D-GGD AC Low Volatge Distribution Cabinet

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GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet
1high breaking capacity
2good dynamic & thermal stability
3flexible electric schem

GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet
1,high breaking capacity
2,good dynamic & thermal stability
3,flexible electric schem

GGD distribution equipment,reactive power field compensator is suitable for low voltage distribution switch power substation, power users as mining enterprises etc, rated voltage isolator ac 380V rated current 3150A to the distribution system in power distribution equipment, lighting and the energy conversion, distribution and control. The products, high abilities which are rated current of 50KA short. Line, flexible, practical, easy combination of novel structure, etc. This product is the representative assembly type fixed panel switchgear.
The product conforms to the low voltage switchgear equipment GB7251 IEC60439, the low voltage switchgear equipment and control equipment etc.

Conditions of Use
1. Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 °C, not lower than -5 °C; 24H shall not exceed the average temperature of +35 °C.
2. Indoor installation, use no more than 2000m above sea.
3. The ambient air relative humidity at the highest temperature is +40 °C less than 50%, lower temperature to allow a greater relative humidity (eg: +20 °C 90% when), should take into account the changes due to temperature can be occasionally produce condensation.
4. Equipment installation with the vertical gradient of not more than 5 °C.
5. Equipment should be installed in the absence of severe vibration and shock, and the lack of electrical components to place erosion.


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