Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

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20000 m²/month
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Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net


100% Virgin HDPE sun shade net 

2015 factory supply  30%--95%shade rate sun agriculture greenhouse shade cloth /mesh shade netting with competitive price  


High Density Polyethylene Shade Net,Shade netting in plastic mesh is used against sun's harmful rays.We are always developing and searching for new technologies to improve the quality of your work and your profitability.


1.slows heat loss and keep the soil temperatures at night.

2.Shading meshes for solar protection of crops. 
3.Restricting ultraviolet ray action on plants. 
4.Reducing humidity loss in soil. 
5.Enhances plant airing. 
6.Protection against extreme temperatures.
7.increase crop yields

Material100% virgin HDPE + 3% UV 
Shade rate30%--90%
Net weight
50G-200G/M2 or as you request
Life UsageAt least 5 years
50m,100m or as you request
Width2m,4m or as you request
Round or flat wire
Terms of payment
T/T, L/C   30% for advance and 70% for balance ,100% L/C at sight  
Delivery time25-35 days after deposite
PackingRolls on cardboard tubes & wrapped in plastic with color label (or any customized)

Product show:

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

Packing: Each roll packed in one strong transparent pe cloth and one paper tube in it.

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

Application of green sun shade net :


The netting is ideal for Green Houses, Aviaries, Protecting Livestock, Indoor Plant and for Fruit and Vegetable shade covering, Courtyards, Scaffolding and Construction

Agricultural: provide shade against sunlight,frost,wind and hail damage and to control temperature, realization of high yield, high quality agricultural cultivation technology.

Horticultural: can be used for flowers ,fruit trees in greenhouse or greenhouse covering or outdoors.

Animals feeding and protect : can used for temporary fencing feed lots,chincken farms,etc.or protect plant against wild 


Public areas: provide a temporary fencing for children's playgroud ,as a shade sail parking lots, swimming pools, beaches etc.

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net

Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net


Export Sun Shade Net Agricultural Shade Net


1. How can i get the sample?

Free sample is available.

2. Can we use our own shipping agent?

Yes, you can. We had cooperation with many forwarders. If you need, we can recommend some forwarders to you and you can compare the prices and service.

Yes, plastic nets can be used for packaging fruits and vegetables. Plastic nets provide protection and allow for air circulation, helping to maintain the freshness and quality of the produce. Additionally, the nets are lightweight, cost-effective, and easily customizable to fit different sizes of fruits and vegetables.
Plastic nets can negatively affect wildlife in various ways. They can entangle animals, leading to injuries, suffocation, or even death. Marine animals like turtles, dolphins, and seabirds are particularly vulnerable to becoming entangled in fishing nets or discarded plastic nets, hindering their movement and feeding abilities. Additionally, plastic nets can also disrupt the natural habitats and ecosystems of various species, causing imbalances in the food chain. Overall, plastic nets pose a significant threat to the well-being and survival of wildlife.
Yes, plastic nets are commonly used in the fishing industry for netting fish. They are lightweight, durable, and easily maneuverable in water, making them an efficient tool for catching fish.
Yes, plastic nets are used in the textile industry. They are commonly employed for various purposes such as packaging, transportation, and storage of textile products. Additionally, plastic nets can also be used during the manufacturing process to support fabrics and prevent them from stretching or distorting.
Plastic nets prevent soil erosion by acting as a physical barrier, holding the soil in place and preventing it from being washed away by wind or water. The nets help to stabilize the soil, while still allowing water to penetrate and plant roots to grow through them, promoting vegetation growth and further preventing erosion.
Plastic nets generally perform well in windy conditions due to their lightweight and flexible nature, allowing air to pass through them easily. This helps prevent them from being blown away or damaged by strong winds.
Yes, plastic nets are generally resistant to chemicals.
No, plastic nets are not biodegradable.
No, plastic nets are not suitable for use in oil and gas industries.
No, plastic nets are not resistant to fire.

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