Chloroprene Rubber Cold Resistant, The Glass Transition Temperature Of Minus 72 Degrees

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Product Description:

1. Description of Rubber:

Natural rubber is a kind of polyisoprene as the main component of natural high molecular compound, its composition in 91% ~ 94% is the rubber hydrocarbon(polyisoprene), the protein, fatty acid, carbohydrate, ash and other non rubber substance. Natural rubber is the most widely used general rubber..


2. Main features of Oil Seal:

1) high elasticity, according to the formula, the elastic can reach 80% of the maximum.

2) high elongation, the maximum can reach more than 1000%.

3) the elastic modulus and the shear modulus is low, than some rigid substances such as iron and steel and other low much.

4) cold resistant, the glass transition temperature of minus 72 degrees..


3. Rubber Images:

 Chloroprene Rubber Cold Resistant, The Glass Transition Temperature Of Minus 72 Degrees


4. Rubber Application:

Rubber elasticity, good insulation, impermeability and plasticity characteristics of natural rubber, and through the mix after appropriate treatment also has oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and other properties, therefore, has the widespread use, mainly used for automobile, machinery, industrial etc. industry as a shock, sealing parts.

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A world class manufacturer & supplier of Rubber is one of the large scale professional investment casting production bases in China,consisting of both casting foundry forging and machining factory. Annually more than 8000 tons Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customer’s requirement.

How to guarantee the quality of the products

We have established the international advanced quality management system every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test; We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.


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Q:How to accurately determine the corresponding rubber tire rubber powder mesh material?
120 items: insulation material, plastic pipe additive, special packing for shoe making, chemical sealant, automobile retreading outer cushion, automobile oblique tyre auxiliary material and various rubber seepage mixture.200: car tires, paint, building materials production of various rubber products, rubber substitute.
Q:What is the production process of rubber? What are the main ingredients used? How to control the quality of raw materials?
Production process: raw material refining, then polymerization by controlling the molecular weight to adjust the viscosity of synthetic rubber, and then after the flash flash of the purification, unreacted material filter, synthetic rubber into the next process, then cooling, adding additives such as raw materials for rubber mixing, filtering and packaging
Q:Is the slip rubber better than the EVA material? Performance characteristics?
EVA: vinyl acetate copolymer, high polymer material. Used to jog, walk, leisure shoes, foot training shoes. Advantages: light, flexible, flexible and difficult to wrinkle. It has excellent coloring and is suitable for all kinds of climates. Disadvantages: easy to absorb water, not easy to corrosion, adverse environmental protection, easy to dirty.
Q:How are ordinary NBR and EPDM materials distinguished?
Difference: EPDM density is lower than NBR, the appearance of EPDM is transparent or white, and NBR is yellow or white yellow
Q:Colorful cars are mainly made of plastic, rubber and other materials?
Plastic and rubber are high molecular material, mainly composed of two kinds of carbon and hydrogen atoms, and some contain a small amount of oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, fluorine, silicon, sulfur atoms, its special properties, use is also special. At room temperature, the plastic is not solid, hard, and tensile deformation of rubber hardness is not high., elastic, can be stretched, and stop pulling back to normal. This is due to differences in their molecular structure. Another difference is the plastic can be repeatedly recycled, while the rubber cannot be directly recycled, can only be processed and then reclaimed rubber, plastic and rubber. Available in the form of more than 100 to 200 degrees at 60 to 100 degrees. The morphological similarity does not include plastic rubber.
Q:What is the difference between rubber sole and plastic sole? Which is better?
Plastic soles, originated in Germany during World War II, the plastic is environmental protection material, easy to hydrolysis, but in normal dry environment were very good, it is easy to light first, spray foam molding, can do a variety of colors, wear-resistant folding, compared to do sandal bottom, bottom sole and leisure beach. As the general PU anti low temperature and anti slip performance slightly almost, so a lot of PU bottom shoes bottom, with TPR or PVC tendon tendon. It is obvious that the safety sole made of plastic material is very light, so the safety sole made by the customer can definitely satisfy the light requirement. But a lot of time, because this safety shoes is a kind of special product, a lot of time will make steel plate in the head and safety shoes above, so that the safety requirements of portable shoes market is very large.
Q:How to strengthen the adhesion between rubber and metal skeleton material
The adhesion between reinforcing rubber and metal skeleton material was summarized from 4 aspects of rubber formulation system, rubber surface treatment, surface treatment of metal skeleton and selection of adhesive system.
Q:What is the material needed for the production of RTV silicone rubber 107?
JW-IS-90/G insoluble sulfur MasterbatchCommodity name: vulcanizing agent for natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Wuxi Ju Da plastic material Co., Ltd.Composition: insoluble sulfur and a mixture of polymer and dispersant particles 13906194438 ngPolymer carrier: EPDM/SBRAppearance: light yellow particlesSpecific gravity: about 1.35-1.45 (g/cm3)Sulfur content%: about 68-70Ash%: about 5.5Recommended use: 1-5 copies
Q:Do synthetic rubber and optical fiber belong to organic polymer materials?
No, synthetic rubber is an organic polymer material, and light fibers are inorganic materials. La la la, in order to you can distinguish well, I summed up: 1 organic polymer material refers to the use of organic polymer compounds made of materials. Such as cotton, wool and natural rubber, etc.2 organic polymer compounds are relatively large molecular weight, from tens to hundreds of thousands, even up to several million or higher, such as constants, proteins and so on,3 organic synthetic material refers to the most widely used plastic, synthetic fiber and synthetic rubber in daily life;4 natural fibers are naturally occurring fibers, such as cotton and wool5 synthetic fiber refers to synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and acrylic fibers.6 optical fiber is inorganic material, the main component is silica, glass is a glassy non crystalline material, the main component is silicate
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone?
It is worth mentioning that in biomedical engineering, polymer material plays a very important role, and the silicone rubber is a kind of important medical polymer materials, it has excellent physiological inert, non-toxic, tasteless, non corrosive, anti coagulation, and the good compatibility, can withstand the harsh conditions of sterilization. According to the requirements, it can be processed into pipes, sheets, films and special-shaped components, which can be used as medical instruments, artificial organs and so on. Nowadays, there are special medical grade silicone rubber both at home and abroad.

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