ACQ Treated Ash Wood

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China Main Port
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1x20' FCL m³
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1500 CBM m³/month
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Product Description:


Specifications of the ACQ Treated Ash wood





Be customized as per request

Preservative Type


Moisture content



 most outdoor using


A Grade


Standard exporting package



Features and Advantages of the ACQ Treated Ash wood


1. ACQ Treated Ash Wood is very high suitable for outdoor using

2. Waterproof, Sun-proof, Rot-proof, Fungi-proof

3. It has about 50 years of serving life

4. The size and the color can be customized according to your request

5. Treated by high quality ACQ

6. Eco-friendly, no harm to the air, the plants, the humans

7. Are able to make the timber from the damage of the insects

8. It is anticorrosive from the outside enviroment

9. Advanced flame retardent techinics



Instrction of the ACQ reated Ash Wood


ACQ(Alkaline Copper Quaternary) maingly consists of alkaline and cooper oxide which is widly

used in the outdoor building projects.  At present, it's the most enviromental antiseptic lotion in

 the world.  The wood products treated with ACQ is durable and prolonging the life of usage.



Packing and Delivery of the ACQ Treated Ash Wood


Packing : standard exporting packing

Delivery: standard shipping time based on the country



High quality and great service of the ACQ Treated Ash Wood


Our company is professtional in this products, we have professional team to ensure the quality of

 the products and the exact shipping date of the order.



The following pictures are for your reference:







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Q:Antiseptic wood can be used for many years
The life of the preservative wood depends on the amount of preservative (active ingredient) in the wood and the degree of penetration.
Q:Outdoor Indonesia pineapple grid preservative wood floor per square meter how much money
Currently on the market price of wood is the highest price of Russian Pinus sylvestris, the product is widely used, if you want to save costs, then recommend the use of this material.
Q:Tongzhou where to sell antiseptic wood
But my company is not in Tongzhou, office address in Haidian District Shuguang Garden, warehouse in Fengtai Yonghe Zhuang.
Q:Fengsheng high-end anti-corrosion wood how
Wood quality: kiln dry after corrosion can reduce the deformation of wood cracking, increase the strength
Q:Is antiseptic oil a flammable item?
There are two kinds of anti-corrosion wood oil, water-based non-flammable, oily flammable
Q:How to make the old wood made of rust wood?
Time for a long time to see the natural out of friends. Or else it is to buy the old wood is also possible
Q:Commonly used anti-corrosion wood size specifications are what
95X95 pillars, stool feet; 70X70 80 * 80 wooden pillars, keel, boarding, etc .; 30X50 balcony to keel; 50X70 terrace to keel 20 × 100 roof, stool, fence, floor, wall 30 × 100,30 × 120,50 × 100, 45 × 120,50 × 150: floor, bridge deck, wooden plank road panels, roof, stool surface, flower frame top beams, flower pond outside slats. 100 × 100 wooden pillars, structural materials, stool feet, to keel and so on 120 × 120,150 × 150,200 × 200: large wooden pillars (pavilions, flower racks, wooden bridges and other columns) 30 × 40,30 × 50 balcony to keel
Q:How to do the anti-corrosion treatment of wood?
Preservative soaked in wood Antiseptic wood features: Characteristic one 1, natural, environmental protection, safety (wood into the original color, slightly green) 2, anti-corrosion wood preservative, mildew, moth, anti-termite invasion. 3, to improve the stability of wood, wood preserves the protection of outdoor wooden structure is more important. Characteristics II 1, antiseptic wood easy to paint and coloring, according to design requirements, to achieve the magnificent effect. 2, to meet a variety of design requirements, easy to a variety of gardening landscape fine wood production. 3, antiseptic wood contact with wet soil or hydrophilic effect is particularly significant, to meet the outdoor climate environment to use more than 15-50 years unchanged
Q:Sauna board and antiseptic wood tatami which is good
Almost, the sauna board is also anti-corrosion treatment, but on the paint. Antiseptic wood has not been painted.
Q:What is good for preserving wood pavilion?
The best course is the pineapple grid, but the price is the highest, followed by the choice of Eucalyptus and Pinus sylvestris.

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