Decorative Comento Glazed Porcelain Tile/Brown Slate Floor Tile

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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200 Square Meters m²
Supply Capability:
5000 Square Meters per Day m²/month

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Product Description:

1.glazed porcelain comento tile

2.comental tile


4.Thinkness:about 9.5mm




 decorative comento glazed porcelain tile,brown slate floor tile



Type: Tiles


Place of Origin:  China




Model Number: CM60B


Size: 600 x 600mm


Material: Porcelain Tiles


Usage: Interior Tiles


Function: Acid-Resistant, Antibacterial, non-slip


Surface Treatment: Rustic Tiles


Technique: Comental Tiles


Color Family: white, beige, black,grays


Tile Type: Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles


Material: Porcelain


Material Feature: Antibacterial


Feature: rustic


Shape: square


Style: Natural


Special Features:glazed


Usage: Floor and Wall


Color: white


Thickness: Above 10mm


Water absorption: about 1%







Packaging Detail:


Cartons packing and Wooden pallets


Delivery Detail


Within 15 days after receive the deposit


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Q:What is cement?
In the most general sense of the word, cement is a binder, a substance which sets and hardens independently, and can bind other materials together.
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Q:General taxpayer commerce company sales of cement, building materials products should be handed a few points
General taxpayer commerce company sales of cement, building materials products, applicable 17% VAT rate
Q:refinish stain and seal a cement floor?
Are you asking about the process? Clean the floor first. If you use a high grade cement/garage floor paint, such as an epoxy base the sealer is in the soulution. No offense, but it makes no sense...TO ME, to do a multi step process. Steven Wolf If you insist on a stain, it should be an acid etch bases product to actually STAIN, not just coat, and don't even bother with any latex based products.
Q:Could desert soil be used to make marine cement?
Caliche is a hardened desert soil (rock) that is typically near the surface. I would think that you would end up digging a lot of desert to get much carbonates. There would be a large amount of heavy equipment use, lots of dust, and lots of lost habitat. Typically cement is produced by exposures of limestone that are ground down and converted to cement. I would think this would generally be a more economical and more environmentally friendly option. Since you apparently have a chemistry background, you may already know this, but cement is generally made by taking calcite or dolomite and heating it up to create lime / cement. This has been done since the Roman Empire. I have never heard of bubbling CO2 in calcium and magnesium carbonates. Are you suggesting that bubbling CO2 in ocean water will precipitate calcite? I think it would probably have the opposite effect and create more acidity which would tend to dissolve carbonates. Note: Ocean water is very basic. It is far from acidic and will almost certainly never become acidic. If you add a base to the desert soil, form a pile on the ocean floor, and bubble CO2 into it, you might precipitate some CO2 if the water is warm enough IMO. It would probably make more sense in most instances to simply use regular cement which is designed to form a very solid and strong structure. Carbonates will precipitate out of sea water in warm shallow water. Some of the beaches of the Bahamas are formed from precipitated carbonates called oolites.
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Q:What is plastic cement?
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For a patio laying payver's: Remove 4-6 inches of soil/sod, lay fabric, compact 3-4 inches of gravel and level pad or if attached to the house grade away from structures, screed 1 inch of sand or stone dust or cement and lay payver's into it. Tap with rubber mallet When completed sweep fine sand into the cracks. ======================================... Laying Blocks for a block-wall: Dig footer for wall fill with concrete and let it sit for at least a day Mix masonry mortar so it will be a soft paste but still stick to a trowel. If you look at the top and the bottom of the block you will notice that they have a different thickness in the walls. the small part goes down and the thick one is suppose to be on the top. Take some mortar and better evenly the to attaching edges of the block and make sure that the first coarse will be level and straight. You can use either use level or string as tools. Tap the block with an hammer to position it right and scrape excess mortar off with your trowel to reuse it. The second run should be offset by an half block, for that just simply cut on back and start with an half block....Keep checking for level and plumb as you laying your blocks
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei,China
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value Above US$15 million
Main Markets
Asia, Middle East

Company Certifications CE, CCC, ISO90001

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.3
No.of Employees in Trade Department 4 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;Arabic
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average