Deep Carbonized Birch Wood

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Product Description:


Specifications of the Deep Carbonized Birch





Be customized as per request


Deep carbonized

Moisture content



 most outdoor using


A Grade


Standard exporting package



Features and Advantages of the Deep Carbonized Birch


1. Deep Carbonized Birch is very suitable for outdoor using

2. Waterproof, Sun-proof, Rot-proof, Fungi-proof

3. The size and the color can be customized according to your request

4. Treated by deep carbonized

5. Eco-friendly, no harm to the air, the plants, the humans

6. Are able to make the timber from the damage of the insects

7. Advanced flame retardent techinics



The usage and characteristics  of the Deep Carbonized Birch


The deep carbonized birch is the good materials to make outdoor flooring,  fence, wood

house, outdoor furniture ,sauna room and bathroom etc.   At present, it's the most enviromental

antiseptic lotion in the world.  The wood products treated with deep carbonized is durable and

prolonging the life of usage. Carbonized wood is with  the deep wood grain, dark  color and

wood fragrance.



High quality and great service of the Deep Carbonized Birch


Our company is professtional in this products, we have professional team to ensure the quality of

 the products and the exact shipping date of the order.



Packing and Delivery of the Deep Carbonized Birch


Packing : standard exporting packing

Delivery: standard shipping time based on the country



The following pictures are for reference.








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Q:How to fix the wood in the dry hanging stone outside?
What stone? Marble or granite? Asked Marble or granite is the difference between it should be marble
Q:I would like to ask China's imports of anti-corrosion wood customs code
Import preservative wood need to provide information: bill of lading, invoices, packing list, contract, certificate of origin, the official quality inspection and quarantine certificate, etc.
Q:A cubic antiseptic wood can be tiled how many square meters
Outdoor anti-corrosion wood flooring common thickness is 2-4 cm, square cubic conversion between the cubic number divided by the thickness, such as a cubic wood, paved the thickness of 2.5 cm (0.025 m), is 1 ÷ 0.025 = 40 square meters
Q:The price difference between preservative wood and quality related to this I know, but which is more cost-effective
I have been engaged in the wood preservative industry for 11 years, I hope my answer can help you, the market price of antiseptic wood mainly by the two factors. 1, wood material, there are hardwood (such as pineapple grid, shoot wood, rice eucalyptus, etc.), there are pine (such as Pinus sylvestris, Southern pine, Douglas fir, etc.). In general, the price of hardwood is higher than that of pine. 2, for the same material, the market price is basically the same, if you encounter low prices, indicating manufacturers in the size of the error is relatively large, such as 100mm material, the market size of 95mm normal, and low-cost size can only reach 90mm Or less. There are other factors such as scarring, tax, special size and so on
Q:Now the wood can be used for several years?
In the field of home building materials, serving a board with 20 years of experience
Q:I ask you on the Internet to buy a preservative wood pavilion please install the workers how much money
Mainly look at the size of the pavilion style, as well as the size of the material, estimated labor costs in the 1500-2000 yuan or so
Q:The hallway aisle antifung wood generally use what laying method
Wood to the horizontal door, must not be the top of the door, beautiful.
Q:Antique wood pavilion base with cement base?
Third, the pavilion whole wood structure Construction process: material preparation - wood components processing production - wood components assembled - quality inspection   1, wood preparation, such as the use of pineapple grid finished wood preservative, brush brush twice. 2, wood components processing according to the construction requirements of the next processing, the need for mortal wood components in order to do a good mortise and mortise joints. 3, wood components assembled all the wooden structure using mortise, and with epoxy resin bonding, wood and wood between the gap with a sealant filled.
Q:Antiseptic wood how much money a square
Other types of antiseptic wood prices are high, the United States South pine antiseptic wood price is about 2800 yuan / cubic meter, while the price of Baro wood and pineapple grid will be 12,000 yuan / cubic meters. The price should be with the new market, you can see Eurasia Watson antiseptic wood.
Q:Camphor pine antiseptic wood sun drying how to deal with oil
3, the eradication of loosening oil on the more local, you can use the blade to eradicate the local, and then smear the mud. Regardless of which method to deal with, you need to use ethanol (alcohol) scrub again or coated with a layer of shellac varnish, in case the pine does not remove the net loose oak, affecting the film. 4, dissolve with 25% acetone solution dissolved, can also be 20% aqueous solution of acetone and a small amount of alkali mixture scrub.

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