9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

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2 set
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200 set/month

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Hebei, China (Mainland)

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Scissor Lift

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1 year

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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as customers' requirement

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about 25 days after receiving the deposit


1 9m used lift equipment 
2 Scaffolding system 
3 Vertical raising of platform 
4 Easy to operate

1 Both indoor and outdoor usage
2 Vertical raising of platform
3 Main structure made of high-duty steel
4 Roll-out deck extension is available
5 Easy to operate
6 Unmatched large loading capacity

Subject to the type of work, a great variety of the scissor lift can be used.

Since no two jobs are the same, we need you supply the data as follows:
a. Loading capacity
b. Lifting height
c. Dimension of table
c. Power supply
By doing this, QW will give you sound advice to suit your project.


9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

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Q:Rack type lifting machine, rack press, rack lifting machine
The rack press is the abbreviation of the press, hydraulic press and hydraulic press. The press refers to a kind of forming machine used for the pressure forming of the industrial products. The hydraulic cylinder is generally used, so it is also called the hydraulic press. In the building material industry, the press is the abbreviation of the brick press, and the press breaks up the dynamic brick machine and the automatic hydraulic brick machine.
Q:Please explain how to prevent the safety accidents in the process of tower crane installation and disassembly
Tower crane disassembly method and installation method is the same, the program is just the opposite. When folded, the building has been built, and the site is not so spacious as to be installed. Therefore, we should never take it lightly.1, tower crane demolition of the basic requirements and installation of the same.2, the process of disassembly is strictly prohibited to use cutting scarify.3, remove the bolts, pins, and spare parts should be packing plate joint custody.4 、 the operation room is closed with iron sheet.5, the rotating machinery for maintenance, oil, sealed.6, the appearance of paint anti-corrosion.7, after the removal of tower cranes, conditional storage of the storage of some parts, unconditional storage part of the transfer to the vicinity of the special line stacking, ready for shipment.
Q:What are the heavy lifting units commonly used in hoisting operations?
Wire rope rope card is mainly used for wire rope and wire rope wear around the temporary connection block when the hand rope is fixed, and the cable wind rope head pole is fixed on the other.It is a widely used wire rope fixture in lifting operations. Commonly used wire rope clips, there are 3 kinds of riding, fist grip and press plate type. Among them, the riding card is the most powerful connecting standard, and the wire rope clip is the most widely used.
Q:Lifting equipment, chain hoist need maintenance?
Daily inspection shall be carried out for 2 minutes before and after no-load operation, and the following key points shall be detected:Please use the meter to check whether the voltage is normalPlease use the meter to check whether the voltage is normalThe motor is functioning properlyIs the chain running smoothly?Will the limit switch cut off the power when the hook is running to its peak?Is the brake equipment normal?Is the lower hook secure tongue piece secure?Is the chain dry and oil-free?Check that the chain bag is damaged or not
Q:What's the difference between a pneumatic balancer and a spring balancer?
Pneumatic balancer is to use gas as power to lift or transfer heavy objects, can realize the suspension of heavy objects, in other words, can make heavy objects in the air "floating", so that the heavy objects can be operated.
Q:What important attention should be paid to large equipment?
1, the operation is not allowed to pull the operation power cord.2 work personnel should be familiar with lifting scheme and safety measures.3. Lifting tools and tools should be regularly maintained and tested.4, must by the corresponding qualifications professional card holder carries on.
Q:What's the difference between a horizontal jack and a vertical jack?
Horizontal jack is used as a rigid top lift working device, lifting heavy light small lifting equipment in the small tour through the bracket at the top. It is a kind of widely used in heavy vehicles or mobile devices supporting equipment weight, adjust the equipment level of an important hydraulic components, it is mainly used for industrial, transportation and other departments as vehicle repair and other lifting and supporting work.
Q:What are the protective measures against crane injuries?
The crane to achieve the "ten not hanging": the hanging weight unknown is not suspended or overload, the command signal not unknown crane, crane, not illegal command hanging rickety bundle not hanging, hanging on someone without lifting, crane safety device is not hanging, hanging objects buried in the underground crane, workplace light the dark line of sight is not clear or not hanging, hanging crane cable-stayed and angular load did not take the corresponding protective measures are not hanging. The lifting operation shall not be carried out under the strong winds of grade six or six.
Q:What are the points for attention in the course of transportation of double beam cranes?
The provision of means of transport, including the conveyance of vehicles and lifting tools, materials, etc..(1) the selection of transport vehicles and lifting tools. According to the shape, size and weight of the components, site transportation, lifting tools, road conditions and economic benefits, determine the appropriate type of vehicles and cranes, number of units and mode of shipment.(2) prepare tools and materials for shipment. Such as wire ropes, chains, clasps, baskets, bolts, jacks, flags, mats, boards, old tyres, etc..
Q:The permanent magnet (permanent magnet sucker) the principle of who knows?
The working principle as shown in Figure 1, when the permanent magnet sucker pole in figure (a) state, lines from the N pole of the magnet, the yoke, through a ferromagnetic workpiece, back into the S pole of the magnet yoke. In this way, can make the workpiece firmly attracted to the permanent magnet sucker working faces. When the poles in the graph (b) state, lines to permanent magnet sucker work closed loop is composed of magnetic pole, the permanent magnet sucker inside, almost no lines from the permanent magnetic chuck work faces, so the workpiece does not produce suction, can smoothly unload.

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