• Beach Shade Net  Plastic High Quality Sun Shade Sail System 1
  • Beach Shade Net  Plastic High Quality Sun Shade Sail System 2
  • Beach Shade Net  Plastic High Quality Sun Shade Sail System 3
Beach Shade Net  Plastic High Quality Sun Shade Sail

Beach Shade Net Plastic High Quality Sun Shade Sail

Ref Price:
$0.40 - 0.60 / g/m² get latest price
Loading Port:
China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
2000 g/m²
Supply Capability:
200000 g/m²/month

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Introduction of CNBM


China National Building Materials (Group) Corporation (CNBM) is a state-owned enterprise in charge of administrative affairs in China building materials industry. Established in 1984, CNBM is a large group corporation of building materials with total assets of RMB 25 billion and a total staff of 30,000. Now CNBM owns more than 200 subsidiaries in and abroad the country, including wholly-owned corporations and joint ventures.





1.What is Plastic net ?


It is weaved by High-density polyethylene (HDPE) UV stabilised tape filament, and it is good product to shade the plant. It is widely used in agriculture, and horticulture.


2.What is the feature  ?


We always use 100% virgin material with UV, The life of using is at least 3~5years .


3.What is the Plastic Nets used for ?


The BOP nets /Sun shade netting /sun shades could be used for agricultural outdoor canopy/garden canopy, Car Sun Shade /coffee shop and Kidgarden sun shelter/patio cover,green houses,patio gazebo,porch shades,patio awning,car shade,car sunshade etc.


Quick Details

  • Type:Shade Sails & Enclosure Nets

  • Material:durable high density polyethelene

  • Color:Sand color,Blue,Red,Yellow,Black,White and so on

  • Package:Tote bag

  • Visibility Blockage:95%-98%

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:One panels packed in a tote bag,12 bags packed in a clear carton.Each bag and carton attach product description.
Delivery Detail:20-30days


1.knitted high density polyethelene
2.Fitted stainless steel eyelets and nylong cords hanging
3.Block 95% harmful sun rays




l Sun shade sail is knitted durable high density polyethelene


l Fitted stainless steel eyelets and nylong cords hanging


l Spacious and stylish sun shade sail is UV stabilized to resist fading and retain material strength.


l Strong & durable product with tote bag is easy to transport & store away.


l Block 95% harmful sun ray,yet remain totally unaffected by moisture and natures extreme temperature


l Enjoy your outdoor living spaces and remain 6.5 celsius cooler under this sun shade sail.




Product description:


Each of our shade sails comes in two varieties;Home and professional.The home sails have a lighter weight material and use galvanized 6mm hardware.These sails are lighter and lighter and easier to install and are available at a more economic price point.The professional sails use a heavier material and 8mm stainless steel hardware.If your area of intended use is subject to strong wind or significant precipitation,you may want to consider the professional opetion.


Phoenix sun shade sail are a great addition to your home,office,or wherever you can use a shade zone.Phoebix sun shade sail provide UV protection from the sun,a cool place for children to play,or an outdoor shaded area for entertaining guests.Ser up in a permanent installation or use for portable shade.


All phoenix sun shade sail come as complete kits including all necessary mounting hardware.The 18.5 square sun shade sail kits includes the 18.5 per side square sail,2 turnbuckles,2 carabiner,4 pad eye,4 9 lengths of rope,and 16 wood screw.The sail has 4 D rings,one sewn into each corner,which resist twisting or movement.All mounting hardware and D rings are made from 6mm zink coated steel.


The sail itself is constructed from a heavy duty 180g/m2 polyethylene weave material which resists mold and mildew and is easy to clean with simple soap and water.Unlike close or canvas material,the polyethylene weave does not absorb water and humidity.This water resistance,together with built in UV protection,ensures phoenix sun sails stand up to years of exposure.



Description of information:

Net weight


Net size

18.5×18.5,11.5×11.5×11.5,16.5×16.5×16.5,10×15,20×16 ,16×14,13×10,16×16×16,18×18×18,16.5×16.5or by requirements.

Visibility blackage



Desert sand color,Blue,Dark green,Black,Green,Gray,Yellow,Blue,White or by requirements.


100% new HDPE

Using life

Minimum using life:3 years


Warp knitted fabric

Delivery time

20-30 days after concluding the contract



Term of payment


Supply capacity

200 tons per month

Export market



One panels packed in a tote bag,12 bags packed in a clear carton.Each bag and carton attach product





Q:Can plastic nets be used for packaging books?
Yes, plastic nets can be used for packaging books. These nets provide protection to the books by preventing dust and damage while allowing visibility of the book cover and easy handling.
Q:Are plastic nets customizable in terms of size and shape?
Yes, plastic nets are customizable in terms of size and shape. They can be manufactured to various dimensions and configurations to suit specific requirements and applications.
Q:How are plastic nets used in the medical field?
Plastic nets are used in the medical field for a variety of purposes including wound care, hernia repair, and immobilization of body parts. These nets provide support, protection, and allow for proper healing while also preventing infection and promoting the growth of new tissue.
Q:How do plastic nets help in preventing soil erosion?
Plastic nets are used in preventing soil erosion by creating a physical barrier that helps hold the soil in place. They are installed on slopes or areas prone to erosion and act as a protective layer, preventing the soil from being washed away by rainwater or runoff. The nets also enhance vegetation growth by providing support for seeds to germinate and establish roots, further stabilizing the soil and reducing erosion.
Q:How do plastic nets affect wildlife?
Plastic nets can have a detrimental impact on wildlife. They can entangle animals, causing injuries, suffocation, and even death. Marine animals like turtles, dolphins, and seabirds are particularly vulnerable to entanglement in fishing nets. Additionally, plastic nets can alter ecosystems by trapping smaller organisms, disrupting food chains, and damaging habitats. The accumulation of these nets in the environment also contributes to plastic pollution, further threatening wildlife populations.
Q:Can plastic nets be used for packaging cleaning products?
Yes, plastic nets can be used for packaging cleaning products. They provide a lightweight and durable option for holding and displaying cleaning products, allowing for easy visibility and access to the items. Additionally, the perforated design of plastic nets facilitates proper ventilation and drainage, which can be beneficial for certain cleaning products.
Q:Are plastic nets suitable for use in reptile enclosures?
No, plastic nets are not suitable for use in reptile enclosures. Reptiles have strong jaws and claws, and they could easily chew or scratch through the plastic netting, potentially causing harm or escaping. It is recommended to use more durable and reptile-safe materials like metal or reptile-specific enclosures.
Q:How long do plastic nets last?
Plastic nets can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on the quality of the material, its exposure to weather conditions, and the level of usage or wear and tear.
Q:Can plastic nets be used for horticulture purposes?
Yes, plastic nets can be used for horticulture purposes. They are commonly used for applications such as plant support, trellising, and protecting crops from birds, insects, and other pests. Plastic nets are lightweight, durable, and can be easily installed and removed, making them a convenient option for horticultural practices.
Q:Are plastic nets suitable for use in bat houses?
No, plastic nets are not suitable for use in bat houses as they can pose a risk of entanglement and injury to the bats.

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