API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint

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Standard: API Thread: EUE/NUE Technics: Casting
Grade: K55 J55 L80 N80

Product Description:

1. Structure of API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint Description

We can supply a variety of swages and crossovers, in J-55 & L-80 & N80 &P110 grades. Most sizes are available in either standard or extra heavy.

2. Main Features of API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint

1) Advanced test for quality
2) MTC provided
3) Good price and service

3. API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint Images

API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint

API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint

API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint

4. API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint Specification

API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint

5. FAQ of API 5CT Oil Well Casing Pipe Crossover Sub Joint

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1) How about your company?
One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers specializing in this product in China, supply a wide variety of accessories consists of our one-stop sales. The integrated sales & service ensures customers with various demands an easier access for purchasing management.

2) How to guarantee the quality of the products?
We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

3) How long can we receive the product after purchase?
In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:How many types of hydraulic connections?
Classification of pipe joints:High pressure ball valve, quick joint, clamp sleeve pipe joint, welded pipe joint, high pressure hose. Transition type pipe joint, clamp type pipe joint, three type pipe joint, non-standard pipe joint, flared pipe joint, right angle pipe joint, rotary pipe joint, quick joint, stainless steel pipe joint and copper joint.
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Q:Do you have DN150-DN80 variable diameter steel pipe joint?
Such components generally belong to standard parts, which is a national standard. It's easy to procure in the market.See details: "GB/T 12459-2005 steel welded seamless pipe fittings"The L length of DN150-DN80 is 140mm, and is H in the national standardSee below:
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(two) clamp sleeve type pipe joint;Application: sealing pipe joint oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium, with plastic pipe specifications are flexible, and pipeline connection, has the characteristics of reliable connection, good sealing performance, so it is widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, textile, metallurgy, national defense, aviation, ship the system is suitable for all kinds of hydraulic transmission; mechanical engineering, machine tools and other equipment pipeline. Sleeve type pipe fittings manufacture standard following fifteen kinds:1, card sleeve end through pipe joint (GB/T 3733-2008)2, sleeve type cone thread straight pipe joint (GB/T 3734-2008)3, card sleeve type end through long pipe joint (GB/T 3735-2008)4, long taper pipe thread joint (GB/T 3736-2008)5, card sleeve straight through pipe joint (GB/T 3737-2008)
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1 、 pressure vessel pipe joints do not use G thread, because G thread is not sealed enough.
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