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China hot selling glass high heat resistant ceramic glass

China hot selling glass high heat resistant ceramic glass

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China hot selling glass high heat resistant ceramic glass

Advantages of Heat Resistant Glass

The main advantage of Heat Resistant glass is that it helps in insulation by reducing the heat gain and heat loss.    Adding multiple layers of glass with gas infill further protects the windows and building from heat loss.

Another advantage of Heat Resistant glass is that it increases the energy efficiency in buildings.    The reduced heat transfer lowers the electrical power consumption required for heating or cooling of the space.    This drastically cuts down the electrical bills especially in areas subjected to extreme heat or cold.    The use of low-e glass and reflective coatings can further improve the efficiency of the windows by further limiting the heat transfer.

Heat Resistant glass also helps in sound insulation and improves the acoustics of the place.      The inert gas present in between the two panes of glass does not allow noise to pass through and acts as a barrier  between the interiors of the building and the noise that is present outside the building .

The factory mainly produces                                                              

Borosilicate 3.3 heat-resistant glass is widely used in household appliances, electronics, instrumentation, optics, aerospace and other fields.

Borosilicate 3.3 heat-resistant glass has good thermal properties, mechanical properties, optical properties and ultra-high chemical stability.   The visible light transmittance is 92%, and the high light transmittance in the near-infrared and ultraviolet bands exceeds 90%.   The sign of fluorescence is far lower than that of soda lime glass.

1)Water resistance (International Organization for Standardization 719): Grade A

2)Acid resistance (International Organization for Standardization 195): Grade A

3)Alkali resistance (International Organization for Standardization 695): Grade B


The thickness of the glass ranges from 2.5mm to 15mm, and the maximum size can reach 4800mm×2440mm.

Bullet-proof glass

Layered with glass,PVB and polycarbonate,the kinetic energy of the bullet is convered into heat by the glass and interlayer.The Bullet-proof glass is widely used for museum artifacts,banks bulletproof,showcase,villa doors and windows etc.

Thickness:3-19mm(can be customized)

Max Size:4800*2440mm

Product Property:Tempered,Laminated

Packing & Delivery


* For small quantities, you can choose DHL or FedEx.  It is safe and fast.  We have a good rate withthem.  Please contact us for



* Ocean Shipment is economical for big quantity.


* We can also help Custom clearance at destination port and deliver goods to your warehouse or office.  And the cost is extra.

Company introduction


CNBM is a subsidiary of China National Building Materials Group Co., LTD., one of the World's top 500 enterprises CNBM line adopts oxygen combustion + electric boosting technology + platinum system technology with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is equipped with a melting furnace, tin bath, annealing furnace, and cold end cutting system suitable for the production of borosilicate glass. There are well-known international brands suitable for cutting and edging of borosilicate glass in Italy, and the latest tempering furnace in Finland. The company mainly produces borosilicate 3.3 heat-resistant glass and borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass.


Q:How to get a quotation?

A: we need to get specific details, such as size, color, thickness, quantity, edge,etc.


Q: Can you do the production as customized?

A: Yes, we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.


Q: What the your glass package ?  Are they safe ?

A: Wooden Crates Worthy for Ocean and Land Carriage .The crates will be very strong and every loading worker has 12years packed,

loading and fixation crates with container experience.  And we send the loading pictures for you after we loading .


Q:.  What is your minimum order quantity?

A:Our MOQ is one full 20 feet container.

Products of different sizes and specifications could be mixed in one container.


Q: Can you supply a free samples ?

A: yes, if you want us to provide big size sample according to your requirements, you should pay the cost of production.

Q:A simple chemical problem!
B correct
Q:Outdoor steel ladder as a fire evacuation ladder has any requirements
Hello: If you are building high-level, then apply "high rules", if it is multi-layer, you should apply "rules." The requirements for the evacuation of the outdoor steel staircase should be strictly regulated, as follows: "High-rise civil building design fire safety regulations" 6.2.10: Outdoor staircase can be used as the anti-smoke staircase The minimum net width should not be less than 0.90m. When the tilt angle is not greater than 45 °, the height of the railings is not less than 1.10m, the outdoor staircase width can be included in the total width of the evacuation staircase. Outdoor staircase and each floor of the exit platform, should be made of non-combustible materials. The fire resistance of the platform should not be less than 1.00h. In the wall around the stairs around 2.00m, in addition to evacuation door, should not open other doors, windows, holes. The evacuation doors shall be of Class B fire doors and shall not be on the stairs. 7.4.5: outdoor stairs can be used as evacuation staircase when the following requirements: 1 railings should not be less than the height of 1.1m, the net width of the stairs should not be less than 0.9m; 2 tilt angle should not be greater than 45 ° ; 3 stairs and platform should be made of non-combustible materials. The fire resistance of the platform should not be less than 1.00h, the fire resistance of the staircase should not be less than 0.25h; 4 doors to the outdoor staircase should adopt Grade B fire doors and should be opened to the outside; Around the wall within 2m should not be set on the door and window openings. The evacuation door should not be on the stairs. Hope it helps you!
Q:What are the general differences? The The
Flame retardant grade PP, flame retardant PP, flame retardant PE, flame retardant PB, flame retardant PBT, flame retardant PC, flame retardant Burning PC / ABS alloy, and now there are still halogen flame retardant, halogen-free flame retardant research a lot, but the product stability and flame retardant effect has yet to be improved. Flame-retardant material testing methods are: commonly used flame-retardant material testing methods, including horizontal and vertical combustion, oxygen index method, NBS smoke box method, thermal analysis, cone calorimeter method. The simplest is the direct burning about, intuitive to see is from the fire to try Ding Bai shares of fat Karma mixed with the stem that is put out or continue to burn, burning time.
Q:Fire safety knowledge
Fire ruthless, in the event of a fire, the students want to keep a clear head, race against time, quickly leave. If the fire was besieged, but also to be contingent, trying to escape. (A), how to escape the cottage fire 1, sleep when the smoke to wake up, should quickly get out of bed leaning out of the room. Do not wait for the clothes to run out, the moment is life. 2, if the whole house fire, to crawl crawling into the door, it is best to find a wet towel cover your nose and mouth. If the fireworks closed, do not go out! Should be changed to other exports, and readily put you through the doors and windows closed to delay the spread of the fire to other rooms. 3, if you are surrounded by fireworks in the house, the application of water wet blankets or bedding, put it on the body, in particular, to wrap the head, with a wet towel Mongolian live nose, do protective measures and then rushed out, so The odds of injury are much smaller. 4, do not lie under the bed, under the table or drill into the closet hiding. And do not risk the return of the burning room for the relief of the valuables at home.
Q:Conventional gypsum board fire rating is several levels?
Refractory plaster board B1 level, ordinary paper gypsum board is no fire rating.
Q:Must be fireproof material!
Can not. Polystyrene is flame retardant and non-flame retardant of the points, the flame is generally self-extinguishing. Polystyrene refers to the polymer from the styrene monomer by free radical polymerization synthesis of the polymer, the English name for the Polystyrene, Japanese name for the Poly ス チ ロ ー ル, referred to as PS. It is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic, with a glass transition temperature higher than 100 degrees Celsius, and is often used to make disposable containers that require temperatures that require boiling water, as well as disposable foam boxes.
Q:Polystyrene board is A-class or B-class fire insulation materials
Should be C level, if the composite inorganic sheet should be B-class material...
Q:What does the fire door frame fill with?
Fire door frame around the general use of cement and sand filled with the above if the gap is large, then you add a little red brick a muffled boil sail ? ? ? ?  ? ?  ? ?-
Q:Who knows the grade of pipe insulation materials, the distinction between the specific basis and the exact value. Urgent, thank you
Depends on the level of norms. Friend, why do you do that god?
Q:Phenolic insulation board is B1 grade fireproof material
Phenolic board insulation board is A-level! Now the National Fire Department provides the use of A-class fire board, B1-level fire low, a lack of urging the lungs of the plum blossom monk denim like fire flammable! Landlord need to contact me!

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