China Manytimes usage Portable Container Washrooms

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China Manytimes usage Portable Container  Washrooms 

1.China integration activities chamber room 

2.Product introduction

The assembled series slope roof prefabricated houses
"Constant" brand series of slope roof assembled prefabricated houses is the company launched a new concept of environmental protection building economical activities, ordinary, standard and luxury type 3 kinds.According to customer demand, in a standard module for space combination, formed the skeleton system USES light steel structure, and to sandwich panels and PU tile forming palisade and roofing system.Realize the simple and beautiful, the construction fast, use     safety, the standard of general overlay idea, make the overlay houses into an industrialized production, inventory, for repeated use of stereotypes housing products.
Sex can
Reliable structure: light steel system of flexible structure, safe and reliable, satisfies the requirement of building structure design codes.
Tear open outfit is convenient: housing can be repeatedly disassembling, repeated use.The installation process need only simple tools.Average per person per day to install 20-30 square meters, 6 people a team, 2 days to complete 3 k standard prefabricated houses 1 x 10 k.
Beautiful decoration: housing overall beautiful, bright color, texture soft, board face level off, have good adornment effect.
Flexible layout: doors and Windows can be installed in any position, interior partition can be set in any horizontal axis.The stairs set outside.
The structure of the building structure waterproof, waterproof design, does not need to do any other waterproof processing.
Long service life, light steel structure anticorrosion coating processing, normal service life can reach more than 10 years.
Environmental conservation: the reasonable design, easy tear open outfit, can be used many times cycle, low attrition rate, do not produce construction waste, the average annual cost is much lower than other materials of similar houses.
Using standardized components, a variety of specifications: building length and width are to K (1 K = 1820 mm) for the module.Transverse dimensions of mk + 160, the longitudinal size of nk + 160.
With the way
Are widely used in road, railway, construction and other field operation of temporary housing construction;Urban municipal, commercial and other temporary housing, such as: temporary office, conference room, headquarters, dormitory and temporary stores, temporary schools, temporary hospitals, temporary parking area, temporary exhibition hall, temporary filling stations, etc.

3.Assemble series flat roof prefabricated houses
"Constant" assembled series flat roof prefabricated housing is through making full use of their own strength of sandwich wall panel and roof panel, after pulling, bolts, self-tapping screw connection and finalize the design activities of housing system.Can be industrialized production, use, interior decoration, realize the inside and outside is beautiful, fast, safe construction overlay concept, tight sealing, heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, moistureproof.
Aesthetically pleasing: housing overall modelling beautiful, inside and outside are color decorative plates, good appearance, design and colour collocation to coordinate.
Long use period: normal service life can reach more than 10 years.Convenient transportation, dismantling recycling, environmental savings.
With the way
Are widely used in road, railway, construction and other field operation of temporary housing construction;Urban municipal, commercial and other temporary housing.Such as: temporary office, conference room, headquarters, dormitory and temporary stores, temporary schools, temporary hospitals, temporary parking area, temporary exhibition hall, temporary maintenance, temporary transformer room, temporary filling stations, etc.Other temporary housing areas, such as military logistics temporary occupancy, rescue and relief temporary occupancy, sterile laboratories, isolation rooms, communication substation room.Scenic area of temporary use leisure villa, vacation homes, etc.
Products > > activity control box, the bathroom
Box is by utilizing sandwich wall panel and roof panel connection of their own strength, by screw, bolts, self-tapping screw, wall sandwich plate and the steel structure base housing system composed of roof plate connection.Quick construction, whole movable, especially suitable for municipal facilities and field construction site of the gatehouse, service, etc.
Toilet is mainly is made of light steel structure, caigang sandwich board maintenance material, to give expulsion-typely wastewater and circulating water storage (microbes) drainage way portable toilet.Can be very convenient to install, move, move, especially suitable for streets, sports venues, the use of tourist attractions.
Fence is made of steel structure column, double color sandwich steel or single color pressed steel by bolt connection and into.All of its components are composed of standard parts, the arbitrary assembly, short installation period, the effect is good, the color can be specially made according to the requirements.Repeatable tear open outfit, use, construction waste, beautiful appearance.


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Q:How is the container housing made and installed?
Buy finished product box restructuring, that is, in the box on the hole installed on the doors and windows
Q:What are the classification of container moving houses and containers?
Ordinary containers, also known as dry cargo containers (dry container) to carry the main groceries, usually used to transport stationery, daily necessities, medicine, textiles, handicrafts, chemical products
Q:What is a simple container?
and others are used as rental housing, durable and easy to build. Therefore, the container room is also known as the resident container.
Q:How about the comparison of container houses?
Containers: the general decoration after the area of ​​about 14 square meters, each second-hand container about 13,000 yuan, not the renovation fee
Q:What are the advantages of the container house?
Second, durable, all composed of steel, with a strong anti-seismic, anti-deformation ability
Q:What are the requirements for container house structure design?
but also by space, materials and other objective conditions, in the container design should be fully considered Container module tool advantages and shortcomings
Q:What is the difference between a container house and an activity board?
the vertical direction can be stacked up to three layers. Box body structure is the use of special steel welded from the standard components, boxes and boxes connected by bolts, simple structure, easy installation
Q:What is the characteristics of the container type?
【Features】: 1, removable, reusable; 2, flexible layout of the doors and windows, beautiful shape; 3, flexible, durable, economic and so on.
Q:What is the advantage of a container room?
The use of traditional container modification, although the anti-theft effect is much better, but the insulation, noise is relatively poor, need to do interior decoration
Q:What is the advantage of the container module room?
Aesthetics: do a variety of design, wall color, beautiful appearance, beautiful

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