BHGHirrigation pipe elbow dimensions for garden water supplying

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Product Description:


The most professional flange manufacturer.We offer steel pipes and pipe fittings with high quality and low price.

Product Description


carbon steel A234 WPB 90deg LR elbow, tee, reducer and cap
size : 1/2"-48"

w.t.: sch10-sch160, SGP , XS, XXS, DIN ,STD


ASTM A234 WPB  carbon steel ELBOW , tee , reucer, and cap


1/2" - 48"


45° 90 ° 180° ,

Wall thickness

Sch5-Sch160 XXS,STD,XS, SGP


ASME  B16.9, GOST 17375-2001, DIN2605 and JIS B2311, EN10253-1 etc.

we can also produce according to drawing and standards provided by customers.


Carbon steel pipe fittings , alloy steel and stainless steel.


Wooden Cases, wooden pallet , or carton box , or nylog bag and then in wooden cases

Surface Treatment

Paintting black color , and Shot blasted,anti-rust oil ,

Delivery Time

20-30 days, after received advance payment.


First grade


1.Special design available according to your drawing.

2.anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant with black painting

3. All the production process are made under the ISO9001:2000 strictly.

4. A conformity rate of ex-factory inspection of products.

5. we have export right , and we can quote FOB , CNF CIF price


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