hydraulic platform of scaffolding for repairing in aerial work

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main parameters of SC200/200 construction hoist


The SC200/200Construction Elevator is an external construction hoist with a three- drive rack-and-pinion mechanism. It has a rated loading capacity of 2 tons and a rated hoisting height of 150 meters. A simple alteration can change it into a single-cage construction elevator with a rated loading capacity of two tons. The SC200/200Construction Elevator is equipped with a state-patented safety device which can brake automatically in case of accidental fall. The driver element on top of the cage is safe and reliable and convenient for maintenance. The elevator with a maximum hoisting height of 300 meters is widely used for construction work such as industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground mining, large chimney construction and the shipping industry. It can be used for transporting materials or people vertically, as a permanent or half-permanent lift, or in places like storehouses and tall towers.


Rack-and-pinion Threee-drive Double-cage Construction Elevator

Rated Loading Capacity

2×2000 kg

Passengers Loaded

2×24 persons

Rated Hoisting Speed

34 m/min

Rated Hoisting Height

150 m (Goods-supply Height: 50m)

Inside Dimension of Suspension Cage (L×W×H)

3m ×1.3m ×2.4 m

Power Consumption


Motor Power


Weight of Standard Section

140 kg

Height of Standard Section

1.508 m

Type of Safety Device

SAJ30-1.2 50m

Gross Weight



hydraulic platform of scaffolding for repairing in aerial work

hydraulic platform of scaffolding for repairing in aerial work

hydraulic platform of scaffolding for repairing in aerial work

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Q:Please explain how to prevent the safety accidents in the process of tower crane installation and disassembly
Tower crane disassembly method and installation method is the same, the program is just the opposite. When folded, the building has been built, and the site is not so spacious as to be installed. Therefore, we should never take it lightly.1, tower crane demolition of the basic requirements and installation of the same.2, the process of disassembly is strictly prohibited to use cutting scarify.3, remove the bolts, pins, and spare parts should be packing plate joint custody.4 、 the operation room is closed with iron sheet.5, the rotating machinery for maintenance, oil, sealed.6, the appearance of paint anti-corrosion.7, after the removal of tower cranes, conditional storage of the storage of some parts, unconditional storage part of the transfer to the vicinity of the special line stacking, ready for shipment.
Q:When should the temporary fixing tool for lifting work be removed?
Lifting belt, wire rope sling and crowbar size etc.
Q:What are the heavy lifting units commonly used in hoisting operations?
Wire rope rope card is mainly used for wire rope and wire rope wear around the temporary connection block when the hand rope is fixed, and the cable wind rope head pole is fixed on the other.It is a widely used wire rope fixture in lifting operations. Commonly used wire rope clips, there are 3 kinds of riding, fist grip and press plate type. Among them, the riding card is the most powerful connecting standard, and the wire rope clip is the most widely used.
Q:Working principle of mechanical screw jack
Screw jack, also known as mechanical jack, is driven by the screw through the screw, screw or nut sleeve as a lifting device. Ordinary screw jack by thread self-locking function support heavy, simple structure, but the transmission efficiency is low, return slow. The self - lowering screw jack has no self-locking function and is equipped with a brake. When the brake is relaxed, the weight can fall rapidly and shorten the return time, but the jack structure is complicated.
Q:What important attention should be paid to large equipment?
Lifting tools are not allowed to exceed nameplate, safety check is carried out every month.
Q:Is there a good steel lifting machine, the crane always binding steel plate, the efficiency is not high?
The easiest thing to do is to use a special hook for lifting iron (heavy lifting) and a manual magnetic sling under the wire rope.
Q:I want to know what the principle of magnetic suspension is. Why does it make magnetism disappear?! What is the structure like?!
The working principle of the magnetic suspension is made by using the electromagnetic induction principle of Faraday. The internal use of the high performance permanent magnetic materials of neodymium borax, can produce a strong suction in the magnetic circuit, the magnetic field lines so that the jack handle turn at work or in a closed state; without external power supply, is a safe and energy saving, high efficiency of new lifting tools.
Q:What is the working principle of a screw jack? What's the difference between an ordinary hydraulic jack and an ordinary hydraulic jack?
Press a small piston with a handle and transfer power by hydraulic oil.The hydraulic jack uses Pascal's principle to retract the nut.
Q:What are the points for attention in the course of transportation of double beam cranes?
The provision of means of transport, including the conveyance of vehicles and lifting tools, materials, etc..(1) the selection of transport vehicles and lifting tools. According to the shape, size and weight of the components, site transportation, lifting tools, road conditions and economic benefits, determine the appropriate type of vehicles and cranes, number of units and mode of shipment.(2) prepare tools and materials for shipment. Such as wire ropes, chains, clasps, baskets, bolts, jacks, flags, mats, boards, old tyres, etc..
Q:Working principle of mechanical screw jack?
Jack by the manpower through the screw drive, screw or nut sleeve as the top lift, jack screw thread self-locking action on the support, to avoid severe vibration should be top jack jack jack users to use process, according to the use of regular inspection and maintenance is made of high quality alloy steel material, more durable than similar products, as a commonly used lifting tool, Baoshan screw jack is a good helper to improve work efficiency. In the use of Jack, if only one, then be sure to select the weight of the center of gravity, and then point to the center of the jack, so as to prevent the lifting process in the tilt, resulting in accidents.

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