Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss

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100000 bag/month
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Item specifice:

Product name: Wheat Straw dental floss Color: White Packing: 50pcs/plastic Can
Logo: Customized Logo Acceptable Material: Wheat Straw + UHMWPE Function: Oral Care Product
MOQ: 200 boxs Wax: Flavored Mint

Product Description:

                           Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss

BrandOEM/Ok Floss
Floss materialUHMWPE+ wheat Straw
Floss length7.4*2.2cm/OEM
WaxImport germany wax/american wax/bee wax/candelilla wax/customized wax
FlavorMint / green tea / lemon / peach / fruit / aloe / gin
ColorFloss original color
Floss original colorIndividual bulk PP bag/individual paper box/as customized
DeliveryBy sea,By air,By express.
Lead time20-30days

 Soft tape to ace the tight space
No break, no shred floss
Helps remove plaque between teeth
Helps prevent gingivitis between teeth
Unique handle design, makes it easy and comfortable to floss. Removes trapped food debris.
Extra bristled pick for hard to get bits,even gets behind hard-to-reach molars.
Gently slides smooth between tight teeth. Freshen breath with flavor.

Recommends you use OK flosser after every meal and snack to have a fresher, cleaner mouth. For a completely daily clean, use with a OK flosser to easily reach back teeth.

Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss

Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss



 Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental FlossWhy we need use dental floss ?


 Because it can reduce your chances of 60% of

adjacent dental caries and 70% of periodontal


It allows you to have a healthy tooth of your own at

the age of 80.

Flossing your teeth in the right way will remove

food particles and growing plaque from spots

where your toothbrush can’t reach, generally

between your teeth and under the gumline.



Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss

Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss



Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss                                                                      

Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss

Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss

Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss

Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss

Dental Floss Pick Bulk 50 pcs OEM Wheat Straw ECO Friendly Dental Floss 


















Suggested use
Directions for flossing: While holding the handle, gently guide the floss between your teeth using a zig-zag motion. Move floss away from the gumline in a gentle back and forth, up and down motion alongside each tooth to remove food particles and plaque. Rinse floss as needed and repeat for each tooth.

Adult supervision recommended under age 10.


Q: Can you accept OEM make?
A: Sure.We can make your customized brand and design blister card, inner box and master carton, and also pack as per your request.
2. Q: Where can I put my logo?
A: We can print your logo on the sticker, blister card, inner box and master carton.
3. Q: What are your MOQ?
A: Blister card packing: 10000 pcs/item.
Bulk packing: 5000 pcs/item.
4. Q: How can I get Samples?
A: Samples are free, while the shipping cost to be collected.
5. Q: What are your terms of payment?
A: 1) T/T(30% in advance, the balance by the copy of B/L).
2)For small order less than USD 3000, in order to save bank commision for both of us, we need 100% in advance.
6. Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: For the MOQ, the leading time is about 20-30 days.




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Q:What are the methods of disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments? Plastic products can not be sterilized at high temperature. What is a good way to do this?
Ethylene oxide is difficult to transport, so you can see the supply locally. If you do not have the ability to disinfect, you can also find medical equipment company oem.
Q:How can plastics be removed by sticking them to glass?
Hand cream. First, the surface of the printed products tear off, and then put some hand cream on top, slowly rub with your thumb, rub for a while, you can rub the residual gum are rubbed down. Just slow down. Hand cream is a kind of grease, which is not compatible with gum. Remove glue is to use this characteristic. These third and fourth are introduced in the Central Television 1. The material is easy to find and convenient to remove.
Q:How can I remove a spray of water on a plastic material?
1, with paper towels stained with some alcohol (preferably with industrial alcohol, not to use medical also OK) wipe, and then rub a few times on the clean.2. Use acetone. Method ibid. Less and thoroughly, and best of all, it removes the residual gum quickly, easily, and more efficiently than the essence.All two of these are solvents and are the best in all methods.3. Use nail polish. The usage is similar to alcohol acetone. The effect is also good. Washing water does not require quality, good or general, as long as you can wash off all nail polish.
Q:Are there any differences between medicinal plastic products and medicinal plastic products?
A bottle of mineral water, carbonated beverage bottles are Dong Jinshi refers to the beverage bottle recycling to use hot-water heat material to 70 DEG C for installation of warm water or cold drink with high temperature liquid or heating is easy to deformation of harmful substances dissolved scientists found that the kinds of plastics by October can release carcinogenic objects with toxic beverage bottles to run away use as a drinking cup or used as storage containers of the goods with materials (United Arab Emirates Tong 16 months with a bottle of mineral water knot carcinogen DEHP analysis of cancer but only)
Q:What medical devices are used to get plastic injection molded parts?
Generally speaking, as long as the medical equipment injection molding parts of a lot, such as breathing machines, oxygen generator, small injection, infusion, oxygen masks, aerosol cover
Q:What are the commonly used medical plastics categories?
The utility model has the advantages of low cost, no sterilization and repeated use, and is suitable for being used as the raw material for the production of disposable medical instruments;
Q:What are plastic wiring equipment and what products do they mean?
[injection molding] is a method of industrial product modeling. Products are typically molded by rubber injection and plastic injection. Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding, die casting and die casting. Injection molding machine (referred to as the injection molding machine or injection molding machine) is plastics molding equipment of thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic mold made of various shapes, injection molding by injection molding machine and mold.
Q:The syringes also have disposable tablecloths. What are the chemicals in these plastics?
Disposable syringes are usually made of two kinds of materials, PVC and PP, all of which meet strict medical grade standards (in general, the transparent hoses of infusion sets are also PVC).
Q:How to remove the plastic flavor of the new thermos cup?
1, for the first time, to ensure cleaning, 1~2 drip vinegar can be dropped into warm water diluted, pour into the cup, in the open cup cover for 30 minutes, and then wash with a soft cloth.2, cup and back body separation, open, in ventilated position, placed for 1-2 days, basically can go to taste. (the new ones are best cleaned with detergent).3, buy back the cup, wash with detergent, pour hot water, cover, put to the water temperature, cooling, pour water, and then lay aside for a period of time, basically can dispel the smell.
Q:How can medical plastic film be changed into hydrophilic material?
Water and air, liquid, solid and gas phase intersection for droplet surface tangent tangent angle by water and surface material wetting angle if the wetting angle is less than or equal to 90 of that material and water interactions in water to force water to wet material materials so called hydrophilic anti wetting angle of >90 degrees if the materials and instructions water to water so the water wet material forces between hydrophobic materials said

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