Anti-insect Net for Greenhouse with 100% virgin HDPE

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Product Description:

Anti-Insect Net 



1.It is manufactured of polyethylene mono-filament UV stabilized yarn.


2.It is a very thick mesh net in order to avoid insect (especially aphids) passage.


3.It is plain weaven, light weight, beautiful generous, acid and alkali, ventilated breathe freely, easily clean, qualitative light,cheap, etc.

Anti-insect Net for Greenhouse with 100% virgin HDPE


Fabric Weight:120gsm

Uv. Content: 0.3%

Width: 4.2m

Length: 20m, 50m, 100m 

Color: White 

Minimum life length: 4 years, under normal weather conditions and use.


- Being an effective protection against insects like white fly, etc. 

- Helping reduce the use of phytosanitary products against insects/plagues.

 - Allowing maximum ventilation in hot seasons. 

Packing: rolls on cardboard tubes & wrapped in plastic. 

FAQ: many years guaratee about your products?


Using 100% virgin HDPE with UV,which can extend age of the nets for 3-10 years.


2.Can you supply a sample?


Our pleasure to send sample to our clients 


3.what's the payment?


Usually  our payment term T/T and L/C.


4.Why we choose your products?


Our price is best competitive, we are directly production factory, welcome to visit our fctory.

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