Abrasion Resistance Glass Fiber Vermiculite Cloth

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1000 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Packaging Detail:Woven bag, carton box or as your needs
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Glass Fiber Vermiculite Cloth 
FOB Price: USD0.50-1.20 
Supply ability:10000meters

FD-EG105L   Glass Fiber Vermiculite Cloth

Feature:Vermiculite coated fiberglass cloths increase the products' abrasion resistance and adds to its ability to withstand direct flame, it also provide a dust suppression coating which allows for a safer work environment.  Vermiculite coated Fiberglass cloth fabric is used for heat shield, flange and valve covers, welding curtains, expansion joins and equipment.




Thread count wrap:5 end/cm

Thread count weft: 3 end/cm          

Width: 1000 -2000mm

Roll length: 30-50m

Weight: 1050G/sp.m±5%

Weave: Plain


Impregnated: vermiculite

Color: yellow

Thickness: 1.5mm

Weight: 1150G/sp.m±5%

Refractoriness: 850°C                             

Packing: Woven bag, carton box

Payment Term: T/T before shipment      

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