• Bracket cable bearer No5 ms106 Galvanized System 1
  • Bracket cable bearer No5 ms106 Galvanized System 2
Bracket cable bearer No5 ms106 Galvanized

Bracket cable bearer No5 ms106 Galvanized

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Galvanised steel wall brackets for mounting cable bearers:
For supporting cables in manholes and joint boxes. The type numbers indicate the number of brackets which the bearings will carry
Also known as BT Cable Bearer Wall Type 2, 3, and 5 respectively
Product Attributes:
Cable Bearer Wall Type
(Type 2)


Wall bearer types
ReferenceNo. holesLength
WB Type 11178 mm
WB Type 22278 mm
WB Type 33508 mm
WB Type 55813 mm
WB Type 881270 mm
WB Type 10101575 mm
WB Type 12121880 mm




1.Galvanised steel wall brackets for mounting cable bearers


2.Used with cable bearer wall type and locking pins. The type number indicates the effective length


3.Galvanised steel concrete foundation mounting bolts


4.Galvanised steel pin for securing bracket cable bearers to channel brackets

  • Supply Ability:

  • 100 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

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  • Bracket cable bearer No5 ms106 GalvanizedBracket cable bearer No5 ms106 Galvanized

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  • Bracket cable bearer No5 ms106 Galvanized

      Bracket cable bearer No5 ms106 Galvanized

  • Widely used in Europe, Middle East, North America and other countries, all parts of high quality galvanized

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Hot galvanizing doesn't seem to workThe zinc layer is 275g/ square meters of material coating is 0.019mm (mm), up to 0.08 thick.
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