Hydraulic Platform of Scaffolding for Repairing in Aerial Work from CNBM!

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Shandong, China (Mainland)

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Construction elevator

Drive Type:

Rack & Pinion

Elevator Type:

Goods Elevators



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One year

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Main parameters of SC200/200 construction hoist


The SC200/200Construction Elevator is an external construction hoist with a three- drive rack-and-pinion mechanism. It has a rated loading capacity of 2 tons and a rated hoisting height of 150 meters. A simple alteration can change it into a single-cage construction elevator with a rated loading capacity of two tons. The SC200/200Construction Elevator is equipped with a state-patented safety device which can brake automatically in case of accidental fall. The driver element on top of the cage is safe and reliable and convenient for maintenance. The elevator with a maximum hoisting height of 300 meters is widely used for construction work such as industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground mining, large chimney construction and the shipping industry. It can be used for transporting materials or people vertically, as a permanent or half-permanent lift, or in places like storehouses and tall towers.


Rack-and-pinion Threee-drive Double-cage Construction Elevator

Rated Loading Capacity

2×2000 kg

Passengers Loaded

2×24 persons

Rated Hoisting Speed

34 m/min

Rated Hoisting Height

150 m (Goods-supply Height: 50m)

Inside Dimension of Suspension Cage (L×W×H)

3m ×1.3m ×2.4 m

Power Consumption


Motor Power


Weight of Standard Section

140 kg

Height of Standard Section

1.508 m

Type of Safety Device

SAJ30-1.2 50m

Gross Weight



Hydraulic Platform of Scaffolding for Repairing in Aerial Work from CNBM!

Hydraulic Platform of Scaffolding for Repairing in Aerial Work from CNBM!

Hydraulic Platform of Scaffolding for Repairing in Aerial Work from CNBM!

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