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1. Materials: carbon steel, stainlesssteel, low-alloy steel and non-ferrous metals: titanium, copper,etc.

2.Medium type:chemical
3.Design Tem.:as per design
4.Design P. :as per design

5.Design service: provided

6.After-sales service: provided
7.Manufacture standard

8.ApplicationDistillation, Absorption, Extraction, Adsorption

9.Applicable Industries:petrochemical, coal chemical, precision chemical, nuclear power, metallurgical,pharmaceutical, machinery, food, pesticide, rubber, aerospace, marine, dye, newpower equipment and so on.

10. Service lifefifteen to twenty years


   reliable quality, considerate service and great price.


  Our company have professionaldesign qualification, and we can design & manufacture all kinds of equipment according to the requests of customers.

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Q:How to make the chemical plating pinhole equipment?
Chemical plating, and have to be electroplating factory processing, can find me oh
Q:Consult power plant chemical water treatment system of main equipment and its working principle
Most of the world's water pollution is serious, aggravated the contradiction of water resource. Traditional water treatment method, cannot guarantee good quality of drinking water, and there are two times in municipal water pollution problems, such as high-level water tank water supply, long tap water pipeline, will pose a potential rust, scale and microorganism pollution problems, therefore, various brands of water purifiers arises at the historic moment.
Q:Chemical explosion-proof cabinet needs grounding and ventilation equipment
Explosion-proof GuiZhu if prevent explosion brought by the fire, the fire is ruthless, so learn to guard against, explosion-proof tank is one of the important measures to effectively guard against fire. Nanyang huatong explosion-proof cabinet advantage: a, all kinds of different sizes of dangerous chemicals to provide a safe explosion-proof cabinet for your storage, packaging, and classification management; Second, the small size of chemical storage tank, can put in your workplace to store flammable items and organic agent, save you the trouble in dangerous goods storage. Even in places where small working space, small explosion-proof cabinet can offer safe storage for flammable liquids and chemicals. Nanyang huatong explosion-proof products meet the national safety standards, are widely used in the COC inspection, chemical plant, factory and so on various factories, safe to store hazardous, appropriate to reduce the risk of injuries from the fire.
Q:Chemical room equipment management methods
Small laboratory instruments and equipment management approach (1) by the experiment center director, deputy director of the equipment and equipment officer is responsible for the overall management of assets, by the lab director responsible for the daily management, into the lab. Designated laboratory use, must not shift. 2. Only commonly used teaching. The experiment on teachers put forward purchase plan and summary to the lab director, by coordinating, director of the laboratory instrument types and quantity purchase order and purchase, etc., submitted to the director of the center for examination and approval after the unified purchase, reasonable arrangement of time use. All guidance teachers must be trained in advance and training qualified. 3. The laboratory shall not refuse other lab teaching use, for any reason to borrow. 4. To do zhang content is consistent, center assets administrator with the lab director regularly check equipment. 5. The new general instruments and equipment in a timely manner.
Q:The safety of the hazardous chemical warehouse are the facilities and equipment
The safety of the hazardous chemical warehouse facilities and equipment have the fire hydrant, fire pump, foam fire station, fire extinguishers, fire blanket, fire fighting pool Wells, sand pool, flood control facilities, static elimination, lightning rod, lightning protection, earthing device and lighting, all kinds of explosion-proof electrical appliances, air conditioning, spray cooling equipment facilities, prevent bask in the tent, wall, wall, blast walls, safety nets, security cordon, warning signs, deceleration zone, no thoroughfare, anti-collision facilities, cofferdam, leakage pool, diversion ditches and other seepage prevention facilities, combustible gas alarm, monitor, security facilities and so on.
Q:How to set the battery without professional equipment to minimize pollution
You need to have special instruments and chemical equipment
Q:Storage of dangerous chemicals in the building must be installed to adjust temperature and humidity
Explosion proof air conditioning refrigeration cooling. search There are some hazardous chemical warehouse. Has asked to the temperature, when the temperature reaches a certain value, some dangerous chemicals volatile and prone to danger, foxconn technology group of dangerous waste repository, is install nanyang zhongtian explosion-proof electric co., LTD. Of explosion proof air conditioning, so many years running very safe.
Q:Mechanical polishing a minimum of how many finish
Mechanical polishing is lowest 0.82 mu m, roughness after electrolytic polishing can reach 0.3 microns.
Q:Instruments and equipment commonly used chemical enterprise development jobs
Organic synthesis knowledge and synthesis experiment, many commonly used organic laboratory apparatus, and it is best to go to practice it
Q:Chemical equipment in reaction kettle. Centrifuge. Filter press. Smoke filter each have what use
The reaction kettle is a fully enclosed stainless steel pot or other materials, main purpose is to heat the material, mixing and reagent addition reaction, etc. Centrifuge is a solid and liquid separation equipment, quick to take off the residue dehydration. Filter press is a use of pressure to filter device, belongs to deep filtration equipment. Suction strainer is a use of a vacuum to filter equipment, similar to filter press, belongs to deep filtration equipment.

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