Hydraulic Platform of Scaffolding for Repairing from CNBM!

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Place of Origin:

Hebei, China (Mainland)

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Lift Mechanism:

Scissor Lift

Lift Drive / Actuation:




Rated Loading Capacity:


Min. Lifting Height:


Max. Lifting Height:


Table Size:


Overall Dimensions:







1 year

After-sales Service Provided:

Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Elevating time:




Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

as customers' requirement

Delivery Detail:

about 25 days after receiving the deposit


1 9m used lift equipment 
2 Scaffolding system 
3 Vertical raising of platform 
4 Easy to operate

  9m Easy to operate used lift equipment

Profitable and safe solutions for material and personnel lifting at the job site

Profitable and safe solutions for material and personnel lifting at the job site

Scissor lifts are used where more workspace and lifting capability is required.

With working height up to 18m and capabilities up to 60T, they are designed to

provide larger platform work areas and generally to allow heavier loads than

other lifts. It offers the unmatched performance with lower cost. Scissor lifts

are available in various models, such as, electric, diesel and battery powered.

And their navigation methods are available in stationary, towable, vehicle

mounted and self-propelled type.

1 Both indoor and outdoor usage
2 Vertical raising of platform
3 Main structure made of high-duty steel
4 Roll-out deck extension is available
5 Easy to operate
6 Unmatched large loading capacity

Subject to the type of work, a great variety of the scissor lift can be used.

Since no two jobs are the same, we need you supply the data as follows:
a. Loading capacity
b. Lifting height
c. Dimension of table
c. Power supply
By doing this, QW will give you sound advice to suit your project.


Hydraulic Platform of Scaffolding for Repairing from CNBM!

Hydraulic Platform of Scaffolding for Repairing from CNBM!

Hydraulic Platform of Scaffolding for Repairing from CNBM!

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Q:What are the points for attention in the course of transportation of double beam cranes?
The provision of means of transport, including the conveyance of vehicles and lifting tools, materials, etc..(1) the selection of transport vehicles and lifting tools. According to the shape, size and weight of the components, site transportation, lifting tools, road conditions and economic benefits, determine the appropriate type of vehicles and cranes, number of units and mode of shipment.(2) prepare tools and materials for shipment. Such as wire ropes, chains, clasps, baskets, bolts, jacks, flags, mats, boards, old tyres, etc..
Q:Working principle of mechanical screw jack
Screw jack, also known as mechanical jack, is driven by the screw through the screw, screw or nut sleeve as a lifting device. Ordinary screw jack by thread self-locking function support heavy, simple structure, but the transmission efficiency is low, return slow. The self - lowering screw jack has no self-locking function and is equipped with a brake. When the brake is relaxed, the weight can fall rapidly and shorten the return time, but the jack structure is complicated.
Q:Hoisting safety notice
Measures to prevent falling from the sky (1). The operator must use the seat belt correctly when doing aerial work. The seat belt should be hung high and lowered, and the hook ring at the end of the belt rope will be hung at the top, while the person will operate at the lower level. (2) in the upper use of the lever, people should stand firm, such as nearby scaffolding or already installed components, should be one hand, live, hand operation. Pry into the depth of insertion should be appropriate, if the move from a larger distance, it should gradually move, should not be anxious for success. (3) if workers need to work at high altitude, they should set up temporary operating platform as far as possible. The operation of Taiwan as a tool, the width is 0.8 ~ 1 m temporary splint in the upper column angle, below the location of 1.0m ~ 1.2m, and the welding work of workers can be corrected in the roof above. (4). For walking in the high altitude suspension truss on, should be set up on the safety railing. (5) ladders for climbing must be firm. When used, the rope must be fastened to the fixed member. The angle between the ladder and the ground is generally 65~70 degrees. (6). By the operator in the scaffold board, should be focused on, to prevent lead plate. (7) when installing a reserved floor or roof board, it should be covered with wooden planks in time. (8) the operator shall not wear hard soled shoes for aerial work.
Q:Rack type lifting machine, rack press, rack lifting machine
Rack type lifting machine is mainly used for railway track laying and maintenance. The utility model is widely used for lifting and supporting the installation of various heavy objects and equipment in industrial and mining enterprises, as well as bridge erection. Rack Jack (also known as lifting machine) is also called manual lifting machine.
Q:What are the points for attention on the course of transportation of double beam cranes?
Transportation conditions, transportation conditions, including on-site transportation, road construction, inspection and commissioning, etc..(1) construction of road transportation on site. According to the shipping component vehicle load size, body size, grade and standard requirements to determine the construction of temporary road pavement width and subgrade, pavement structure, construction site of the road transport people.(2) check the routes and routes. Transport drivers in Zhengzhou steel company and the relevant personnel along the exploration of transport routes, smooth road, road slope and road turning radius, or wire obstacles such as bridge and culvert clearance size are higher.(3) test run. The transport frame of the largest size component shall be installed on the vehicle, and the dimensions of the components shall be simulated and tested along the transport road.
Q:Is the electric crane with track electric hoist or other mechanical products?
The crane with track has electric hoist, single beam crane, double beam hoist crane. Double beam bridge crane, Longmen crane. Cranes usually have rails.
Q:The principle of an air compressor for connecting two pistons
There are several forms of contact, often in several forms: piston compressors, the most common and the most frequently used type of reciprocating compressor, whose pistons direct contact with gases. Seal the compressed gas by the piston ring. In pneumatic transmission, a displacement piston compressor is usually used. Two typical structures are introduced here to help understand the working principle of air compressors. Figure 3.33 (animation) and figure 3.34 (animation) respectively gives the working principle of vertical and horizontal air compressor. The center line of the vertical air compressor is perpendicular to the ground, and the center line of the cylinder of the horizontal air compressor is parallel to the ground. The rotational motion of a prime mover (an electric motor or an internal-combustion engine) is converted into reciprocating rectilinear motion of a piston by a crank link mechanism.
Q:The permanent magnet use principle
The utility model is a novel lifting tool with the advantages of safety, energy saving and high efficiency without external power supply.When Jack is working, Jack at the bottom of the lifting surface of the longitudinal magnetic pole, will hold firmly the iron workpiece material, and V shaped groove on the bottom surface, thus to ceiling plate shaped workpiece, also can absorb the hanging cylindrical workpiece. The jack of sheet thickness and area have strict requirements.
Q:Do hardware or plastic factories have no need for cutting tools?
Hardware parts pointing on more widely, such as: screws, panels, hoses and other metal accessories.
Q:What elements should I take into account when purchasing a car?
With the current transportation engineering machinery industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, many people also want to enter the vehicle crane market, in order to share a cup of soup, and the current market situation is like a siege, which people want to go out free, outside people eager to enter the subway transportation experience.

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