12000mAh Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Solar powered Charger with Cellphone Stand Function

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Item specifice:

Model Number:: SP12 Dimension:: 142*75*18mm (LxWxH) Color:: Black/Blue/Yellow/Green
Socket Type:: Micro USB Input :: 5V /1A Dual Output:: 5V /1A and 5V/2A
Capacity:: 12000mAh Weight:: 210g Type:: Mobile Power Bank
Function:: Power Support Support devices:: Mobile Phone IPad MP3 PSP Use:: Digital Devices
Material:: Silicon Waterproof Shell Battery type:: A Class Lithium Battery Certification:: CE ROHS FCC
Accessories:: Micro USB Cable

Product Description:

12000mAh Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Solar powered Charger with Cellphone Stand Function

12000mAh Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Solar powered Charger with Cellphone Stand Function

12000mAh Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Solar powered Charger with Cellphone Stand Function

12000mAh Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Solar powered Charger with Cellphone Stand Function

12000mAh Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Solar powered Charger with Cellphone Stand Function

12000mAh Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Solar powered Charger with Cellphone Stand Function

Product Description:

Product Features
1. Super waterproof and dustproof  
2. Strong Shockproof and drop resistance  
3. Build in full 12000mAh class 3A lithium polymer battery which charges 
 via the USB charger or a powerful 1.7W monocrystalline solar panel or via a USB charger.
4. Environmentally friendly silica gel and ABS materials,and rubber paint surface process  
5. Emergency LED torch
6. Hidden dual USB/Micro charging ports 
7. Comes with a carabineer.


1.Capacity 12000mAh,A Class Polymer battery.

2.Input : 5V /1A .

  Dual Output: 5V /1A and 5V/2A

3.Charge Time:12Hrs

4.Compact size with Silicon Waterproof Shell

5.Weight: 210g

6.LED indicator With Flashlight

7.Phone Stand Function

Suitable for charging All smart phones, Tablet PC, IPod, iPhone,  iPad, MP3/MP4 Players, NDS, PSP GPS, PDA, PSP, etc

Accessories & Packing
1. Solar Power Bank: 1pc
2. USB cable: 1pc 
3. User Manual

Neutral Color box, 40pcs/carton, Carton size: 39.6*30.5*750px, G.W.: 16KGS



1)OEM design is available.  

2)This price include our standard packing, and can provide customised package service.

3)Design and Logo can be customized.   

4)Delivery time will be about 15 working days after we confirm your payment.

5)Sample can be provided

6)Payment term:L/C; 30%T/T advance, 70% balance before shipment.


8)Price base on FOB Shenzhen

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