Asbestos Free Vermiculite for Firedoor Place

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:vermiculite boards were packed in strong wood pallet, coated with film
Delivery Detail:within 20 days after the prepayment


Asbestos free vermiculite for fire place 
2.Sound insulation:40Db 
3.Customer design is accepted.

Vermiculite Insulation Product

Description of the product

1. Name: Vermiculite Insulation Product

2.Specification ;2400*1220mm,2100*900mm,1000*610mm, irregular vermiculite products.

Customer design is accepted.

3. destiny; 400kgs/M3----900kgs/M3

4. Packing; wooden pallet


1. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and zero radioactivity, non-asbestos .

Excellent workability.
2. The fireproof grade is A 
4.high-qulity vermiculite

5. Excellent fireproof character.

6. Heat insulation and preservation.

7. Sound insulating and absorbing.

8. Moisture adjustment

All kinds of our production

1. fireplace boards/bricks

2. fireproof boards

3. irregular products

4. soundproof products

5. insulation production

Technical data:

1. Maximum service temperature:1100°C

2. Continuous working temp:1000°C

3. Compressive strength:0.8-3Mpa

4. Liner reheat shrinkage (24H @ 900°C %):<3

5. Total porosity (%):60-74

6. Thermal conductivity;@200°C   0.1-0.4

                                    @400°C   0.12-0.16

                                    @600°C   0.14-0.18

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Q:Laying loft insulation on vermiculite?
The soil that the venus fly trap is a very nutrient poor soil. Not likely the vermiculite. Temperature is most helpful, range in the 80`sF. Don`t over water the plant. You might want to put a little clean dirt in also. The fly Trap does does hot need any fertilizer, it gets it`s nutrients from the insects it traps.
Q:How well would vermiculite work as a mulch?
Cacti and different succulents do unlike lots of moisture sitting around the basis ball - by including making use of a mix with peat moss and pear-lite (further to maximum bagged potting blend) - your increasing the quantity of water saved by the basis device. i'd upload a mixture of small rocks (for good drainage) and sand to help boost the probabilities of this making use of potting blend with your cacti...
Q:Is My Tarantula Alright?
Zoo Med: Eco Earth (the compact brick things you add water too). Zoo Med: Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate T-Rex: Jungle Bed or Forest Bed I find these to be the best options.
Q:Magic mushrooms shot in the dark?
Q:Is vermiculite an organic or mineral matter?
best off using vermiculite or super hatch or something that will absorb and hold moisture better as you don't want to dry your eggs up nor do you want to have to be opening the container too much which you would have to do using sand because you'd be adding water regularly. M.Y.
Q:Could I mix Perlite and Vermiculite to get the same effect as Peatmoss and Vermiculite?
CALL YOUR VET! the vermiculite is POISONOUS to horses!!! fence in the bags of stuff, so that the pony can't get to it. take better precautions to make sure he doesn't get into anything any more. hope this helps ♥
Q:what material would you use when starting plants vegetatively?
I can no longer buy either in my area as it was found harmful to angle worms.
Q:Can I use vermiculite as Leopard Gecko substrate?
if you want to areate the soil, add perlite.
Q:Why vermiculite is always mixed with peat moss for a substrate for a tarantula?
Go for Peat, or Vermiculite instead. Many of the professional keepers swear by Peat as a substrate, however although peat hold moisture quite well, the following are common problems: Mould, mites, fungus and other unwanted growths. To counter this the substrate should be microwaved (only when it's dry, otherwise their is a possible fire risk!) This will kill any mould or fungus spores, and anything else, such as mites. Vermiculite doesn't tend to encourage mould, fungus or mites. Though some tarantulas, especially arboreal species don't like it as it tends to stick to their feet. You can wet the coconut fibre a little more to encourage burrowing. I use a product called Bed-A-Beast. This product comes in a 4 X 8 X 2 block and when placed in water it yields about 8 litres of bedding. One block fills my five - 10x24 tanks and a dozen small containers for spiderlings.
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite in Malaysia?
If I were you I'd try it. But- in a well ventilated area and maybe with a fire-extinguisher handy ^_^

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