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Material quality: the aluminum foil, HDPE film, HDPE mono filament

Can work: shading, natural ventilation, heat dissipation

Features: has the cool shade, water saving moisture, ventilation, energy saving, prevent condensation does not drop, furl shadow small features.

Use: this product is suitable for a energy-saving all kinds of high-grade greenhouse.

Q:Hello,I am trying to construct an insulator that resists thermal change for a science projectOne of the notable prerequisite is that materials are limited to wood, paper, cardboard, natural fibers, organic granular material, and aluminum foilI was thinking of building a closed wood box, surrounding the inner parts with cork and filling it with goose featherCan anyone suggest better alternatives? The current thermal resistance is -14 degrees Celsius in 30 minutes after starting from 60 degrees.
You're on the right track for sureI bet they won't let you use goose down though, as it's not strictly a fiberThe aluminum foil is so you can put a reflecting layer(s) that will resist radiational heating/coolingCorrugated cardboard could be very useful as it can sequester layers of air and keep them from passing heat by convectionFluffy cellulosic stuff is blown into cavities in houses for insulationIf they let you use it, an insulating company would likely give you a bagful for your project if you asked nicelyLoose wool could be greatWhatever you do I'd try to get a layer of aluminum facing the cavity and facing the outside world, preferably with standoffs of some sort so things don't touch itThinking like a sea lawyer - the best insulation you can get is two silvered layers with a vacuum in betweenWe call that a Dewar flask or a Thermos bottleIf you could seal up a stout wooden box, line it with foil and pump the air out you could argue that nothing is not a material; and it might insulate extremely wellVacuum gets rid of the problem of convective transport in air as well as having no conductionProbably not practical, but I'd love to see the look on the teacher's face.
Q:We know that Al2O3 is the formula of aluminium oxideWe also know that this formula comes from the criss-cross of the valencies of aluminium and oxygen and the electronic configuration of aluminium and oxygen is 2 8 3 and 2 6 respectivelySo, to complete their valence shell aluminium has to give 3 electrons and oxygen has to take 2 electronsBut, there are 2 atoms of aluminium and three atoms of OxygenNow, tell me that how these elements become neutral? How these elements give and take electrons?
No, looms are huge machinesYou can easily look these up on Wikipedia.
Q:Please give me a list of items that i can find in my house that are pure elements.
aluminum pan copper pan tin foil diamonds laying around gold jewelry
Q:would you consider these bicycle-shaped object?
Not sure if you mean would I consider those bicycle shaped objects - meaning toys -or- Do you mean would I consider buying these bicycle shaped objectsWell yes they are bicycle shaped objects meaning toys, and NO I would not waste any money on themA few obvious clues for you when looking: A good bicycle doesn't have a sticker on it anywhere on the bike that states excellent quality - actual excellent quality needs no label to announce itAlso in the same lines a real suspension doesn't need be labeled suspension No derailleur hanger should be made of stamped steel, nor should a chain ringThe teeth aren't shaped they are stamped outThe brakes on both of them seem to be from irony aluminum (pot metal) and they infer that their alloy is goodCheap - not just inexpensive When the bicycle shaped object is half the price of a high end helmet? Well you figure it out.
Q:im thinking bout buying a Tomcat .32acp pistol but can this baby pistol even defend you? i want to start with an inexpensive pistol and easy to manage on the recoil side.i could get several shots off in a short amount of time.but can this round penetrate a human skull or even reach vital areas? what do you think?
4 x Al give three electrons each to 3 x Si - Al4Si3 (if it actually does doesn't matter)Similarly, 3 x Ca give 2 each to 2 x N - Ca3N2Now you get it!
Q:My pizza pan is dirty looking so could I put tin foil over it and cook my pizza on top of it or will my oven set on fire? thanks ya'll !!!
how bout shampoo and conditioners
Q:Aluminum's Atomic Number is 13Mass is 27Protons and Electrons is 13Neutrons is 14Charge is +3How do I figure charge out for other elements?
Don't confuse pollution and landfills with global warmingExcept for recycling aluminum, most recycling is energy-inefficient and contributes to carbon dioxide ( if you think THAT contributes to global warming )Landfills probably contribute because they generate methane which, if not captured, is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 Much recycling is wasteful of time and energy but makes the ignorant feel goodMcDonald's switched from plastic to paper-fiber even after an analysis showed that the polystyrene foam had a smaller effect on the environment than the paperIt would have been bad PR to keep the plastic
Q:Are they tin, steel, or steel with a layer of tin.?
tin(tin sheets), aluminium(aluminium foils) and steel
Q:I used the 3:2:1 ratio to make these cookies3/4 cups flour, 1/2 cup of butter, but I wasn't thinking straight and I think I accidentally put in 1/2 cup of sugarAnyway, 10 min into baking I had a crumbly, sticky quot;puddlequot; of cookie doughI scraped up the mess and put the crumbs in a bag, and my little cousins seemed to enjoy them in their ice cream, but I find them quite dryAny suggestions for their use, rather than throwing them away?
Blind bake a pie crust, covering the edges with aluminum foilFill with apple pie fillingSpread your cookie crumbs over the top and dot generously with butterBake at 350F for 45 minutesInvite me over, I'll bring the vanilla ice cream.
Q:i went to this hotel and they had pumpkin fudge and i LOVED IT does anyone have a pumpkin fudge recipe?
STOP! RUN TO THE MICROWAVE AND TAKE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! then place the lid not tightly, just loose, on top, and continue(:

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