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Aluminum alloy





square, round, flat, angle ,etc


Anodizing ,Powder coating, Electrophoresis, etc

Deep processing ability

Drill hole ,stretch bending, milling, welding, fabrication, etc


Windows & door , LED panel, heat sink , curtain wall , solar Panel Frame, rail & fence , ladder ,etc.




According to your requirement ,such as shrink wrap, plastic bag, kraft paper ,etc.


15-20days after sample confirmed & down payment.

Loading port

Quanzhou, Xiamen

Shipping term


Payment term

T/T,30% advanced deposit, the balance paid off before loading, or consulting


1,Using our moulds ,no fee

2,Using customer drawing, opening mould, usually over 4tons then the moulds fee can be refunded

3,Mould cost is negotiable base on the order quantity

Q:How smooth is the hollow aluminum tube bent?
Your material is not circular tubes with uniform thickness? If so, the problem is not complicated;You want to bend the whole circle? Semicircle? Multistage arc?If it is smaller than the semicircle, you can use the pipe bender or core pulling;The whole circle requires multi arc profile bending machine, bending machine, CNC bending machine.If the material is bent out of order, it can be adjusted as long as both sides of the profile bender are adjusted.If you do not understand, you can consult the Guangzhou high tech personnel.
Q:Steel pipe can flange connection, aluminum pipe can flange connection? How about copper tubes?
Both flanges can be connected. The flange is the joint of the pipe and the pipe.Different media, the choice of flange material is different.You say plastic pipes can also come through flanges. Flanges are usually made of nonmetallic material.Teflon can also be done. The wear resistance of PTFE is chenchen.
Q:How can I bend an aluminum tube into an oval shape?What is the best solution?What is the most economical solution?ThanksIn the ordinary bending machine, it is feasible to change the arc in order to change the radius from the radius to the short axis firstSo, the whole pipe can only be bent into ellipses with more clamps?
Pull the solid die upwards! You can also do more bending! This needs professional! I'm a professional elbow! It can also be bent in sections!
Q:Why is the aluminum tube welded with stainless steel gasket ring?
In fact, the butt welding of steel pipe, in the inner ring of the pipe with an annular gasket, the quality of welding is also a good guarantee. Argon arc welding is commonly used in aluminum alloy welding. No matter the MIG welding or by non consumable (TIG) welding, when the thickness of thin aluminum, the weld pool will because the material thickness is small and the formation of penetration, the melting temperature of aluminum is only 740 degrees, and the melting temperature of stainless steel has reached 1500 degrees, it can be a protective effect on melting the welding pool makes it easy to operate.
Q:Now there are two kinds of air-conditioning connections, one is copper aluminum pipe connection, one is pure copper pipe connection, copper aluminum pipe connection quality, OK?
In contrast or pure copper, from corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, heat conduction, good toughness is pure copper, aluminum brass appears is actually in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing businesses, now is about social science has developed, but in the end is progress or retrogression?
Q:How can argon arc welding of aluminum pipe be welded?
Argon arc welding method for aluminium pipe:(1) welding example, economizer, evaporator section, tube bundle, water wall and low temperature superheater are made of No. 20 steel, and high temperature superheater tube is 12Cr1MoV.(2) before welding, before welding, the pipe should be 30 degrees, and the inside and outside 15mm range of the pipe should be polished to be metallic. The pipe clearance is 1~3mm. When the actual clearance is too large, the transition layer shall be deposited on the side of the pipe groove. Set up temporary shelter facilities, strictly control the wind speed at the welding operation place, and the air hole is easy to generate because the wind speed is beyond a certain range.
Q:What areas can 7075 aluminum tubes be used in?
The addition of magnesium, can form a significant strengthening effect of MgZn2, the effect of heat treatment of the alloy is better than aluminum zinc alloy. Two yuan increase in the alloy of zinc and magnesium content, the tensile strength will be further improved, but its ability to resist stress corrosion and exfoliation corrosion will fall by heating. Treatment can reach the strength properties of.7075 materials are generally very high, adding a small amount of copper chromium alloy, the system based on A7075- Aluminum Alloy is top grade, known as the most excellent products Aluminum Alloy, high strength, better than any steel chemical composition of.[2][3] chemical composition: Si:0.40 Fe: 0.50 Cu:1.2-2.0 silicon iron copper manganese Mn:0.30 Mg:2.1-2.9 Cr:0.18-0.28 Zn:5.1-6.1 titanium chromium magnesium zinc aluminum Ti:0.20 Al: other allowance: single: 0.05 total: 0.15
Q:Air conditioning copper aluminum tube life is generally a few years?
The air conditioning is broken on the compressor, not bad on the copper aluminum tube, do not consider this problem.
Q:The refrigerator can be used in soldering aluminum crack? Repair a Haier refrigerator, found that there is a little cracks in the aluminum tube in the freezer. Can solder wire be used to repair it?
Certainly not for solder wire Lo, can move a little cushion water temperature is low, iron cloth flame is very short, prepare a fix, it is open and close back the money, can not move back out on the open
Q:Ask for advice,According to the type of aluminum alloy, Al-Si, Al-Mg, Al-Mg-Si, Al-Mn, Al-Cu, Al-Zn-Mg (T0-T8 heat treatment); if the steel type crystal like austenite, ferrite, Aluminum Alloy have similar crystal like heat treatment, whether similar to the regulation, for advice! Thank you
For these Aluminum Alloy you said, in fact, we often say that the 4XXX series, 6XXX series, 5XXX series aluminum forging, antirust aluminum, 3XXX series, 2XXX series aluminum, aluminum 7XXX series, 7XXX series I've seen can be tempered (just to stress), other if there is no need to do heat treatment, but the aluminum can generally do hard oxidation hardening, but surface hardening, the hardness is not the core.

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