Cree Xm-l T6 Waterproof Diving Flashlight Led Diving Torch, 3000 Lumen Archon Dive Light W39

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Cree xm-l T6 waterproof diving flashlight led diving torch, 3000 lumen archon dive light W39




W39  waterproof diving flashlight led diving torch


Three CREE XM-L T6 (Max 3000 lumens) 

Color temperature



High: 4.5 hrs Low: 9 hrs, Strobe: 6 hrs

Three output levels

High> Low>Strobe


Glossy Aluminum reflector


8mm Polycarbonate Board

Body material

Durable aircraft-grade aluminum

Angle of light beam 

6° hot spot, 110° periphery

Surface treatment

Premium Type III hard-anodizing




26650 Li-ion battery*3

With battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection

Operation voltage

9V to 14V


100 meters underwater


295mm (L)*32mm (dia. of end)*82mm (dia. of head)


800grams (without batteries); 1000 grams (with batteries)

Underwater Weight

510 grams (with batteries)

Impact resistance

1.5 M

Operation Instruction

Successive switching ON-OFF within two seconds to cycle through high, low, strobe


1.Strict, professional product process and production control


  All products adopt the environment elements, and passed CE, rohs, SGS, the diving series are our hottest selling products, which are waterproof 100m and IP68 approved. Especially, diving lights have been approved the certificate of Design Patent and Certificate of Utility model patent.


  CNC center


 After testing the raw material , through exact CNC Lathe planing, milling, polishing processes, finish the crust, socket, cup, then testing and making assemble.


 rofessional Test Equipments:


All products are passed strictly of high, low temperature, vibration, waterproof, live testing through Pressure Test, Light Output Test and CNC machines, laser marking machine etc. 


 Logo Design


Engraving logo by laser marking machine, with the feature of high precision, attractiveness and  Durability, will never fade.


 OEM or ODM is accepted if the quantities can reach up to our request. 

  • All lights are tested before shipping to make sure high-quality.

  • All lights, batteries and chargers are CE, Rohs compliant and comply with local import laws and regulations.

  • All products are carefully packed to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition


Packaging Detail: EVA Box 


2.Decent quality and most competitive prices

 As a manufacturer, our prices are the most favorable EXW prices, the quality is decent.


3.Better marketing strategy and various media channels

Our diving lights have been used as main lighting tools in the underwater archaeology activities 

There 're our diving lights (including W106W, W39 and W28V) as lighting tools in this video.Thanks.


4.Best after sales service, customer first and foremost 

  • Orders will be dispatched 7-25 days after payment, depending on quantities

  • We Always choose the most economic and reliable shipping company to make sure you receive the goods in time.

  • The tracking number will be provided to you once the consignment is shipped

  • 7x24 hour customer service to answer your questions or fix problems regarding your order.


5.various application Area

Diving, adventure, underwater archaeology, camping, bicycle riding, Equipment Overhaul, fishing and hunting, complement light, military& police.

Kindly reminders about our all diving lights, underwater dive light, canister led diving light


1. The structure of W39 diving flashlight is unique and assembled with special fixtures, it would be damaged if disassembled at your own discretion


2. Please inspect the O ings carefully every time you finished diving and change the broken O rings when necessary.


3. After every diving, please clean the flashlight body with fresh water, and store it properly after fully dried

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Q:What's the flashlight industry standard?
LED flashlight selection criteria can not be separated from the international trade standards. Jin Ruide science and technology flashlight products have always followed the international ANSI flashlight standards, and constantly enhance the quality and performance of the battery.
Q:LED rechargeable flashlight long charge, forget to pull out on the bad, other are good
So far, after the use of LED rechargeable flashlight, we must regularly charge, and charging time should not be too long, generally control in 5--6 hours on the line. Remember to switch on the LED charging flashlight when charging.
Q:The flashlight LED lamp can receive 220V power
Can not be directly connected to a single, a single voltage 3 volts, more than 78 series, the voltage can be converted to DC
Q:Can you throw the torch directly? Is it LED charging? Will it explode?
LED rechargeable flashlights are commonly powered by lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are available and can be classified with rechargeable flashlights. The LED rechargeable flashlight is thrown into a recyclable garbage can and batteries are thrown into the garbage can. This is environmentally friendly and safe. It should be noted that the battery will explode at high temperatures, but this probability is very small.
Q:What are the categories of LED flashlights?
There are two types of manual charging LED flashlights. One type of flashlight is an active cylindrical magnet that can slide in a coil when it is operated by hand, the coil generates current, and the battery is charged after rectification, and a LED light is lit. The other is the first drives the generator to rotate with the hand pressing flashlight, the flashlight of the lower price, but this kind of power LED flashlight manual most of the reliability is not good.
Q:Xenon flashlight and general LED what is the difference?
The unit of luminance is lumenBoth LED and xenon lights are the sameThe difference is how it worksXenon, however, is much brighter than LEDIt is a rare gas that gives rise to light
Q:LED flashlight MH7303 how to achieve explosive flash function, there are circuits as follows, but that is, can not achieve detonation flash!
There are a lot of LED flashlights on the market now, the bare boards and finished boards are very cheap, so you don't have to develop them yourself,
Q:What's wrong with the LED rechargeable flashlight that has been lit all night long?
Maintenance free batteries are dry. Maintenance free lead-acid battery is a residue.
Q:Does the LED rechargeable flashlight make a noise when charging?
LED rechargeable flashlight, green environmental protection, usually use LED bulbs, long life, suitable for night trips, power outages, emergency lighting use. Rechargeable flashlights are designed for energy saving and environmental protection, as well as for manufacturers to adapt to consumer needs and reflect social responsibilities. The emergence of rechargeable flashlights solves the trouble of replacing batteries, and also protects the environment resources advantageously. Applicable to all kinds of flammable and explosive places for mobile lighting; applicable to the network, electricity, railways, petrochemical, oil and industrial and mining enterprises for inspection, maintenance and emergency mobile lighting.
Q:Why should a bright flashlight use a 3.7V battery, and why not?
At present, in addition to LED light source, bright flashlight, as well as special lighting HID xenon torch, such as the current domestic brands have CSH-X01/02 (uscamel) design and manufacture of a series of super light flashlight. Strong light flashlight is a new type of lighting tool which uses LED as light source. It has the advantages of saving electricity, durability and brightness. Common light flashlight is a kind of outdoor lighting tool which uses high-power light-emitting diode as light source. It has the advantages of electricity saving, durability and high brightness. Cap LED flashlight with two light, a condensing cup condenser, a convex lens, condensing cup condensing effect is good, the light loss is small, light weight, can put the lamp holder part of the seal is very strict, improve the waterproof effect, the spot is in want of perfection is not adjustable, so that the use of it is near the illuminated area is very small, but the biggest advantage of stepless convex lens is the spot size can be adjusted, but it is difficult to achieve good waterproof, so the general outdoor sports enthusiasts will choose the former according to the environment. Power flashlight for rechargeable lithium ion batteries or nickel cadmium battery capacity, rated voltage 3.7V, ranging from hundreds to thousands of Ma, according to the common power source LED, endurance range in tens of minutes to several hours.

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