Android smartphone OTG Micro USB TF card reader, Micro SD card reader

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Product Description:

Livsim Smartphone U-disk is a creative smart and practical accessory.Livsim designers mix the ordinary U disk, Micro SD card reader, mobile external storage, data transfer and other functions together. If your smartphone, tablet PC, or other equipment which support OTG function, it will bring you more conveniences, we believe you will very love it.


Livsim Smartphone U-disk is same size as ordinary U disk (58mm × 19mm × 10.5mm). It looks very elegant, brushed metal casing, as many as 10 colors for option.


Product Specification:

Transfer rates:10MB/s




Compatibility: Android/Windows/OS X



Livsim Smartphone U-disk applies to these users:


Like to take pictures for the children's parents

Because any time a child are likely to need to shoot, when the phone memory card capacity is insufficient, Livsim Smartphone U-disk, no need to install any software that can solve your problem immediately.


Reporters, writers, designers and other users

More emphasis on data processing for the professional user, you need a can be readily converted data storage devices. Livsim smart phone U-disk not only as an ordinary U disk, mobile phone also supports the expansion card. You can perfect the implementation of various devices data dump.


Students like multimedia

Almost every day with music, photos, video and other multimedia students, when you see other support OTG function devices beautiful pictures, wonderful music, wonderful video Livsim phone anytime, anywhere U disk can help you solve this problem.


Applications of a variety of content can only mobile phone users



Product Features:


1. Plug and Play.

When connect the U-disk to Smartphone, you can transfer Dates, Play music and video,File Exchange…

No need install any software.


2. Work with Samsung Galaxy Note ,Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SI, Galaxy SII I9100, I9103, 9108, Motorola XOOM, TG01,Nokia N8,E7…And other Cell Phones and Table which support OTG Function. 


3.Support extra Micro SD card


4. Also work as normal Flash Disk

User can use this device when connect to PC and Notebook.


5. Compatible on both Mac & PC

Works on all OS, including Mac, Windows and Linux


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Q:I plug my memory card reader into my computer but nothing pops up!?
already try to plug it in the other usb slot ? what about the red light on the memory card reader? turns red or not? if its not, it means the memory card reader is broken now, but if it still turns on, i think there's a problem with the memory card cable or virus on your sd card. i hope its not a virus coz you will have to format it and lose all the data. o(^_^)o
Q:how do i open my camera,s memory card card on my computer?I have the card in a usb card reader?OR micro cardr
Then next step is to put your microSD/adaptor card into a memory card reader. Properly connected, the contents of your microSD card will be easily seen if you click on My Computer. Look for a new device within My Computer. You'll have to open the nestled folder you find there. Click on the View tab and choose Thumbnails, so you can see minature versions of the picturs. Then, you can copy your photos to any folder on the computer that you have or want to create.
Q:My SD card reader wont work?
If it is an external SD Card Reader like a Scandisk, you have to install the hardware drivers because the computer will not recognize this device attached to a USB port. It doesn't know what it is. I have one. If you are inserting it directly into the computer, it may be in an open state and no computer will see it. This happens with USB devices that use memory chips and even external hard drives, To check if this is the issue, have the computer running, plug in the SD card and if it doesn't show up, leave it plugged in and shut down the computer. Once it is off remove the SD Card and boot back on. Once it is running, plug the SD Card back in. If the computer now sees it, it was left in an open state. The way to avoid this situation is not to remove these devices until you shut down the computer. Even though there is a program to safely remove these devices, they can actually leave these in an open state. This is knowledge if from my own personal experience, not common knowledge.
Q:I just bought a digital card reader/writer and have no idea how to use it?
Did your computer do a little pop-up saying new hardward was detected. To use it, you would need to go to my Computer it probably shows up as another Drive on your computer where you can access the files from.
Q:I am trying to pull off some digital photos off a memory card reader, dont know how to do it!?
If your memory card reader is connected correctly, when you click on My Computer at the very bottom you should se a Removeable Drive Just double click it and there your photos will be :)
Q:I am getting new Digital Camera and was wondering if I need a Card Reader? I am not even sure what these do
You shouldn't need a card reader, the camera will have a cable and software that will probably connect to your USB port for uploading to your computer.
Q:psychics mediums card readers?
The most annoying thing is the people who ask about love life like it is the be all and end all in life, and a true psychic does not need to live in the same country as you to help.
Q:card reader on dell pc?
Try to install the driver for your card reader ( usually it is found in the CD that goes with the PC when you bought it ). Otherwise buy a external card reader that could be attached to your unit via USB.
Q:Smart Card Reader (pad/pin layout) question?
Whoa there. You may have just mixed 2 technologies. You want to read a SIM card or a Smart(SD) card? If it's the latter then typically card readers give you the ability to read all formats. My mini-SD came with adapters to standard SD which is in almost every card reader. For you I would say find out what kind of card you want to use(probably mini-SD) and make sure the card reader you're purchasing reads it.
Q:What is the name of the reader?
Under normal circumstances, RF tag reading and writing equipment should be based on RF tag read and write requirements and application requirements to design.

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