Best Quality Deep Carbonized Birch Wood

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Product Description:


Specifications of the Best Quality  Deep Carbonized Birch Wood





Be customized as per request


Deep carbonized

Moisture content



 most outdoor using


A Grade


Standard exporting package



Features and Advantages of the Best Quality Deep Carbonized Birch Wood


1. Deep Carbonized Birch is very suitable for outdoor using

2. Waterproof, Sun-proof, Rot-proof, Fungi-proof

3. The size and the color can be customized according to your request

4. Treated by deep carbonized

5. Eco-friendly, no harm to the air, the plants, the humans

6. Are able to make the timber from the damage of the insects

7. Advanced flame retardent techinics



High quality and great service of the Best Quality Deep Carbonized Birch Wood


Our company is professtional in this products, we have professional team to ensure the quality of

 the products and the exact shipping date of the order.



The usage and characteristics  of the Best Quality Deep Carbonized Birch Wood


The deep carbonized birch is the good materials to make outdoor flooring,  fence, wood

house, outdoor furniture ,sauna room and bathroom etc.   At present, it's the most enviromental

antiseptic lotion in the world.  The wood products treated with deep carbonized is durable and

prolonging the life of usage. Carbonized wood is with  the deep wood grain, dark  color and

wood fragrance.



Packing and Delivery of the Best Quality  Deep Carbonized Birch Wood


Packing : standard exporting packing

Delivery: standard shipping time based on the country



The following pictures are for reference.






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Q:Antiseptic wood can not be used indoors, no poison?
ACQ is the abbreviation of quaternary ammonium copper, which is mainly composed of copper oxide and quaternary ammonium salt, it does not contain arsenic and chromium, is a low toxicity of human and animal protection of wood preservatives. No adverse effects on the environment, this new type of environmentally friendly preservatives, not on human and animal fish and plants harm, but also have good corrosion resistance. This approach is considered an effective alternative to CCA. With the continuous improvement of related technologies, ACQ will be one of the main ways to treat future preservative wood.
Q:Outdoor antiseptic wood floor installation process how to do ah? The
2, preservative wood, is the ordinary wood after adding chemical preservatives, so that it has anti-corrosion, moisture, anti-fungal, pest control, mildew and waterproof and other characteristics. Can be directly exposed to the soil and humid environment, often used in outdoor flooring, engineering, landscape, wood preserves, etc., for people to rest and enjoy the natural beauty, outdoor flooring, landscape, wooden swing, recreational facilities, , By the horticultural designers of all ages, but with the development of science and technology, anti-corrosion wood has been very environmentally friendly, it is also often used in interior decoration, flooring and furniture, interior decoration designers are also very fond of preservative wood.
Q:Anticorrosion wood pavilion construction attention to what
1, in the build, try to use long board, to reduce the joints, in order to beautiful, between the board to stay 5-10mm gap. Antistatic wood huts all use of galvanized fasteners, or stainless steel and hardware, to prevent rust caused by the loss of preservatives
Q:What kind of wood can the anti-corrosion of those who can not.
2, Russian Pinus sylvestris. Russia's Pinus sylvestris can directly use high-pressure infiltration method to do the full range of anti-corrosion treatment, its excellent mechanical performance and beautiful texture by designers and engineers recommended. Russian camphor pine anti-corrosion material with a wide range of applications, wooden plank road, pavilion garden platform, pavilions, aqueda cloister, flower frame fence, trail pier, children's play area, flower bed, trash, outdoor furniture and outdoor environment, And indoor and outdoor structures can be used.
Q:How to cut tung oil on antiseptic wood?
Regular anti-corrosion wood do not brush tung oil, brush wood to prevent wood crack, sun on the line ~
Q:How does antiseptic wood come out?
Preservative wood processing plant will first deal with the shape of the wood into the desired shape and then into the pressure tank, into a special preservative, the use of pressure drop preservative pressure to the wood fiber inside, so as to achieve the role of corrosion, and then out to dry It's up.
Q:Anti-corrosion wood rainproof membrane, the top of the cold hall folding wood, will leak, there is no way.
Asphalt fish scales tile, the best choice
Q:Balcony wall mounted antiseptic wood how to install
Fixed laying method: with the expansion screw to the keel fixed to the wall, the expansion of the screw application of nylon material (anti-aging is better), iron expansion tube should be painted anti-rust paint, and then laying preservative wood. Activities of the laying method: a stainless steel cross screw in the front of the wood and the keel connection; b with the screws to the keel fixed in the anti-corrosion wood on the back, a few pieces into a whole, neither damage the wall structure, but also free to disassemble and clean;
Q:Why does the wood keel in contact with the concrete brush the preservative,
1, the cement has significant acidity of alkaline, which will have corrosion of wood, so the wood has anti-corrosion measures 2, in accordance with the norms of China now, for this situation on the wood brush asphalt paint can be
Q:Do you want to do it?
General anti-corrosion wood floor with two or three centimeters thick strip of wood stitching to do the surface layer, the following need to fix the role of the keel according to the ground to determine the keel specifications.

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