Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality

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Product Description:

Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality

Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality is made from long special ceramic fiber, formed by special strong double surface needling, without any binder ,increasing inter-weaving and tensile strength, so that ceramic fiber blanket own good stability under any working temperature. 

Types of Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality: ordinary type, standard form, high-purity type, high-alumina type and containing zirconium type. Different types of products used different materials. Performance of Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality also has difference, and they are suitable for different working temperatures.


Main Characteristics of the Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality

Good springiness for fiber

Excellent strength and resistance to blowing

Excellent chemical stability

Low thermal conductivity

Low thermal shrinkage

Excellent sound absorption


Application of Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality

Petrochemical process heater refractory fiber lining

General furnace backup insulation

Electrical insulator

Heat seals for kiln car or furnace door

High temperature acoustic

Fire protection

Filling insulation and joint sealing

Back-up lining for industrial furnaces

Fireproof materials for construction

Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality Images

 Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality

Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality  Specification







Classification     Temperature (°C)





Working     Temperature (°C)






Spotlessly white







Density      (kg/m3)









Shrinkage     on heating (%)





(24 hours,   density   as 128/m3)





Thermal   conductivity   by different temperature   (w/m.k) (density as   128kg/m3)









Tensile     strength (MPa)





(density as   128kg/m3)





















FAQ of Ceramic Fiber Module for Kiln Door with Best Quality

Q1:Are you a manufacture or trader?

A:Factory+trade(mainly factories,at the same time,we operates other related products).

Q2:Can we visit your factory?

A:Sure,welcome at any time,seeing is believing.

Q3:What's the MOQ of trial order?

A:No limit,We can offer the best suggestions and solutions according to your condition.

Q4:Is your company accept customization?

A:We have own factory and excellent technical team,and we accept OEM service.

Q5:How about your company's certification?

A:ISO9001 and Test Report,also we could apply other necessary certification.

Q6:How to slove the quality problems?

A:If the products are not confirmed to customer samples or have quality problems,our compay will be responsible to make compensation for it.

Q7:Can you accept OEM for Ceramic Fiber Insulation Roll?

A:YES! We can according your demand to produce.

Q8:Can U accept the detective of the third-party verification company ?

A:YES! We can accept the detective from any third-party verification company including the SGS, BV and so on.


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