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specifications:01) alloy: a3003 a110002) aluminium thickness: 0.026mm -

0.60mm03) aluminium width:a) standard width: 1,240mmb) special width:

1,300mm, 1,520mm, 1,570mm and 1,595mm are also available04) coating finish:

pvdf, polyester, acrylic05) total coating thickness:a) pvdf coating: more than

25 micronb) polyester coating: more than 18 micron06) coating hardness (pencil

hardness) more than 2h07) adhesion: 5j08) impact resistance: no cracking and

peeling09) flexibility (t-bend): 2t10) mek resistance: more than 10011) bottom

side aluminium sheet is coated with protective polyester material, an the

thickness is more than 6 micron12) minimum order: 1mt/1 x 20' fcl (about

17mt)13) certification: certificate of origin14) delivery time: 8 - 15 days after

receiving your first depositapplications:used to manufacture decorative

materials, such as aluminium composite panels, brushed panels, lampshades,

and other composite panels:1) exterior applications: wall cladding, facades,

roofs and canopies, tunnels, column covers or renovations2) interior

applications: wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies3)

advertisement and market applications: display platformssignboards, fascias

and shop fronts4) transport and industrial applicationspacking:export standard,

wooden splint                        

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Your terms of strong and durable are not specific enough to know what you really needAre you describing an application where you are using this as a spring or a structural support? Here is description home depot provides: Simpson Strong-Tie straps and plates join and reinforce joints with simple, versatile solutions for a wide range of connectionsAvailable in many lengths, widths and thicknesses, YOur temcan be used on the wide or narrow face of lumber for light repairs or heavy-duty projectsMany straps are designed to be used back-to-back on a piece of lumber without fastener interferenceA versatile, medium-duty strap for a variety of connections and splices Designed for use on the edge of 2x members, with a nailing pattern that reduces potential for splitting Install where plates or soles are cut, at wall intersections and as ridge ties 12 inLength Made from 18-Gauge steel Stainless Steel offers extra corrosion resistance for exterior and treated-wood applications Install with 10d common nails If your application sounds like what they describe you should be fineIf it doesn't you may have trouble As far as tempering your stainless I doubt you will be successfulIf you take a magnet and it is not attracted to this strap, the strap is 304 SS304SS only gains strength through work hardening (making it thinner by rolling) Heat treating doesn't affect it.
Q:Hi, I need some opinions and advice about flashing or sealing an aluminum pan roof attached to a wood.?
That would be a spindleMost of them are either top whorl or bottom whorl drop spindles, at least for hand useThe whorl is simple the weight that makes the whole thing work, and top or bottom refers to which end it's onThey're relatively easy to make if you have a wood working friend, and I've also seen some made from a CD and a dowel (never tried that one) For instructions or references, look up hand spinningThere's lots of books on it.
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Q:Any ideas for good and easy things to cook while camping?
water rocket made by bottles
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Cover it the whole time with foilWash it beforehandBaste it just onceCook it on 350.
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Have you tossed all the paper rolls from Christmas wrapping paper? Or all the aluminum foil rolls? These are great for making spirit sticksMasking tape them into the shape you wantYou can add dry rice or beans to make a rattle noise.
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