Aluminum Sheet Good Quality Mirror Finish Solar Reflective

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VarietyAlloyTemperSizemmAdopted Standard
Heat treatment non-reinforced plate & sheet1xxx,3xxx,8xxx series



2.1~4. 01000~2500
5xxx series




Heat treatment reinforced plate & sheet2xxx,6xxx,7xxx seriesO,F,H111,H112,T3,T4,T6,T70.5~1.01000~15002000~10000GB/T3880
Brazed sheetLQ1,LQ2,LQ3O,H240.5~4.01000~18002000~10000YS/T69
tread plate1x,3x,5x seriesO,H22,H24,H26Bottom thick 1.0~4.01000~16002000~10000GB/T3618
Curtain sheet1x,3x series & 5005,5052O,H14,H241.5~4.0914~22001500~5500YS/T429.1
                                                   colorful sheet/plate
VarietyAlloyTemperSizemmAdopted Standard
Architectural coating sheet & strip1x3x seriesH1xH2x0.20~1.60500~1600YS/T431
5x seriesH12,H22,H14,H24,H16,H26EL/X276
Can end stock50,525,182H190.20~0.30100~1500
Bottle lids stock8011H16,H180.20~0.30500~1560
Tab stock5182H190.29~0.4560~1500
Remark1.coil inner diameter for 200,300,350,405,505mm could be  supplied,maximum coil outer diameter is 1700mm.2.coating sheet length could be 500~4000mm.


Packaging & Shipping

 Packaing:inner plastic paper interleaving each piece profile,outer fixed by plywood, or as per your requirements

 Shipping:ship by sea,7-15 days after we get payment,and as we are manufacturer,we have many products in stock,we can send products as soon as possible.



Aluminum Sheet Good Quality Mirror Finish Solar Reflective

Aluminum Sheet Good Quality Mirror Finish Solar Reflective

Aluminum Sheet Good Quality Mirror Finish Solar Reflective


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