2014 New Cheap Bluetooth Speaker Power Bank Manufacturer

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$1.00 - 10.00 / pc
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50 Pieces pc
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Day 1 production line exclusively for bluetooth speaker pc/month

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Product Description:

2014 New&Cheap Bluetooth Speaker&Power Bank Manufacturer


Product Parameter


Place of Origin

China (Mainland)


portable bluetooth power bank

Brand Name


Model Number









5V 1A


5V 1A

Socket Type

US, Euro, Korea, Japan



New Product Description


1.  Product name:power bank (power charger)
2.  Battery type: lithium battery
3.  Capacity: 3000mAh
4.  Input: 5V
5.  Output: 5V 1A
6.  Charging speed: 1000mA/h for cellphones
7.  Input charging time: 3-4h   (charge for more than  1 time for iPhone)
8.  Input interface: Micro
9.  Output interface: USB
10. Rest power indcator:4 LED lights
11. Cycle life: ≥500 times
12. Safety function: protection from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and shortcircuit etc.
13. Application: iPhone, iPod, Smart Phones, Digital Camera, MP3,MP4,PSP,NDS etc.
14. Ambient:
1). Working Temperature: -10°C~45°C Relative Humidity: 45~75%RH
2). Storage Temperature: -5°C~30°C  Relative Humidity:45~75%RH
15. Other Features: smart in design,Bluetooth function&torch function. e.g. pick up phone, play music, voice up and down
16. Product Color: Black/White/Pink/Yellow/Green
17. Product Size: 30*55*115mm
18. Product net weight: 0.2kg
19. Accessory: 1 USB cable, four connectors ( e.g. for iPhone, Nokia, Macro, Mini)  


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Q:Is 6000 watts Enough For Party Speakers?
Don't believe the rating of some speaker out in the market. Even for professional use you do not see speakers handling more than 500 watts. The cost of such speakers that can handle large amount of power are very high, beside that the power amplifier to handle them are also high. Most of the time you will see stacks of speakers to cover large area, instead of having one speaker. Speakers with high diceble rating like 95db spl will require less power than that of a speaker rated at 89db. If you are close to the speaker you would ruin your hearing. It is not all about how much wattage you have for a speaker, it is about how those speaker will produce clean sound.
Q:What car speakers match these speakers I found?
Pioneer TS-A6993R 6-Inch X 9-Inch, 460-Watt 5-Way Speakers Great great speakers. The bass is almost like true bass. The clarity is outstanding. I would tell anyone this product is great and needs to be purchased. I think I'll need to purchase an Amp just to get the full effect of what this speaker has to offer. c
Q:Aftermarket HU with 6 speakers?
If your vehicle is equipped with a stock 6-speaker system, there's almost always a way to keep them all working with an after-market head unit. If the system just has front door speakers combined with door or dash tweeters, along with a pair of rear speakers, then usually the front speakers are wired together with an inline crossover. In this case, all four front speakers will work from the new deck's front outputs, and the two rear speakers will work from the rear outputs. In other cases, the factory system uses a separate amplifier to run two of the speakers, or to run all six. Usually the factory radio still just has four outputs and the amplifier splits the power to the correct speakers. In this case you just sometimes have to adapt the new deck's output to be compatible with the factory amplifier's input type. Adapters are available to do this, but they're not always required. I can give you a more specific answer if you can provide more information: what's the year and model of your car? Does it have a premium factory audio system? Where are the six speakers located? Do you plan to replace the head unit and all the speakers, or just the head unit?
Q:can i use my mobile phone(Nokia N82) as PC speaker?
If you wanted to.
Q:Samsung PN50A450 TV hooking up speakers?
Sorry, you have to.
Q:How To Connect Car Speakers?
The cable for left and precise sound is easy. Radio shack. it could pass from ur out of CPU to purple /white on the amp. the only difficult area is a thank you to get the 12 volt capability source on your amp. I constructive in case you went into ultimate purchase they could permit you be attentive to. you will have a automobile battery sitting next on your CPU with a battery charger linked,lol,yet that doesn't be advantageous. in view which you have an amp, ohms are actually not a ingredient. The amp will run all audio equipment. look on the Rockford fosgate internet site to verify a thank you to connect the audio equipment to the amp.
Q:What is the working principle of the loudspeaker?
1. Electric speaker structure is simple, easy to produce, and itself does not require large space, resulting in cheap, can be a lot of popularity.
Q:How do I improve my speakers?
speakers are only as good as whats inside , theyll never be as good as your headphones , buy new speakers
Q:Does quality of audio effect speakers?
Generally I would say no, unless the music file is distorted and played and high levels. Speaker damage generally occurs ether when the amplifier is being over-driven and clips sending a loud and distorted signal to the speakers, or the speakers are played louder then what they are capable of reproducing. Kevin 35 years hi-end audio video specialist
Q:Crackle in my car speakers.?
I faced the same problem once. My old car speakers was blown out too. maybe because I cranked the volume too loud. then I bought a really cheap car speakers for RM80 with installation too. they were kenwood speakers. At first, when I tested, the sound came out wonderful. Really sounded brand new. I didn't cranked the volume too loud this time but after 1 week of used. they begin to crackle. I went to the shop and they said I cranked the volume too loud. Dissatified, I drove to my friend's house as he was good in this electronics and gadgetry things. We opened the speakers to have a good look. My friend told me that the kenwood speakers weren't manufactured by kenwood. it is a non branded china made speakers wit kenwood logo glued onto it. Good and pricy branded speakers don't crackle or distort easily. another simptom might be because of poor installation. hehe

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