Aerial Insulated Cable with rated Voltage 0.6/1kv,10kv, 35kv

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Aerial Insulated Cable with rated Voltage 0.6/1kv,10kv, 35kv

Aerial insulated cable with rated Voltage 0. 6 / 1KV, 10KV or 35KV (aerial branched cable, aerial bundled cable)

Aerial insulated cable with rated Voltage 0.6/1KV, 10KV or 35KV(aerial branched cable, aerial bundled cable)

The products are fit for transmitting line and distributing line of rated voltage 1KV,10Kv and 35KV in street, traveling development area and near tall buildings, wooded tract and construction area. Compared with bare conductor, this product can be laid more closely to save the line gallery, and have less voltage-drop. Above all, the product installation reduces power accidents and protects life safety.

Executive Standard
The products shall comply with the standard GB12527-90 and GB14049-93. And it can also be designed and manufactured according to the standard of BS, VDE and ICEA recommended by International Electro technical Commission as per users requirements.

Aerial cable : Voltage, Core and Section size

                                             Rated Voltage KV




























 Note: K means loading-bearing stranded wire
     (A) means steel stranded wire, (B) means aluminum alloy stranded wire.

Operating characteristics

The installation ambient temperature should not below -20

Max. short circuit(time not over 5S) temperature of conductor:

XLPE insulated aerial cable is 250; High density PE insulated aerial cable is 150

Max. continuous working temperature of conductor:

XLPE insulated aerial cable is 90; High density PE insulated aerial cable is 75

The bending radius of cable is recommended as following,

0.6/1KV cable: not less than 6 times of outer diameter.

10KV35KV: not less than 20 times of outer diameter.

When the cable used in AC system, the rated voltage of cable should be at least equal the rated voltage of system. When the cable used in DC system, the rated voltage of cable should be bigger than 1.5 times of the rated voltage of system.

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Q:Wich power supply cable do i need for Nvidia GeForce 8800gt ?
If you want to find out what cables you need there are two ways. 1. check the manual or guide that came with the device to see if it says what cables you need. 2. take the device with to a hardware or electronics store and ask the clerks there to help you find the right cables for you're device.
Q:What is the difference between KVV and VV cables and are they clearly different?
Eight or six no less, the first good fire retardant pipe on the line, the box can be opened after the slot
Q:What power cable can I use with a server?
You should be able to use a large three prong power cable (with a ground on it) for your server.
Q:question about vid card power cables?
That's right, the power cable is in case your power supply doesn't have a 6-pin power connector. A 300W power supply for a 3850 is cutting it a bit close, but you'll probably get away with it if the rest of your machine is typical. (Typical machines with a 3850 are just under 200W peak. See link.)
Q:Can I extend my power cable?
For Extend Power Cable!?. Find correct extention any store tools category Or find in internet Searching. Good Luck. Comentary: Take precaution about Where install and take all the precaution. I remember to find one in Lowes
Q:Why do black power cables appear green in sunlight?
This could simply be moss / lichen or fungus growing. the north side of the cable will have more moss on it than the south side. As the sun is over the equator and England is in the Northern Hemisphere so the sun lights the south side of the cable, and the moss grows on the darker side. This is a classic way of telling directions in a forest or paddock. Garret
Q:Wiring a power cable?
white is often you independent conductor. green is often the kit grounding conductor. black is a warm conductor. i think of the bare wrap is an kit grounding conductor for the twine. it is there incase somebody have been to place a screw or puncture the cable in some incorrect way. a screw penetrating the twine could hit the bare first, then it may hit the nice and snug cord. the bare preserve could carry the present all of the before to the panel and trip the breaker instead of the present dealing with your physique.
Q:My Acer laptop shuts down when I moved the power cable?
sensitive power supply connection i guess
Q:Will ps2 power cable work on ps3?
No, you can use the power cable for a computer on the PS3. It is a standard shape and can be purchased from any good computer shop. The PS2 uses a transformer and the pin alignment is different. Just get a proper cable, they are really cheap anyway.
Q:Cable zc_y v22 what does it mean
If you put seven 1.0 square conductor twisted together, as a power can of course. But you twisted the copper wire, how to solve the insulation? In addition, the manual twist, then there is the problem of density, can not be a bit twisted copper wire twisted round? And if you put the seven core core is not peeling, directly twisted together, then, when the wire when the core heat how you solve. So, do not use this line to do home improvement. But if you want to use this line to do the lamp line or can.

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