Electrical Wire/Textile Cable/Fabric Cable Cotton Cable Wire

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Product Description:


1,Pure Copper  
3,PVC insulated,PVC sheahed  
4,Textile Cover  

Product Name:   Colored Braided Electrical Lighting Textile Cable

Minimum Order Quantity : 15000 Meters


1. Core: 2/3core 
2. Insulated: PVC 
3. Conductor: Copper or tinned copper 
4. Tempture: 105° C. 
5. Voltage: 220V/300V 
6. Regular size: 0.5, 0.75, 1.5, 2.5mm2 or as request

7.Color:  Golden/white/brown/any colors for your options.

8. Jacket material:Cotton/ Nylon/ Poly/Rayon braid. etc.



Advantages& Features: 

1.Structure:The braid wire is made up of  two/three wires with conductor, outer insulation , inner insulation and a weaving jacket.


2.All of wire can be special customized for your personal requests, based on our mature techniques 


3. The Cloth Covered Electric Wire is beautiful and practical, with decoration, insulation protection and shielding effects. 


1.The Texitle Electrical Cable is widely suitable for variety of lamp. Light, many electric appliances such as radio, wiring fan and household small appliances and other places of high temperature insulation wire. 



2.You should consult a qualified electrician to ensure that the gauge of the wire you select can safely support the electrical load of your lamp or small appliance over the length of wire you are using.



Model No.

Conductor Size


Conductor strands


































1.Packing: 100m/roll, 300m/wooden reel or as request

2.Shipping:By Sea, By DHL,Fedex,TNT etc...

3.If you have any idea about packing or shipping, please tell us.   




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Q:Have a question about compatible replacement power cable for Dell Optiplex 790 SFF, HELP please! 10A vs 3.6A will it ruin computer?
Thanks David for your expertise!
Q:Why does plugging in my power cable slow down my laptop?
In most laptop configurations there are things that are setup to run only when the laptop is plugged in. For example, antivirus scans, adware scans, and such can be set so that they only run when plugged in. It is possible that the unit has been unplugged for awhile and the system suddenly recognizes its plugged in and all the software tries to run thus bogging it down. This is only a hypothesis. The best way to know for sure is to check the Task Manager to find out whats hogging everything. If you don't know, you can open the task manager by either doing CTRL-ALT-DELETE and selecting task manager or by going Start-Run and type in 'taskmgr'. In the window, the applications tab should show what apps are running, the Processes tab should show you all the processes and their memory consumption, and the Performance tab should show you all your memory and CPU untilization. I would start with the Processes tab and see what is consuming the most memory. You can sort by size by clicking on the MemUsage column heading. The processes with the highest memory are the ones to start with. ALso check the Applications tab and see what is running at the time. I would check these while running on battery, and then plug the system in and check them again to see what is different. Whatever has changed is most likely the culprit.
Q:Where can I get a Power sync cable for 2 Rockford T2500.1bd?
go okorder.com and you'll see you want..
Q:how do i connect the power cables of my motherboard to the casing?
Are okorder.com... If so, look on the motherboard, it should be written near the jumpers where the cables connect. They look like little pins sticking up out of the motherboard, all in a group. Just play with it until it works, but DON'T unplug anything while the computer is powered on and running. If it doesnt work, shut it down completely before switching any of the cables.
Q:my alpine amplifier power cable got ripped out while it was on, and now it just blows fuses and wont work?
You can repair this if you already know what you are doing. Each wire in the cable terminates on a specific terminal. (A power cable can be expected to have 2 wires, a red and a black for pos12v and neg12v respectively. Reverse these wires even for a moment and wave your amp goodbye, unless there is protection built in if you're lucky) So ... Do you know all the repair proceedures? Do you know what wire belongs to what terminal? (No trial and error allowed here) If you have any doubt about doing this right first time then you are unable to fix it your self, and it would be better to take it to the experts and pay for repair.
Q:Can you buy amp power cables for any amp?
most amps use the same cable, so it shouldn't be a problem, through your amp in a car, (to double check) and check the local music stores, electronics shops, or Radio shacks
Q:What power cables do I need for this graphics card?
It needs 150w through the 8 pin connector and 75w through the 6 pin connector, in addition to the 75w it draws through the PCI bus. You can see the connectors in pictures of the card. These are standard connectors on an ATX12V v2.2 power supply, but you will need to make sure the power supply says 2 x 6+2-Pin for PCI Express power connectors. One or two six-pin connectors alone isn't sufficient.
Q:How do power-station-cable thieves manage to get away without being electrocuted?
Police are hunting for a badly scorched would-be copper thief after finding a hacksaw embedded in an 11,000 volt power cable. The thief also left a lit blow torch at the scene. He is presumed to be badly charred, and not the brightest bulb in the socket. .
Q:A network cable must cross a power cable. What can be done to minimize the amount of EMI?
Metal shielding would be best. This could be as simple as wrapping each cable with aluminum foil near the cross-over point. Hope this helps.
Q:Power cable to my stereo in my 2005 Dodge Neon broken?
the cables are not a life and run away from the dash , that never happends, and if the cable is there its not broken the power comes from the ignition switch not the battery , so you have a bad fuse or bad ignition switch most likely it is only a fuse, did you know there are 2 boxes ? check both

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