Cloth Bag For Vacuum Cleaner

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1:High Dust Retention Rate

2:Low Resistance


4:Excellent Packaging

5:Good Appearance


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Q:What is the quality inspection of the filter bag?
Working mechanism of dust filter bag dust removal is protecting gas through the filter material, dust particles were filtered down and capture coarse dust filter material mainly by inertia collision, fine dust capture mainly by diffusion and sieving effect. The dust layer of the filter also has a certain filtration effect filter bag cleaning. Because of the abrasion, the holes and other damaged filter bags are repaired and the high return rate is guaranteed.
Q:How do you check if the filter bag contains phosphors
In daily life, there are many opportunities for exposure to fluorescent agents. As long as no more than a certain standard (this method can only detect whether contain fluorescent agent, can't check out whether overweight), will bring many benefits to our lives. If too much contact with it can be harmful to the human body.
Q:Can the filter bag be cleaned by itself? How to wash?
3, the filter bag cleaning: cleaning filter selects the appropriate washing ratio of raw materials and strictly, low temperature water to clean, uniform flow, moderate intensity, and there is no mechanical damage to the filter bag. 4, cleaning dust filter bag to dry, with around 110 ℃ hot air drying, keep the dust filter bag dimension stability and drying after the dust filter bag deformation and retraction.
Q:What do you notice when the filter bag and dust collector are installed?
The installation of the filter bag cage is the most careful in all installation and work carefully, so should last for installation, the installation, the bag must not delimit with sharp hard object collisions, hook, even minor scratches, also can make greatly reduces the life of the bag.
Q:How to choose a liquid filter bag
1, first of all, according to the chemical name to filter the fluid, according to the chemical with taboo to find available filter material, commonly used in PE, PP, PTFE, NMO, again according to its operating temperature, operating pressure, ph, operating conditions (such as whether to need to tolerate steam, hot water or chemical sterilization, etc.), assessed and eliminate shall not apply to the filter material. Use is also an important consideration, such as pharmaceutical, food or cosmetic ingredients that must be approved by the FDA; Ultra-pure water should be chosen for pure and not contain the filter material that will affect the impedance. Filter gases should be selected for hydrophobic materials and whether "health grade filtering" design is required. The main foreign Filter bags are GAF, FSI, 3M, CUNO, U.S. Filter, LOEFFLER, PARK, Vablue Filter bag etc
Q:What are the textures of the liquid filter bag
Nylon net has high strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, flexibility is good, because the wire diameter uniformity, smooth surface, so the ink through sex is also very good. It is not very stretchable by nylon. This kind of screen is in a period of time after the stretch net, the tension is reduced, make the screen plate is relaxed, the precision is reduced. Therefore, it is not suitable for the printed circuit board and so on.
Q:How do you pack the filter bags in the washing machine
One hand holds the middle position in the net and the other hand is pressed from the lower pressure, which can be removed and must be careful not to break the card.
Q:How to buy the paint filter bag in the car painting
Car paint German parrot paint, of course, you ready to buy on taobao, I will buy, there is very good on taobao input car paint parrot came out. It's in shenzhen. The cleaning machine has extensive application in the area of industrial cleaning, and the car factory should also prepare several, wash the machine wash the paint, the welding slag effect... It is recommended that you use the chengdu lifeng cleaning machine, and the cleaning machine should not only look at the management and maintenance of the latter, but also choose a good brand. The coating site is polluted, such as the floor of the lacquer room is not clean and clean. Poor equipment, no positive pressure in the baking room, filter net... The process of determining the relationship between paint and car color is determined by graphical method. The color is determined only in the car itself...
Q:What about the filtering effect of the lubricating oil filter bag
The lubricating oil filter bag has many advantages such as simple structure, reasonable sealing, strong circulation ability and easy operation. Especially filter bag side leakage probability is small, can ensure the filtration precision accurately, and can change the filter bag quickly. The surface of the lubricating oil filter adopts mechanical sandblasting and polishing, which is uniform and easy to clean.
Q:How clean is the bag filter bag
According to the mechanism of liquid filtration process, surface filtration and deep filtration are classified.
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