Insulated aerial cable with rated voltage up to 35kV

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The product is made  up of the compacted copper, aluminium(aluminum alloy) conductor,inner shield,  climate-resistant insulation material and outer shield.It has simple structure  and reliable. It has both excellent peoperties of the power cable and good  physical peoperties of the aerial cable. By using the climate-resistant  insulation material, the product has the excelent properties of resistance to  air aging. Compare with the bare wire, it has the good characteristics such as  smaller laying distance, higher reliability. It is suitable for using in the  bulidings, brushhland and bad weather zone.


1)       There are three rated  voltage:1kV10kV35kV

2)       Allowed long-term working temperature: PE  insulation--70, PVC insulation--70, XLPE insulation--90.

3)       When short-circuit(the longest time is not  more than5 second),the highest temperature: PE insulation--130, PVC insulation--160, XLPE insulation--250.

4)       The enviroment temperature for laying  should be not lower than -20.

5)       The working enviroment temperature is  from-40to +40, the relative humidity should be not more than 90% in rainy  season.

6)       Permitted bending  radius

Cable with rated voltage 1kV and below: outer diameter of the cable  D25mm,bending  radius should be not less than 4D.The outer diamter of cable D>25mm, bending  radius should be not less than 6D.

Cable with rated voltage 10kV, 35kV: single core cable:  20x(D+d)±5%

                                                            Mutiple  core cable: 15x(D+d)±5%

In which: D-the actual outer diameter of the cable,mm

               d-the actual  outer diameter of the cable conductor,mm

7) Derivative  products

  a. Aluminium-alloy aerial insulated  cable        b. Parallel bunding aerial  cable

  c. Water-blocking aerial cable                        d. Water-blocking  bundling aerial cable

  e. Non-standard insulated aerial  cable

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Q:do all 1 tera hdd come with a power cable?
They should. I mean it would be dumb if they did not. But radio shacks or office depot type places. Like electronic stores or office stores. Online would be the best place. Just type the type of power cord your looking for on OKorder and I know for a fact you will find one. Good luck
Q:high effency double shielded transmission power cable?
What is your question? Does such a cable exist? Probably but you'll have to be more specific. High efficiency = low loss or low resistance per foot? Double shielded = is the shielding (in dB) critical? Transmission = What frequency, 60 Hz, 1 MHz, 100 MHz, ? Power = Watts, KW, MW Is weight or cost important?
Q:Is it safe to connect the case fans in line with the hard drive, or should I use a separate power cable?
All of those power cables are connected together in the power supply anyway, and neither a fan or hdd uses much power relative to what the wire can carry. I've always paid more attention to a neat physical layout for good airflow and never had a problem with what was on the same power lead as what. The hard drive should have it's own EMI filtering in it, and a brushless fan doesn't generate noise like a regular dc motor.
Q:Why is a magnet on a power cable?
It is not actually a magnet.It is ferrite core which helps in limiting the inrush current through the cable.
Q:Does Getting a Bigger Power Cable Get You Louder?
nope, gives you better current and better connection. think of a taking straw you use for stirring Coffee compared to one of those jumbo straws. Youll get alot more liquid through the jumbo straw. So basically with thicker wiring the power is already there when it needs it instead of sucking it from the alternator.
Q:which way to guide power cable?
Look for a grommet around the steering column or brake pedal. Using a screwdriver from inside the car, poke a hole and with a piece of coat hanger, tape your wire to it and pull it through towards the engine side. If you can't find a grommet, drill a hole and put a grommet in.The center of the grommet should slide easily over the wire and drill the hole the same size as the grommets outer diameter in the groove. The fuse should be no more tha 18 from the battery. _______ (sigh) Technically, running your RCA wires and power wires shouldn't cause any problems and can be dubbed a myth. However, a lot of people will disagree. For induction between power and signal wire to occur, a form of AC (with some current) must be introduced on the DC power wire. The signal throught the RCA cables, doesn't have enough current to do this. However..... One solution, if you want to run them together, is to have good shielded RCA cables and/or to separate the RCA wires and twist them (as in twisted pair wire, twisted pair wire is used in CAT3, CAT5 and CAT6 communication wire to eliminate noise/interference/induction). Another solution is distance, you don't have to have cable on both sides of the car as a 1 foot separation will do just as good.
Q:A network cable must cross a power cable. What can be done to minimize the amount of EMI?
Metal shielding would be best. This could be as simple as wrapping each cable with aluminum foil near the cross-over point. Hope this helps.
Q:Were can i buy a replacement power cable ?
best buy. you won't get an original but you could get one with multi plug adapters that might fit your laptop's or you can try to browse the website of your laptops brand
Q:my cpu is not turning on but the power button led lights if i plug in the power cable?
Do you mean the CPU fan? Is the PC booting? Sounds like the PSU. Try swapping the PSU or buying new one(they are not dear)
Q:Computer Monitor power cable?
From what I can tell, all of the monitor power cables are exactly the same. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work or why it would be unsafe. As long as it fits easily into the LCD and plugs into your power supply then it should be just fine. (P.S. I've used old power cables on newer models before when I lost a cable once)

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