DIVING LIGHT,Diving flashlight,TORCH for diving

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Diving flashlight research background
With the improvement of human living standards, the search for the mysterious sea, desire, scuba diving also gradually from every coastal city in the world, individual regions development, to the lake city diving club to flourish, because underwater light is dim, all people are looking forward to see the bottom of the sea, a waterproof properties is good lighting tools become urgent need!Aquatic class seafood has become people to enjoy food, so fishing workers is also more and more!So fishing, scuba diving the development of the project and underwater salvage underwater operations are promoting factor of the diving lighting!
There is demand there will be a market, the human life in the past lighting flashlight, unceasingly take all kinds of technology improve the waterproof performance of the flashlight!Finally diving flashlight was born!Due to strong light flashlight, all kinds of light of LED light source in the development of diving flashlight!
2 the development status quo of diving flashlight
The initial diving flashlight for push button switch, then thought of the circular, at present, a lot of diving flashlight adopts toggle switch or rotary switch!Diving also reached 30 meters, 60 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters, 200 meters, etc
3 the classification of diving flashlights
Diving according to different standards, can have different division!According to the waters can be divided into fresh water diving (diving) in the inland river's lake, lake and salt water diving (in coastal and diving in the lagoon), according to the day also can be divided into day and night the night dives, according to different depth can be divided into shallow diving (30 meters) and deep dive (30-100 meters), according to the dive site can be divided into the wild diving and interior diving!
Different diving is different to the requirement of diving flashlight, diving freshwater shell requirements for diving flashlight is a bit weak, because of the low corrosive, and fresh water is very clear, so the light lumen requirements also is not very high, but salt water corrosion resistance is very strong, a diving aluminum alloy flashlight is very suitable for!Of course want to catch 3 hard anodized aluminum alloy appearance will be more resistant to corrosion.Strictly speaking, the night dives and potential difference will not be huge, but the strong light of diving flashlight to night dives more perfect, because the night is the most active time of sea creatures, plants and animals perform a silent symphony together!Dive could feel only the general!As for shallow diving for diving flashlight waterproof and brightness demand is not very high, and deep diving requires diving flashlight light more brighter, because risk bigger, predictable danger is responsible for life!Indoor diving can basically don't need a diving flashlight!The best outdoor for one!
According to the diving purpose can be divided into scuba diving flashlight, lighting engineering lighting flashlight, diving fishing lighting flashlight, diving flashlight photography!

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