but a large current. The welding cable used to have lower insulation Resistance compared to the power cable. That is why it is not recommended to run the welding cable in same tray to the power cable

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