Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile

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Product Description:

1.Description of Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile:

We have designed Ceramic Vermiculite Fabric for applications involving high temperature processes. This fabric resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents.  It is highly flexible and conformable. Applications for this product include welding blankets and curtains, heat shields, etc.

2.Product Description of Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile:

Ceramic Fibre Cloth: 3 mm thick reinforced with SS wire having 15 to 20% organic carrier fibre to facilitate carding process.

Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile

Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile

3.Product Application of Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile:

Industrial Heat Resistant Fabrics / Garments / Accessories

Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewash

Marine / Offshore Safety Products / Accessories

Alcohol Detectors / Breathalysers

Oil & Chemical Spill Kits

High Pressure Regulators

Accessories for Protection From Industrial Hazards

Industrial Safety Lockouts – Tag outs

Traffic and Road Safety Products

Welding and Cutting Equipment

Furnace Observation Products and Accessories

Personal Protective Equipment

Respiratory Protection Products

Fall Protection Products

Fire Fighting Equipment & Accessories

4.Technical Data of Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile:

Ceramic Vermiculite Fabrics with Excellent Textile

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Q:What is vermiculite used for?
the expansion of vermiculite on the roof, you can achieve a good temperature insulation effect, so that the house warm in winter and cool in summer. A partition plate of high-rise building with vermiculite brick masonry, with sound insulation, fireproof and heat preservation effect, and can reduce the floor load.
Q:Can coarse sand replace vermiculite?
Depending on what you do, vermiculite can absorb water, nutrients are not easy to drain, and lighter than sand
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Q:Can I use anything besides vermiculite?
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Q:How to incubate Sulcata Eggs?
It is also called Vermiculite in Denmark:
Q:How long does it take for vermiculite, sphagnum moss and coconut fiber to dry?
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