Asian Series Frame Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345 CNBM

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20 m.t.
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3000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Asian Series Frame Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345


Asian Series Frame Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345

Place of Origin


Brand name



Ø48.3*3.25*or as your request

Main Material

Q345 ,Q235

Surface Treatment

High Protected Painted, Powder Coating, Electric Gavenized, Hot Dip Gavenized.


Silver, Orange




Automatic Welding


OEM Service available




T/T or L/C in sight

Delivery Time

About 20-30 days after confirmation


in bulk or steel pallet or as your request

production capability

100 tons per day

Asian African Walk Thru Frame
ASF.WT.1219x1930Asian African Walk Thru Frame 1219x193013.5029.77
ASF.WT.1219x1700Asian African Walk Thru Frame 1219x170012.5027.56
ASF.WT.1219x1524Asian African Walk Thru Frame 1219x152411.5025.36
ASF.WT.914x1930Asian African Walk Thru Frame 914x193013.2029.11
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Asian African Frame Catwalk Board
ASF.MCB.500x1829Mesh Catwalk Board for Frame 500x182913.3029.33
ASF.MCB.400x1829Mesh Catwalk Board for Frame 400x182913.0028.67
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ASF.ST.2677Stair for Frame 500x2677mm22.0048.51
Asian African Frame Cross Braces
ASF.CB.2198Cross Brace 2198mm2.505.51
ASF.CB.1928Cross Brace 1928mm2.305.07



1. What is considerations of Scaffolding installation?

There must be a fire protection measures and specialist care, safety personnel patrol inspection when electricity, gas welding work on the scaffold,

(1) scaffold frontage hurtful to prevent falling objects protection is required.

(2) During take down the scaffolding, fencing and warning signs should be set up on the ground, prohibit others person besides the operator

2.What are the certifications of your products?

Certified by SGS, BS1139, EN74, Local Test Report.

3. How long is the warranty period for your product?

Our products warranty is 2 years.

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Q:What is the horizontal spacing of the wall of the bowl buckle scaffold
Need to give you a standardized system to learn about ah? The arrangement of the wall parts shall meet the following requirements: (1) should be close to the main node, the distance from the main node should not be greater than 300mm;
Q:Scaffolding and scaffolding, what is the difference
Different materials: scaffolding is mainly used in Q235 carbon steel tube, plate type scaffold is Q345 high strength low alloy structural steel.
Q:How to calculate the cost of scaffolding erection
The majority of bridges and supporting the use of scaffolding is mostly subject construction of gate type scaffold floor scaffold use scaffolding, scaffolding pole of the vertical distance of 1.2-1.8m rail distance is 0.9-1.5m
Q:What is the purpose of the scaffold in The Scarlet Letter?
The scaffold is the only place where Hester, Dimmesdale and Pearl are together in the town. The first is when Hester is being interrogated by Dimmesdale, the second is at night when they meet him, and the third is at the end of the book. The Scaffold is used by Hawthorne just like it would be in real life, to bring a crime to the public, just as it does in the book. Not sure about philosophical truths, nothing like that I could think of at the moment.
Q:Scaffold/Industrial piercing help?
I don't have one of these piercings but I have also heard they are pretty painful. However, it really depends on your pain tolerance. I still don't think the pain would be too bad to stop you from getting the piercing, it is pretty quick. And they look really cool, so don't let the pain put you off.
Q:Scaffolding construction specification is what? Do you know?
Load requirements of the scaffolding: masonry works per square meter 2700N, decorative works per square meter 2000N, scaffolding per square meter 2500N,Scaffolding scaffolding per square meter 1000N, special circumstances to be determined by calculation.4, left foot hand eye regulation: a single exclusive console scaffold should be set foot on the wall as a small bar in the eye, the fulcrum, pay attention to not allow foot hand eye parts: adobe walls, soil nailing wall, hollow brick, brick cavity wall, independent column, half brick wall and 180 thick brick the wall brick lintel and a beam into a 60 degree angle of the triangle, windows and doors on both sides of brick and 1 3/4
Q:Where can I buy Web-Tex scaffolding?
you can also search the inter for the best supplier of that product......
Q:How to hide scaffolding piercing?
you can get two separate retainers to put in each hole.. retainers are clear jewelry, that you use to hide piercings.
Q:What are the specifications of the bowl fastener? What kind of?
Bowl buckle bracket. Divided into horizontal and vertical rod.Crossbar common specifications are: HG-60.HG-90.HG-120.HG-150
Q:I have a wrist tatto and my belly peirced, will a scaffold/industrial peircing hurt?
I didn't think it hurt at all, but what sucks about this particular piercing is that your hair always gets stuck in it and it gets infected really easy. I think it was more painful actually having it than getting it done.

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